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Coloring Your Hair Orange: How To Fix Orange Hair ?


If you are looking for a hot new color, then choose orange for a change. It’s a shocking color that really stands out. You won’t find a brighter more eye-catching color than this one.

If you are going to color your hair with a bright shade, then there are a few things that you need to know. Personally, we think that everyone should try a bright shade at least once, but you need to know what you are getting into first.

Here are just a few things we have learned when it comes to bright shades.

  1. It Requires Bleaching Your Hair

There is no possible way to get a bright color without bleaching your hair. Unless you naturally have platinum blonde hair, you are going to have to lighten it up in order for the color to be vibrant. Most fashion colors are only semi-permanent, so they can’t lift the color of your hair. If you try to put a semi-permanent over your dark hair, it won’t do anything. If you are worried about damaging your hair, then a fashion color may not be for you.

  1. Drastic Color Changes Don’t Happen Overnight

Lightening your hair can be damaging, so you need to have your hair in pretty good condition before you start. To avoid a lot of damage to the hair, it’s best to take the bleaching process slowly. If you have a hair appointment, then try to avoid straightening to curling your hair for a few weeks to avoid damaging it further.

  1. Don’t Bleach It Yourself

It’s very important that you make sure that you have a professional bleach your hair, do not do it yourself. You run the risk of totally destroying your hair and that’s the last thing that you want to do. Trying to correct a bad bleaching job can be almost impossible to fix, so always go to a professional for these things.

  1. Products Are your New Best Friend

When you start bleaching your hair and using fashion colors, the best thing that you could do is to invest in hair care products. The kind of products that help to minimize color fading and help to replenish moisture back into the hair from the bleaching. Salon quality shampoos and conditioners will help to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

  1. The Color Will Fade

So now you have your bright orange hair and you are walking around like you are on cloud nine. Then after a few weeks, you notice the color has faded. When it comes to fashion shades there is a lot more upkeep involved then there would be with normal colors. It’s a little more high-maintenance. So as long as you are okay with constantly adding color to it, then you’ll be fine because you will have to get used to the fact that the color is always fading. When orange fades, it gets a really ugly coppery color so you may have to color it every week.

  1. You Will Have to Wash Your Hair in Cold Water

You will have to get used to washing your hair in cold water in order to preserve the color as much as possible. The cold water helps to prevent the color from fading.

  1. Some Colors Don’t Come Out

When it comes to fashion shades, they can be a little tricky and some of them won’t come out of the hair. We don’t mean that they will never come out, but it could take a while. The only way to get colors out that like to stick around is to either bleach it again or put a darker color over top of it.

  1. Prepare for Your Color to Be Everywhere

We are talking towels, shirts, pillow cases and your bathtub. Fashion colors fade easily and that means the colors is dripping somewhere when the hair is wet. It will stain anything white, your towels, or the pillow case that you sleep on. The best investment you could ever make is black towels and black pillow cases.

  1. Some People Won’t Like It

The thing about fashion colors is it brings about a lot of attention and some of it isn’t going to be good. Some people love fashion colors and you will receive a lot of compliments from them. But there are still some people that think it’s “too wild” or “attention-seeking” and they will not have a compliment to throw your way. You have to be prepared for people who aren’t going to like your hair.

That’s the best advice that we can give for anyone that wants to try out a fashion shade. Go in with all the knowledge that you can and do your research. This is not the kind of shade that you do yourself. It’s important that you go to a professional because they know how to handle different types of hair and the things that can go wrong when bleaching. So, don’t make the mistake of doing it yourself, get professional salon service when it comes using fashion shades.

Stick to these rules and you are sure to be eye-catching this summer with your bright orange hair. Fashion colors are incredibly fun to try, and we hope that everyone tries them out.

  1. Hot Orange

A hot orange is a great color for those that want to feel like rock stars. This is the kind of color that is sure to fade quickly so be prepared for a lot of upkeep to keep the color looking amazing. Beautiful!

orange hair

2. Orange Mohawk

You’re already in the wild zone if you like the shaved look so make it orange! If you like wonderful styles, then you are sure to want to go and get the shaved mohawk look. The bold oranges are so wonderful together. She looks like she has a lot of fire inside of her.

3. Dark Orange

There are many different shades of orange that you are sure to love. This color is surely a little closer to red and it’s a great shade. If you want a different orange that isn’t more of a neon color, then you might want to try this color out.

