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80 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women


The hairstyles of black women are some of the most creative and fashionable looks available today. Mainly it is because they prefer stylish short styles that tend to be more creative then longer looks. If you are looking for a new style, then you can’t go wrong with these short looks because there are so many to choose from and they are all beautiful.

These styles are all up-to-date and are sure to please any look you are going for. They are usually fashion trends that you can follow, and they last for a long time. You can try a new style every night if you want to. The character of these fashionable ladies is usually that of trendsetters. You won’t find styles more fashionable than these. The styles are cool and elegant and truly one of a kind. There are styles in brown and black colors, and they are all very short styles.

Trends Available These Days

Short styles are often best when they are left natural. But the great thing about short styles is they can be styled several different ways; really the sky is the limit for short styles. If you are looking for something different for this spring, then you are sure to love these styles.

There are many different bobs that you can choose from, some angled and others not. There are also pixie cuts that you are sure to love if you want to go really short.

Why We Love Natural Thick Curls

There great think about black women’s hair is that it has a special texture to it and there is a lot that you can do with that texture. There are many lengths to choose from, and with this texture, you are bound to get a great style. If you love your curls, then the texture is perfect for it, but women also opt to have it straightened as well.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, then decide on one based on your personality. Below are 80 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women:

1. The Mohawk

The Mohawk has been a revolution for women everywhere. You don’t get a look that is this sexy and this badass all in one. She has the sides shaved with the top long and proud.


2. Ace Ventura

Rihanna has always been able to pull off some pretty crazy looks, and this one is no different. She looks incredible with this look that had to be inspired by Ace Ventura. Her mohawk is quite high in the front.

3. Short Bob

This is a very sophisticated look. If you want something that works well casually and as a career look then this is it. She has her hair cut short, just below the ear with a side bang.

4. The Curly Bob

Bob’s come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a little longer than most, and it looks like she is taking advantage of those natural curls. The side part is quite deep which gives her a lot of volume.


5. The Beehive

The beehive is still a popular choice for black women. It works well with the texture of their hair. She has a lot of twisty braids that are coiled tightly to her head and then they are formed into the beehive style.

6. A Side Sweep

Her sides are short in this look, and the top is kept long. There is a little more length here than you would need for a mohawk, so it’s swept to the side.

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7. Twisty Curls

Her curls are insanely tight, you really don’t get much tighter than this, and they create a truly unique look. The cornrows are tiny and pulled tightly to the scalp.

8. The Pixie

Kelly Rowland looks amazing with a pixie cut, and it’s still a very popular style choice. Her sides are quite short, and the top is swept to the side.

9. Add Some Color

Another great style that has the bottom quite short with the top in hanging layers. She has added some blonde to her look adding dimension to her style.

10. Shaved Sides

The shaved look is very popular with ladies these days, and it certainly has a sexy vibe to it. She has shaved all around and kept the top long.

11. Fashion Colors

She has a very sleek bob that has a deep side part. The most noticeable aspect of the style, however, is the fashion colors. The gray and purple really make the style stand out.

12. Rihanna’s Style

Rihanna is always sporting amazing styles, and this one is no different. Sh has one side shaved while the rest is long and swept to one side. She has some caramel highlights in her hair to soften the look.

13. The Spiky Look

This is similar to the pixie style but this one she has spiked all of her hair, and it’s standing straight up. It’s definitely got a rock star vibe to it.

14. Add a Bit of Curl

Another short style that adds some curl to the mix. If you are looking for a great short look that is truly elegant than this is the one for you.

15. Short and Sleek

This style is very sexy and sophisticated. I love all of Rihanna’s looks because she looks amazing in them. If you want a short hairstyle that looks amazing, then look no further than this one.

16. Jackson Style

The epitome of a short hairstyle for a black woman, Jackson really knows her style. Her hair is kept short and styled to the side.

