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75 Hot Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Your Next Salon Appointment


Platinum blonde is one of the hottest hairstyle options for those who like the cool look of blonde. If you are looking for something amazing to bring in this spring and summer than you won’t go wrong with platinum blonde hair. It’s sexy and stylish and it’s the kind of color that makes a statement. You won’t be able to go anywhere without turning heads as you walk by.

Hollywood has given us a craving for the glamourous blonde and that can be achieved with a stunning platinum look. Who wouldn’t want some of this icy blonde on top of their heads? It makes us feel like we are somehow in between an angel and a Queen.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

The platinum blonde hair color is the stripped-down blonde; you basically don’t get any lighter of a blonde than this. It’s especially beautiful on girls with pale skin and cool undertones. If you have been a natural blonde with fair hair, then platinum blonde hair would be an easy transition for you. Many girls get the platinum color as a means of giving their natural blonde hair a pop. Some blondes can appear dull and nothing with make you sparkle more than platinum hair. Platinum blonde hair can be used as an all-over color for a major change or you can use it as just highlights for a small change in your hair color. Either way the coloring is sure to change your life and give you a new look for the summer months.

What You Need to Know Before You Go Platinum

  1. Consider the damage that could happen to your hair. If you have dark hair it will take a lot to get your hair to platinum blonde, including a lot of damage.
  2. Get a hair treatment 1-2 weeks before you go to the salon. This will help to prevent damage and drying out of your hair.
  3. Don’t wash your hair 48 hours before your appointment. Washing will strip the natural oils from your hair, and you may need those.
  4. Assume you will need at least a trim. Bleach causes damage especially if you are going from dark to light. You may have to cut some of your hair.

Be prepare for a big change especially if you aren’t use to having light hair. It could be hard to deal with mentally. It will probably take at least a few hours to complete, especially if you have a dark hair. It can easy take up to six hours to get dark hair to a platinum color, so don’t make any other appointments for the day. Expect to pay upwards of $200 or more for this coloring.

Taking Care of Your Platinum Hair

Make sure you use professional shampoo and conditioner afterwards, otherwise you could cause further damage to your hair. Professional salon shampoo is specially designed to take care of damaged hair. You will also want to use purple shampoo once a week to keep your platinum hair looking white instead of yellow. Every few weeks you will want to use a protein mask on your hair, it will help to get your hair back to it’s original condition by strengthening the hair cuticle. You will need to go in every 4-6 weeks to have your roots done. This can be costly but it’s the price you pay for beauty.

There are many ways in which you can wear the color and we have lots of options for you. Check out this list of color ideas before you make your salon appointment. Below are 78 Hot Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Your Next Salon Appointment:

1. Icy Hot

If you want some sexy style that is cooler than a standard blonde then you might like this one. You don’t get much cooler than this shade.

2. Sexy White

This is a great color for those that are looking for a white blonde. This platinum color really goes well with her skin tone.

3. The Grey Look

These platinum looks are more like a gray than a white. It’s just a different shade that comes with the blonde.

4. Blonde Highlights

These white hot highlights really make this whole look pop. It’s a sexy style that anyone would love.

5. Striking White

This white platinum blonde is a very popular color choice. In fact, many people do chose the color because white always looks good in the sun. there are many different choices for platinum and this is a great one.

6. The Gray Look

Gray is a very popular platinum look these days. You won’t go wrong with this color choice.

7. Curly and Short

A great color choice for a white blonde and it looks great with this curly style.

8. Bright as a Light

This platinum blonde is stunning. It’s about as light as you can go with the platinum series and it’s gorgeous. A great color choice for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a glamourous blonde.

9. Different Shades

This color is great because there are highlights throughout. The color stays darker on top, and there are a lot more highlights through the bottom of the hair. I love the fact that it goes much lighter at the bottom.

10. Crazy Cut

This icy blonde color is one for the books. It’s sexy and bold and will sure to turn every head in the room.

