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99 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You Weep on Your Big Day!


Are you looking for a wedding hairstyle that’s going to leave your guests stunned by your beauty or something that will make them remember your day forever? When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Every little detail of your wedding day has been something that you have thought about since you were a little girl, every detail, from the colors to the decorations and especially how you want to look on your big day. You have carefully chosen the dress and how you want your makeup to look. Your hairstyle is something you have thought about for a long time. Do you want it up or down, left curled or straight? There are so many options to chose from when it comes to your wedding hairstyle.

Even if it’s not your wedding day but just one of many weddings you must attend that year, you are going to want to have your hair absolutely perfect. There are so many options to choose from the sky is the limit. Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding or someone else’s doesn’t have to be complicated you just follow your heart and choose a style that fits your personality and sense of style. If you want some ideas on how to do your hair for your next occasion, then you have come to the right place.

Below are 50 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You Weep on Your Big Day!

1. Long Hair in a Bun

If you have long hair and you want an elegant style you can’t go wrong with a bun. The hair, in this case, has been curled and swept up, finished off with flowers.

2. Long Hair in a Bun

Another example of how you can pull your long hair up and in a bun. This one is a little messier as there are some links of hair left out but the overall design is very elegant because of the decorative pieces.

3. Hair Pulled up High

A great example of a bun design but this one is pulled up very high revealing a sexy neckline. You can tell her hair is very long and she finished the look with a front headpiece.

4. Long Hair Left Down

A classic look where the hair is left down in curly trails. The headpiece gives it a special kind of look, one you are sure to love.

5. Long Hair With a Braid

A braided design is becoming increasingly popular these days. It’s elegant and beautiful, one that you are sure to love. This design gives a soft look, especially with the added flowers.

6. Long Braids

This hairstyle consists of a long braid going straight down her back. The braid itself is tied thick and long with a braid that surrounds the head like a crown. She adds flowers to the top to compliment the whole look.

7. Hair Left Half Up and Half Down

This style has always been a beautiful one. If you can’t make a choice whether your hair should be left up or down then do both. Her hair has been curled and left loosely with a flower in her hair.

8. Luxurious Look

If you are looking for something elegant but with a touch of Hollywood glamor then this is the style for you. Her hair is pulled back into a messy bun, but it’s her headpiece that truly makes the look. It’s jeweled and vintage creating a wonderful look.

9. Braided Wedding Hairstyle

The large fishtail braid is used as a crown, and the overall look is a little casual. The hair is pulled back into a bun creating a loose design that you are sure to love.

10. Vintage Look

A swept up style that would look amazing with a vintage gown. The hair is pulled dup into a side bun and finished off with some large flowers.

11. Curly Hair in a Bun

A great example of a wedding hairstyle that is very popular. The hair has been curled and pulled up into a casual bun. This style of hair can be worn with any type of dress, and in this case, there is no accessory needed.

12. Styles with Bangs

If you are working with bangs, it’s always good to keep your look soft by curling it. Otherwise, it can appear very severe. This hairstyle is another example of a bun choice.

13. Beach Looks

This is just one of many hairstyles you can use for a beach wedding. It’s pulled up off the neck and left in a loose bun. The floral design is very reminiscent of the Hawaiian themed wedding flowers.

14. Long Hair Pulled Back

Another example of long hair pulled back into a messy bun. The bride has not used accessories. This would also be a nice casual look for the bridesmaids as well.

15. Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

This is a very casual but elegant look. It’s simple with the hair pulled back loosely.

16. Curly Buns

This stunning design is one for the books. The hair looks naturally curled and pulled back into a bun. The headpiece looks extraordinary with the large jewels.

17. Feather Designs

Hair is left very loose with some left down and some up, in a very casual design. The style itself is elegant and beautiful, but it can be worn to an occasion. She has a small featured accessory in her hair as well.

18. Loose Curls

A very casual style with a half up, half down look. Each side is one big curl. There are no accessories for the style.

19. Long Hair Designs

Another example of the hair left half up and half down. Her headpiece is what completes the look.

20. Parted Hair

The top portion of her hair has been parted while the rest of it is left loose. The accessory goes to the side of the hair creating a great overall design. A gorgeous look that is sure to please you on your big day.

21. The Bling Crown

A great style That is all about glamor. It’s part up and part down with a mess of curls. This bride is all about gems because they are in everything. Her bangs are parted for the grown, and the top is left straight.

