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74 Stunning and Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2020


If you are looking for a sexy and convenient look for this spring in 2017, then look no further than the pixie cut hairstyle. It can work on any type of hairstyle, whether it be straight, curly, thick or thin hair. The pixie cut has been around for a long time. It came roaring into our lives during the Roaring Twenties, and wow, that was a long time ago. This was the era where women became liberated and had things to say about the world, especially when it came to getting into the workplace. It disappeared for awhile and came around again in the 60’s. That was when you started to see the style on magazine covers. It also worked well during the 90’s when women were more interested in Rockstar’s and had androgynous styles. We are women, hear us roar.

The pixie cut is here to stay, and we haven’t loved a style more these days then the pixie cut. It’s back with a vengeance now, and it doesn’t want to leave. You see celebrities like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson sporting the style and looking glamorous while doing so. We just can’t get enough of the cute style. It’s the kind of style that can look sexy and cute all at the same time. What more could you want from a hairstyle?

There are so many ways in which you can wear the pixie cut that it leaves you with so many options to choose from. If you are thinking that you want to finally try this style on for size, then this is the best place for you. In this article, we have a little of everything to please anyone. We have pixie cuts that are edgy and sophisticated or cool and daring. We have some that are even a little punk rock. It all depends on your personality and the style that you are looking for. There are many different styles that suit different shapes of the face. If you are looking for a short style that is easy to maintain then look at the images we have for you. Below is 74 Stunning and Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2017:

1. Sleek and Sophisticated

A sleek style that is one of a kind. It’s a great style that you can wear to any event. The hair color is also a great addition to the sleek style.

2. Curly Hairstyles

This style is absolutely adorable and one we can appreciate. If you have curly hair, then this would be a great style to try out.

3. Off to the Side

A great style for those who want something a little more daring. It has a Mohawk vibe to it because the sides are much shorter than the top. A great style because it’s daring and very sexy.

4. Long Hairstyles

A great hairstyle that brings sexiness back to the pixie cut. The one side is much longer than the other. It’s a very sexy style that you are sure to love for spring 2017.

5. Short Styles

A great sexy style that is short all over the head. The style was blonde and really suits this pretty actress. A great style that you are sure to love for the hot weather.

6. A Wave Design

A great style that will give you that rock star vibe. The sides are short, and the top is long, and it is slicked back into a wave design. A great style that is sexy and truly beautiful. I don’t know a sexier look than this one.

7. Sexy and Short

If you are looking for a big change, then you will love this very short pixie cut. It’s cute and sophisticated if you want something that is sure to keep you cool all summer long.

8. Black and Sleek

A great style that is super short and stylish. This is a great office look that will provide you with style and sophistication. If you are ready for a big change, then get chopping for this cool look.

9. Add a Little Pink

A great style that is super short underneath and very long on top. The bang is quite long, and it gives you a daring place. The pink highlights are part of the bang which gives a great and stylish choice.

10. A Stylish Wave

A sexy style that is a truly cool look. A great style that is shaved on the side to create a badass style. A platinum blonde style that makes the pixie cut look that much more badass. I love the cute little wave in the front.

11. Brown Styles

This brunette looks stunning with her short pixie look. It’s a cute style that is sure to brighten every single day.

12. Original Styles

If you are looking for a bright new look, then you are sure to love this gorgeous style. It’s very short on the sides with a longer look on top. The girl has tied her hair in pins creating a great updo.

13. Shaved Style

This pixie cut is truly badass. If you don’t mind shaving your head, then you are sure to love this gorgeous style. I love the top how it is styled into a long blonde Mohawk. It’s sexy, and it is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

14. Sophisticated and Sexy

A great style for those that want a style that is glamorous and sexy. I could totally see this style on the red carpet. It could look great for an event or even a day at the office. A stunning style that is great for the spring of 2017.

15. Silver Styles

The pixie cut is great for any age. If you want something that is bold and striking, then you can’t go wrong with the pixie. This look is stunning because it’s short in the back and long on the front. It’s a look that demands attention. I love the fact that the color is silver as well, it’s, even more, striking with the color.

16. The Sweeping Bang

A short style with a sweeping bang. I’m a huge fan of the sweeping bang because it always made it a far sexier look. The color is bang on as well.

17. Shaggy Styles

The pixie cut can come in all shapes and styles. In this case, it is a shaggy cut that really gives you an edgy style. If you want something badass, then try the pixie cut on for size.

18. Bold Colors

Talk about an eye-catching style. As if the pixie cut isn’t eye-catching enough but then you throw in this amazing color, and you take the style to a whole new level. I love this color because it makes the whole look pop. Sexy!

19. The Slick Part

I love this pixie cut because it’s all about style and sophistication. You can’t get a more perfect part than this one. The shaved side has a designed look to it which really catches the eye. The top has a lot of length to it, and the blonde is a great addition to that.

20. Choppy Styles

Anne Hathaway cut off all her long hair and sported this pixie cut with style. She is one girl that looks incredible with a pixie cut. This one is freestyling and incredible, so try it out for your next style.

21. Hot Blonde

A great style that is made perfect with the hot platinum coloring. As you can see the pixie cut can be casual as well as dressing, and you can style it any way that you want.

22. Stylish and Bold

A cute pixie cut that is stylish and pretty. It’s a simple style that would be easy to maintain on a daily basis. It’s a wonderful design that you are sure to love.

23. Brown Pixie

Anna Hathaway is at it again with this pixie cut but this time she is trying out a brunette look that really brightens up her face.