11. Bold and Bright

A great color choice for those blonde out there that like their color choice to be brilliant.

12. Not So Bright

Maybe you want to go platinum, but you don’t want to go white. This is a great color choice that gives you a light tone without going all the way.

13. Snow White

Another great example of platinum hair with some dark roots. This is a great color choice for anyone.

14. Shocking and Chic

Her hair is so light that it’s lighter than her pale skin tone. Her hairstyle is totally chic and matches the platinum blonde style to a tee.

15. White Hot Look

This sexy siren looks amazing with her white hot hair. If you want to go platinum, this is a gorgeous color to try out.

16. Stylish Blondes

Another great example of a style that looks great on blondes. She has a white platinum color that looks great with her skin tone.

17. Creamy Color

This white blonde look appears to have some color to it. She looks amazing with all the shine involved with her color.

18. Shiny Blondes

You really need to take care of your blonde locks for them to look as shiny as this. Bleaching can dry out your hair a lot so doing treatments is a great benefit to your hair.

19. Honey Hues

This platinum blonde has a honey hue to it. A stunning color combination that can warm up your look.

20. A Subtle Change

It looks like she has an ombre look to her style. The lightest parts in platinum are only on the bottom. It’s a stunning style though.

21. The Darker Root

She kept her roots dark when she went platinum, and it’s definitely a fashion statement.

22. Sexy Blonde

This stunning shade is one that you are sure to love all year round.

23. Silver Locks

A great platinum look that has silver tones to it. It’s a shimmery color that you are sure to love.

24. Shocking Tones

Another great example of the bright white shades available to you. This is a stunning example of what beauty platinum colors have.

25. Great Tones

A great shade for anyone that has a pale complexion. It just brightens up her whole face.

26. Natural Hues

A great color for anyone that wants to be close to a natural blonde. There are many different highlights throughout to give her a truly unique style.

27. True Blondes

This is more of a honey blonde. If you don’t want to go white blonde these shades keep you close to a more natural shade of blonde.

28. Rock Star Hair

Miley Cyrus has always been a fan of the white hot blonde look. She has them in her mohawk here, and she certainly knows how to rock the style.

29. Stunning Silver

Another great example of a silver platinum blonde that is sure to turn heads at any party.

30. Shocking Silver

This short style looks beautiful with the shock of silver with this platinum design. I love the shine involved with this beautiful look.

31. Stunning Blonde

A great example of a blonde that has a honey hue to it. This color can be seen as a more natural look than the white platinum styles that are out there.

32. Bright Lights

This stunning look is one that you are sure to love no matter what. It practically glows in the light.

33. Blonde Highlights

If you don’t want to do an all over color then you will love these highlights throughout. The color is quite bright and it gives a great contrast to the rest of the hair.

34. Gorgeous Locks 

If you are a huge fan of the white blonde look then you are sure to love this one. Ity’s outstanding when it comes to color. It’s an all over look that is sure to draw the eye.

35. Gray Style

Another great platinum look that showcases the gray color hue that is available to you.

36. Long and Gray

Another great example of the gray hue that looks amazing with her long hair. Her hair is very wispy, so the color looks great with it.

37. Gorgeous Blonde Hair

You can’t go wrong with this stunning color; it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is perfection against her skin.

38. Platinum Delights

This shocking gray color is one that really makes those blue eyes pop. A gorgeous color that you will love.

39. The Mohawk

With a style like this, you can’t go wrong with platinum blonde. PINK sure knows how to rock those white locks.

40. Shimmering Color

Another great example of a blonde that is not as drastic as the white.

41. Striking Gray Locks

This is probably one of my favorite looks when it comes to a gray platinum color. It’s stunning, and I love just how healthy her hair is.

42. White As The Light

A great color choice when it comes to a white platinum blonde.

43. Add Some Braids

The sky is the limit for any style that looks amazing with platinum blonde.