22. The Side Sweep

This style is another take on the hair up and down look. It’s a very casual design with the hair curled loosely, and the bangs swept to the side. The lower hair has also been swept to one side, creating a dazzling style.

23. Flower Wedding Hairstyle

Another great example of a casual look that can be made powerful with just some added flowers. It completely changes the look.

24. Tighter Curls

This is a great example of how you can create a look with just a tighter curl. It completely changes the look. She has a delicate crown in the front that completes the whole look. If you want a different style, then try a tighter curl.

25. Hair Left Down With Curls

If you have been dying to leave your hair down for your wedding, then you will probably love this style. It’s curled and loose and makes for a beautiful overall style. I love the vintage headpiece it really sets the tone.

26. Long Hair in a High Bun

You definitely need a lot of hair to achieve this look. She has a ton of it. She had it curled and pulled into a high bun, revealing her neckline. A great look that needs no accessories.

27. Short Hair Left Straight

If you have short hair, it can be a little harder to decide on what you want for your wedding. In this case, the hair is super straight and left half up and half down. The hair is soft, so it doesn’t look severe, and the jeweled crown completes the look.

28. Messy Wedding Hairstyle

A great style that us very messy. The hair is very loosely curled and swept up in different pieces to create a special look.

29. Classic Bun

The classic bun is always left straight and pulled back into a sleek design. In this case, the bang is left separate, and there are a few pieces of hair in the front that are left loose.

30. Spinning Braids

I love this elegant hairstyle it’s pulled up from the neck, and there are a few braids throughout.

31. The Rose

You probably need a talented stylist to pull something like this off but talk about a statement. This sleek bun is pulled back straight and is turned into a gorgeous rose in the back of the bun. It’s truly like a work of art.

32. Stunning Curls

Another great example of how long hair can be turned into a work of art by curling it and piecing it up into an updo.

33. Small Bun

If you don’t have a lot of hair, but you still want to have a bun, this would be a great look for you. It’s classy, and you can add accessories.

34. Medieval Designs

This is something that reminds me of the hairstyles when there were Knights and Kings. If you want a hairstyle that is legendary, then this might be the one for you.

35. Icy Hot

A stunning bun that is made gorgeous by the icy cool coloring. The accessories mold into it, of course, making the whole look icy.

36. High Curls

Another example of a classic bun with a high upsweep. There curls just make the whole look gorgeous. It’s a stunning overall design that you are sure to love.

37. A Royal Look

Another great example of a bun that can be used if you have a lot of hair. The curls are large and very loose.

38. Sleek Designs

If you want a very different kind of updo, then this is the one for you. It’s sleek and polished and completely set into place. You will be the talk of the wedding with this amazing updo.

39. The High Updo

A great look if you are looking for a fancy updo. This style is amazing and is really great if you don’t want a full veil.

40. Piece Look

This bun hairstyle is created by pulling up the hair a piece at a time and attaching it in different places. It’s creative and creates a stunning overall style.

41. Baby’s Breath

A great overall look with the hair pulled back and clipped into an updo. I would just avoid the baby’s breath it’s very outdated.

42. Ponytail Love

This bun is so full that it looks like a ponytail. The curls are full and loose and really make for a big bouncy style.

43. Classically Sleek

This sleek bun is twisted, and we love it. It’s not just your average hairstyle; this one has all the class in the world. We can’t get enough of it.

44. Stunning Updos

I love the way that this updo twists around the side. It’s full of very loose curls, and it adds a lot of volume to the look.

45. Long Bun

This is a great look for someone who is looking for elegance and class. The top is kept sleek while the bottom has a mountain of curls. Add in some flowers, and you truly have a gorgeous style for your big day.

46. Classic With Gems

Another great example of a curly bun that is looser. This one has pieces out as well as a jeweled accessory.

47. Round Bun

A sexy rounded bun that gives an appeal that you know what you want and you have everything together. The pearl accent just brings the whole look together.

48. Side Style

This unique style has the buns off to the side slightly and the jewels in the middle.

49. Short Wedding Hairstyles

Another great wedding hairstyle with curls for the girls out there with short hair. This style is absolutely stunning.

50. Side Part for Long Hair

These stunning curls are all swept to one side creating a sexy and gorgeous look for your big day. If you have always wanted to keep your hair down, then try this look. It has a deep part to one side with a jeweled accessory as well.


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