24. The Blonde Style

Michelle Williams has never looked more glamorous than when she cut her hair off into a pixie style. Look how amazing she looks! She has a side bang as well that looks amazing on her! A great style that is sexy and sleek and the blonde really makes the look pop as well.

25. Celebrity Style

Jennifer Lawrence received a lot of flack for cutting her hair, but I don’t think she has ever looked sexier. She has an air of confidence with this pixie cut. The long bang that is sweeping to the side is truly unique and wonderful. Her blonde locks really bring out the color in her face.

26. Shocking Styles

With a long top, it makes this pixie cut truly one of a kind. I love the fact that there is so much style involved in this look. I love everything about it.

27. Purple Styles

There are so many reasons why having purple hair is awesome. But add it to an already sexy pixie cut and people won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you! I love this style, and the great thing is that if you experiment with colors, it won’t take long for it to grow out.

28. The Redhead

A great color for the pixie cut is red because it is very eye-catching.

29. Short and Sexy

This is a great example of what it takes to achieve a sexy style. This is a great style if you want something short.

30. Curly Cuts

Many people think that they can’t have short hair if they have natural curls but that just isn’t true. You may need some product to keep the frizz out but as you can see you can have style and sophisticated while keeping your curls.

31. Rock Star Style

A great style for that rock star in you that is dying to get out.

32. Long Layers

A great style that is longer than most pixie looks. If you like the shaggy look then this is it.

33. Sweet Style

A cute style that you are sure to love, it’s perfect for the summer.

34. A Long Bang

This style is all about the bang. If you like a cool style with a huge weeping bang, then this is it.

35. Super Short

A great style that takes short hair to the max and the color really makes it pop.

36. Parting Ways

This look is simple with an extreme side part that you are sure to love.

37. Sharp Style

It’s a choppy look that really gives a totally different style.


38. Sexy Looks

Another great example of how a pixie cut can be very sexy.

39. A Splash of Purple

A sexy pixie cut that is made more awesome with these purple highlights.

40. Choppy Styles

A super short style that is truly wonderful.

41. Center Part

A great style that is simple and low maintenance.

42. Feathered Style

This pixie look is styled in the feathered style; it’s breathtaking. I love the natural blonde coloring involved here.

43. A Boyish Cut

This boyish cut is one that you are sure to love if you are looking for something very short. It would be a cool style for the summer.

44. Short and Choppy

A great choppy style that you are sure to love. A wonderful style that anyone would love.

45. Thin Hair

This is a great style for anyone that has thin hair. It’s wispy and beautiful and will be cool for summer of 2017.

46. Cute and Sexy

This brunette looks wonderful with this long sexy pixie cute. A great style that is versatile for any event.

47. Color is Everything

The great thing about this pixie cut is the color. There are multiple shades her, and they all look amazing.

48. Sexy and Simple

A simple style that is also sexy. A great style that you are sure to love.

49. Stylish Love

I love this messy pixie cut that looks cute and sexy all at the same time.

50. Short and Shocking

The sides are shaved which gives a unique look to this special style. I love the colors that are involved as well.

51. Simple Designs

This look is not only pretty, but it’s also sophisticated as well. It’s a classy style that anyone is sure to love.

52. Chopping and Sweet

If you are looking for something sweet, this innocent style is a great one if you want to bring in a whole new look for 2017.

53. Thin and Choppy

Another great look for someone with thin hair. These styles are great for people who want a short style.

54. Messy Styles

A great style for those that don’t want to cut their hair too short but still want a pixie cut. It’s styled here in a messy way which shows that it can be casual as well as dressy.

55. Casual Styles

A great style for someone who wants to go for a casual look.

56. Blue Colors

This short and shocking look is one for the badass. It’s super short on the sides, and the color is bold to the point where it’s very eye-catching.

57. Bright Red

If you are looking for a red hot look, then you are sure to love this style with the bright red/pink colors that are here.

58. Stylish Blondes

If you want a stylish look that you can wear to the office as well as out to an event then this is the look for you. It’s glamourous and sophisticated.

59. Stylish with Glamour

A great look for someone who wants a short style that has some classic glamor to it. This look is stunning for many reasons.

60. Sweeping Designs

Another great example of a short style that has a long sweeping bang. The colors are intense, and it brings about a stunning style.

61. Blonde Challenges

A very different style for the pixie cut but one that you are sure to love. The blonde looks really great with this style.

62. Choppy Pixie

This celebrity really looks great with the pixie cut. It’s sexy and daring, longer on one side than the other. You will love this sexy style for spring this 2017.

63. Almost Not There

This pixie cut certainly comes close to being a buzzed cut. If you want a huge change in your life, then you are sure to love this super short style. It’s a big commitment for growing out however so make sure you really want to cut it this short.

64. Stunning and Short

Actresses all over are trying out the pixie cut, and she is no different. She has sported her short and sexy look all over the red carpet.

65. Spinning Curls

These loose curls make this pixie cut absolutely gorgeous.

66. Shaved Styles

The shaved side is still very popular these days. The top is left long, and it’s beautiful.

67. Styled to the Side

A great style with plenty of volume and a shaved side.

68. Short Style

Another great example of a short pixie cut.

69. Silver Shorts

A super short style that looks awesome in silver.

70. Bold Looks

A stunning pixie cut with great color.

71. Wispy Style

A wispy style that is super sexy.

72. Shocking Shorts

A very short style for those who want a big change.

73. Side Styles

A blonde style that is super sexy as a pixie style.

74. Bold Purple

This shocking purple pixie cut is truly stunning.


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