17. All Over Shave

This is certainly a daring look, and you can’t go wrong with the low maintenance of it. But this is a difficult look to pull off, and no everyone can do it. It seems to work with a certain face shape so be careful before you make such a huge step. It might be best to try a side shave first before you make a huge commitment. This would be a hard one to grow out if you didn’t like it.

18. Stunning Style

This Smith daughter loves the mohawk, and she has kept a lot of length on top of her head. The texture of her hair still allows her to have it standing straight up. I love the style it’s very rock star.

19. Hollywood Glamour

I love this style because it speaks of old Hollywood glamor. It’s sexy and classy, a hairstyle that you could see going down the red carpet. I love the added color to the design as well.

20. A Different Style

If you are looking for something classy and beautiful, then look no further than this short style.

21. Cornrows

Braids are hugely popular for black women. It’s a very convenient look that is beautiful as well.

22. Chic Style

You can’t go wrong with this chic style, it’s sexy, and it has beautiful caramel highlights throughout.

23. Curly Style

These natural curls will not be tamed. She has the sides pulled in with a clip they are not shaved.

24. Sophisticated Bob

This sexy bob is a little longer than most, and the color really makes it pop.

25. Short and Sweet

We have so many looks from Rihanna’s closet because she has rocked so many cool styles. I love the coloring with this style.

26. Bleached Look

Another example of the shaved style but this one is bleached blonde which can add some warmth to a look.

27. Sweet Curls

I love these beautiful blonde curls that she has. The side part also adds a lot of volume to the look.

28. Classic Bob

Rihanna is at it again with this classic bob. It’s sleek and sexy and suits just about anyone.

29. Add a Burst of Color

A simple short style that turned rockstar with these bright colors.

30. Curly Mohawk

If you love curls, then you are bound to love this Mohawk. It is sexy and unique.

31. Angled Bob

There are so many different kinds of bobs, and the angled one is a very popular choice. Add some highlights to create a whole new look.

32. Sexy Mohawk

Another example of the Mohawk, the great thing about them is that they can be styled in so many different ways.

33. Pulled Forward

This sexy pixie has all her hair styled forward to create a truly different look.

34. Curls for Days

A sexy mohawk that has a lot of length on top. The length is curled to perfection and pulled forward.

35. Super Short

This look isn’t shaved, but it’s super short and sexy. The curls are tight to the head to achieve this look.

36. Blonde Mohawk

Another great example of a badass mohawk. This one is shorter in the back with more length in the front. The sides are shaved, and she has added blonde to the style.

37. Short Bob

Another great example of a classic bob. I love all the shine that she has to her hair. It’s truly beautiful.

38. Green With Envy

This mohawk is styled to the front, and it has a bright green color to it.

39. Short with Bangs

A simple short bob with some bangs across the forehead.

40. Above the Shoulder

Here is a look that is not too short, it sits just above the shoulders. It’s sexy and stylish, and the blonde really suits her.

41. Mohawk Love

We love the mohawk, and this is just another great example of different styles for the mohawk.

42. Stunning Blonde

If you have ever dreamed of being a blonde than this is the look for you. The striking contrast between the colors is gorgeous.

43. Soft Browns

This short style has a soft brown tone to it. It’s all styled to the side.

44. Chic Styles

Naomi Campbell is one supermodel that has had her hair from really long to really short. This is a sophisticated style for a classy chick.

45. Sweeping Bangs

This stunning look is magnificent because of the blonde coloring as well as the deep part that brings in a side bang.

46. Stunning Curls

This super short style is so pretty because of all the curls. She has a deep part that brings a lot of volume to her hair.

47. The Side View

Another amazing Rihanna look that has one side shaved and the other side quite long and off to the side.

48. Sweet Designs

A short style that has the sides shaved.

49. Obama Style

Michelle has always had a great sense of style, and with this short curly look, she’s at the top of her game.

50. Sexy Pixie

This sexy pixie look is certainly one for the books. It’s ravishing and sexy and speaks of class and style.

