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32 Beautiful Twist Braids to Try This Spring


If you are looking for a new style this spring, then you will love the twist braid style. They are great braids that look unique and can be worn casually or for an event.

Twist braids are one of the most popular design options you can have when it comes to this style. Twist braids can be used for many different styles such as dreadlocks, extending your natural hair and hair extensions. Twist braids are a great look for African-American because it allows them to have their natural hair without worrying about how it will be styled. There is no worry about styling and the braids actually protect the natural hair.

There is a large diversity when it comes to the twist braid. They can be sophisticated or casual; the sky is the limit. You can use these twist braids for a special occasion or just have a nice style for the office. They are simple styles that are very versatile. There is a trick to the twist braids if you have larger features you can have larger braids. Not to worry though you can still have thin braids if you want as long as you don’t wear them freestyle but instead incorporate them into a much larger hairstyle.

Check out these styles and look for one that you love. Below are 32 Beautiful Twist Braid Styles to Try This Spring:

1. Medium Twists

This long style has medium sized braids.


2. An Updo

A great bun that has medium and small braids inside of it. A great style that can be worn anywhere.

3. Add Some Color

These twist braids have some corkscrew styling at the bottom of them.

4. Partial Updo

This is a great style that can be worn to the office as well as any casual outing.

5. Thick Braids

These twist braids are huge, and they really show off a lot of volume.

6. Creative Styles

You won’t find an updo more creative than this one. A great twist braid style that you are sure to love.

7. Different Sizes

These twist braids go from medium to tiny sizes offering a style that is really unique.

8. Sophisticated Style

A great style that you can wear anywhere.

9. Red Twists

Twist braids can come in virtually any color that you want. I love the way these have been styled in the back.

10. Add Flowers

A great twist style that you can wear to your next special occasion.

11. Side Styles

A great style that is off to the side that you will love for a casual style.

12. Thicker Styles

These twist braids are more voluminous than the others, so they stand out more.

13. Scalp Designs

These braids are tight to the scalp and designed with zig zags. If you want something different, then look no further than this design.

14. Very Stylish

A mohawk style that has large twist braids while the scalp is designed with very tight, small twists.

15. Twisting Styles

Small twists that come together to make a much larger braid.

16. Large Braids

There is a lot of hair going on here in order to create this versatile style.

17. Beach Styles

If you want a convenient style that you can wear anywhere, then this is the one for you. There are so many great things about the twist braids and convenience is one of them.

18. Tiny Twists

These twist braids are great because they are so small and create a completely different look.

19. Large and in Charge

A great style that you can leave down for a casual everyday look or one that you can wear to a special occasion.

20. Large Twists

A great style that uses large twists and the shock of color really helps to make the overall style stand out.

21. Standard Styles

A great style that is not only simple but sophisticated as well.

22. Golden Locks

The great thing about this style is that it’s golden. The color makes these small twists demand attention from everyone.

23. Bun on Top

This style is created with the bun on top of the head. The twists are tight to the head, and then they are woven up into the bun.

24. Middle Part

A great style that is beautiful left down. You don’t need to create something crazy to have a gorgeous hairstyle with twist braids.

25. Pulled Back

These twist braids are pulled back away from the face. It’s a long look that you are sure to love.

26. High on Top

A great style and one that is sure to be eye-catching at your next event. I love the creativity behind this updo.

27. Multiple Shades

The contrasting shades are what really makes this twist braid style pop. If you are looking for a sexy new style, then this is for you.

28. Unique Styles

If you are looking for a unique style for your next event, then look no further than this one.

29. Sexy Style

This sexy bun would look great for a day at the office or in a gown for your next wedding. I love the contrasting colors.

30. Purple Twists

This standup style has a lot of volume to achieve such a high style. If you want something glamourous, then you can’t go wrong with this stunning twist braid style.

31. Create Designs

This is a great example of how you can take twist braids and turn them into a work of art. That’s exactly what her hair looks like; it’s not just a style, it’s art.

32. Sexy and Creative

If you are looking for a sexy style that you can wear down, then this is it. I love the side part that allows for more volume on one side of the head. If you have long hair, then you are sure to love this style.

33. Large Styling

Another great example of how you can have large twist braids and you can create a style that is going to make you happy for a long time. These thick twists really create a lot of volume for the style.

34. Tiny Styling

The size of the twist braid really determines the kind of style you will have. If you are looking for something that doesn’t have a lot of volume, then stick to the thin braids, because they offer a softer style than the others do.

35. Using a Side Part

This long style has a lot of volume to it, and the side part increases the look of volume to one side as well. I love this long style because it’s sexy and stylish all in one.

26. Different Colors

There are many different colors within this twist braid style. It makes the look pop. If you want a sophisticated look for the office, then you are sure to love this one.

27. Twisting Styles

Another great example of how small twists can offer you a truly original style. These small twists are piled high to offer you a gorgeous style for your next event.

28. Red Coloring

This short style is made perfect by the twist braids. I love the red coloring involved with the style as well; it’s truly one of a kind.

29. Great Style

Another great example of a short style that uses thin twist braids. This style is left down, and it’s one that can be worn every day.

30. Wear Your Art

This is another great example of how you can have a work of art as a hairstyle and wear it proudly to any event. Her hair style is twisted braids, and they are manipulated to achieve a design that is truly striking. I love everything about the style including the stunning red coloring.

31. Deep Side Part

A sexy long style that is achieved by having a deep side part. The side part allows for there to be amazing volume all over the look. I love the blonde coloring she has as well, it looks like a gorgeous style for summer 2017.

32. Twist Braid Tutorial

Below is a nine minute tutorial on twist braids. You get an indebt look on how easy it is to create the twist braid style. The stylist is using 100% Kanekalon hair. She shows you step by step on what you need to do in order to create a two strand twist braid style on someone else’s hair. Unfortunately, you would not be able to do it on yourself, but you could definitely practice on a child. If you want the style for yourself, we would recommend going to a stylist that has experience in braiding. An experienced stylist will be able to twist braid your hair quickly so that you aren’t sitting there all day.

It’s a great overall style that will protect your hair and offer you a style that you can keep for a few months at a time. If you are looking for a gorgeous style that is not only convenient but will look great for months, then try the twist braid style on for size. You won’t regret it we promise you!

Hopefully, you were able to find a style that you love. Comment on your favorite style!



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