4. Deep Orange

These coppery shades are always beautiful and they definitely come close to getting red. If you want a sexy color, then you might try this shade because it’s truly a remarkable color. You’re sure to be turning heads all year long with this shade.

5. Ombre Designs

Orange is a great color to do an ombre with because it really pops out. These colors are extraordinary and everyone should try orange at least once. This looks like a shade that any model or celebrity would be seen wearing because it’s shockingly wonderful. The contrast between the dark and the bright orange is truly gorgeous.

6. The Glow of the Sun

This color is absolutely stunning. It’s so bright and beautiful you feel as if you are getting the heat off of it. I love the dark to light shades because they are so very eye-catching. This color is so beautiful because it’s bright. It’s like the sun is shining on you with this color.

7. Orange Curls

A full head of orange is all about the fiery personality. I love this shade of orange because it looks like fire. You have to have a strong personality and badass style to pull off a color like this one. This girl looks like she has complete control over those curly locks and this color certainly suits her.

8. Bright Orange

You don’t get much brighter than this orange. It’s truly electrifying. I love that it’s really dark and then it goes really bright. It goes from a shockingly bright shade to almost white and it’s glorious. Because the natural hair color is so dark, the bleaching may have to be done in stages to prevent damage. If you do all the bleaching all in one day, then you are sure to cause too much damage and the hair could start falling out. It’s best to do it slowly and have multiple salon visits.

9. Rusty Orange

A great color that isn’t too bright or dark. It has a rusty hue to it and it is still really eye-catching. If you want a color that you can wear all year, then this is the color. This type of color will also fade less than the brighter ones.

10. Creamy Colors

What a stunning orange shade, it’s beautiful and creative. If you want a stunner of a color, then you are sure to love this one.

11. Subtle Shade

If you want a subtle color change, then this is the one for you. It’s a gorgeous color and there is just a hint of orange to it. A gorgeous shade that anyone is sure to love.

12. Shocking Shades

This is a great example of how the orange coloring can start to fade. There are many different shades here and they are all gorgeous, but those shades start to fade and you have to keep adding color.

13. On Fire

This is a stunning shade that has so much character to it. There’s an ombre shade here that is truly remarkable. It starts off almost natural and then it goes into an orange coloring. The orange even continues to lighten up and it’s rather extraordinary. It looks like the hair is actually on fire, absolutely beautiful.

14. Different Shades

If you are looking to mix up shades, then pink is a great color to add with orange. As you can see in this photo, it’s absolutely electrifying. Pinks, oranges, purples and yellows make for a striking style.

15. Lightening Shades

This is quite a striking style that goes from an extreme dark to an extreme light. If you are looking for something different, then this is the shade for you.

16. Dark Orange

The rusty orange is quite deep in this picture. You are sure to love this color if you are looking for a shade that is closer to natural.

17. Light Orange

This is the kind of orange that goes really well with pale or light skin. Her skin is practically glowing and the light orange hair looks quite wonderful with it.

18. Bold Orange

A fiery style that you are sure to love. There are deep shades here that are bold and bright. It starts off dark and then goes quite light.

19. Fiery Highlights

There is an orange shade that has lighter highlights throughout the hairstyle. It’s a gorgeous color that you will cherish for always.

20. Crimson Orange

There are hints of red in this orange shade and that’s great because they go well together. A bright color that lightens as it goes lower into the hair. If you have long hair, then this is a great shade design to try.

21. Bold and Bright

A great color that is orange but it also has a hint of red. If you are looking for a great new shade, then this is the one for you.

22. Coppery Shades

This is a stunning shade that is bright and gorgeous. If you are looking for a fresh new look and you want to try orange, then this might be a good look for you. This color is truly unique and wonderful.

23. Curly Shades

This is one remarkable style because it is neon bright and it has so many colors involved. Her hair is long so that you can see all the amazing colors. By bleaching your hair for colors like this, you can cause a lot of damage so make sure that you have good products.

24. Dark Copper

A stunning shade that is a little bit darker. If you like the copper shade but don’t want to go bright, then this might be a good look for you.

25. Bright and Bold

This bright color is truly one of a kind. It’s a shocking orange, but it’s truly compelling. If you want something bright, then this is the color for you.


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