51. Sleek Styles

This sleek style is sexy, and I just love the way the hair is swept off to the side, it brings a whole new meaning to the pixie style.

52. Twirling Styles

Another great example of the Mohawk, this one brings a whole new meaning to the wave. It looks like an ocean wave on top of her head.

53. Choppy Styles

This choppy style is very chick indeed. It’s short with many different layers throughout.

54. Extreme Shortness

If you want to go all the way when it comes to cutting your hair, this is a really great style to try.

55. Curly Top

We love all these natural curls. It makes her short look even shorter.

56. Curly Cue

There are a ton of tight curls on the top of her head, a great style for anyone that has natural curls.

57. Platinum Locks 

This sexy style is made awesome with the platinum coloring that she has. I love it.

58. Brown Curls

These curls are beautiful because of the tightness of them as well as the fact that they are all pushed to the front.

59. A Feathered Look

This is a unique look because it has that feathered style to it. There are a lot of layers in this short style, and they are feathered back from the face.

60. Soft Purple

A soft purple look that is sure to bring about a whole new change for the spring. The style is sort, and it’s curled back.

61. Choppy Short Styles

A choppy look with lots of layers this style is shorter in the back and longer in the front.

62. Shocking Colors

A choppy look that is made extraordinary because of that bright caramel shade. It’s a beautiful color that you are sure to love.

63. Barrel Curls

The sides are kept very short while the top is made into large barrel curls. She has a few highlights in the front to bring out the look further.

64. Frizzy Curls

Curls can become frizzy, but that’s why we have lots of products to help out in that area.

65. Hot White

Short on the sides and long on the top this short style is ruling roost these days. I love the bright platinum highlights she has on the top.

66. Swirls on Top

A very elegant style that you are sure to love. It’s sexy and classy all at the same time.

67. Super Short Styles

This super short style is very low maintenance. If you want something easy to style in the morning then this is it.

68. Stylish and Sexy

This casual style is truly one that you are sure to love. It’s simple and easy to style.

69. Those Sideburns

These are great sideburns for someone who likes the pixie look. There is a design that is also shaved into the back of the hair to achieve a different sort of look.

70. Curls for the Girls

Even short curls can be cool for those that want an inspiring style. The bottom is quite short to the head while the rest is long on top and luxurious with curls.

71. Sexy Styles

I love this short style because it’s very different from all the rest. You get a cute style, and you can tell those curls are all natural.

72. Sexy Highlights

Another great example of a short look that has a mixture of color. Her hair is black as night, but those platinum highlights really make the whole look pop. I love it.

73. Feathered Short Styles

Another example of short hairstyles that have a feathered look to them. If you are looking for something really short, then this may be the look for you.

74. Raised in the Back

There is a bit of a bouffant in the back of the head. A great overall style that you are sure to love.

75. Crazy Styles

Another example of a crazy style that looks incredible. The sides are short while the top has a mind of its own.

76. High on Top

I love this high top style because it’s fun and fresh for spring.

77. Longer Lengths

This short style has a longer length on top more towards the front while the back is short.

78. Top Part

This is a very different look that has the sides almost as a bob while the top is like a huge side bang.

79. Redheads

Who doesn’t love a redhead, especially with style like this?

80. Blonde Designs

A blonde mohawk, of course, we are going to say yes!

81. Tight Curls

These tight curls are brought to life with purple.

82. Changing Styles

Great styles and you can see both sides from these photos.

83. Curls Galore

Curls for everyone! A great style.

84. Stunning Curls

If you want to keep your natural curls and you want a short style, then this is a great option for you. It’s just lovely.

85. Short Curls

A very short look, the sides may be shaved. The top is curled to perfection. If you want to have a natural look, then don’t curl all your curls off.

86. Badass Style

This is the kind of look for a confident girl. If you want something that speaks to your badass personality then this is the look for you.


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