44. Just Leave The Roots

Leaving your roots dark adds a different style to your overall look.

45. Curly and White

This style is certainly stunning when it comes to the white blonde. It’s divine.

46. The Look of Crystal

I can’t say enough good things about this color. There are many different highlights throughout and it creates a gorgeous look.

47. Short and Blonde

This short style looks amazing with the shocking white color.

48. Devine Colors

The creaminess of the color is truly one for the books; it’s stunning.

49. Sophisticated Style

A white blonde that looks great with pale skin tones.

50. Gray and Blonde

This style has a mixture of gray tones and yellow blonde tones creating a unique look.

51. Choppy Styles

I love this frosty look; it really showcases the choppy look from this hairstyle.

52. A Medival Style

A medival look that is incredible when topped with a platinum style.

53. Honey Hues

Another great example of how you can make your blonde look creamy with a honey hue.

54. Frosty Colors

If you are a fan of the movie Frozen with Elsa, then you are sure to love this frosty style.

55. Angel Designs

This bright white blonde belongs on an Angel, and with her complexion, you would think that she was one.

56. White Blonde Styles

A great white blonde color that will make your eyes pop.

57. White Tips

She keeps her natural on top and lightens the tips of her hair to an almost white color.

58. Multi-colored

Another example of an ombre look that keeps the natural blonde on top and the platinum on the bottom.

59. Short and Sweet

A great style that always looks good when it comes to a platinum blonde.

60. Shocking Style

I am in love with this white blonde color. Her complexion is alabaster, and the shocking white hair makes everything look stunning.

61. Dark to Light

This ombre look starts from a brown, and it goes white hot. I love everything about this style.

62. Sizzling Platinums

The great think about white hot hair is that it makes blue eyes look dazzling. I love her skin tone; it’s perfect for this hair color.

63. Multiple Colors

She has a few different colors in her hair which gives off a unique style.

64. Avril’s Style

Avril has always been a blonde, and she knows how to pull off a  great platinum style.

65. Stunning Angles

This angled bob looks great with a platinum style that goes from dark to light.

66. Dare to Go Blonde

Another great example of a platinum style that is so light that it’s white. There is also a gray hue to this style that goes wonderfully with her complexion.

67. Honey Style

If you prefer the natural colors, then you are sure to love this honey hue.

68. Add Some Contrast

This white plaitnum blonde really shows a contrat the the color of her eyebrows. You can see how dark her natural had to be.

69. Shocking Locks

Another example of a platinum blonde that was pulled from a very dark natural hair color.

70. Gwen Style

Gwen has always been a platinum blonde, and she pulls off the look beautifully. With that complexion and those red hot lips, it’s no surprise that she can pull off a shade like this.

71. Pixie Blondes

This is a light look, but it’s on the yellow end more than it is on the white. It’s a great color for the pixie style.

72. Hot Colors

A great example of how hot the white platinum blonde looks when it’s paired with blue eyes and a pale complexion.

73. Gray and Stunning

A gorgeous gray platinum blonde that is sure to turn heads everywhere. I love this look.

74. Classic Glamour

If you are looking for a glamor style, then you came to the right place as this one is gorgeous.

75. Startling Style

A stunning color that goes well with her creamy skin and her stunning blue eyes. Together it creates a look that almost startles you.

76. Black Roots

If you want a fashion style then this is a great one. She keeps her black hair almost to her eyebrow and then she lets the blonde loose. This is no easy task to go from such a dark look to something light so be prepared to sit in a salon chair for 6-8 hours.

77. Cascading Locks

A great style that is pleasing to the eye. The dark and light together is beautiful.

78. White and Gray

When the light hits this color, it looks as if you have a combination of white and gray together.

We hope that you were able to find a stunning color choice to take to the salon. Be prepared for an expensive visit and one that can take a full day. Feel free to comment on your favorite style!


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