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80 Sexy Long Hair Ideas With Bangs That You Are Sure to Love


If you are looking for a new look for this spring, then you came to the right place. These days long hair and bangs is a huge fashion trend. You will be seen as a fashion icon with the perfect look for any event. It’s certainly a look that is considered to be in high demand. The great thing about long hair with bangs is that it’s very flattering to most anyone. It’s an effortless look that is very trendy right now. It’s convenient and classy all at the same time. This is the kind of style that you are going to want to show off this year. Having long hair is very manageable. You don’t have to worry about a lot of styling products, and you can choose between keeping it straight or curling it. You can add style to that long hair by having some awesome bangs. It can really turn a normal look into something chic and irresistible.

There are many different ways in which you can have a long hairstyle; they aren’t just all the same. There is a huge variety, and they are all flattering looks that will look great on a wide range of people. It’s always best to get a style that flatters the shape of your face, especially when it comes to bangs.

Here are many different ways in which you can rock a long hairstyle with bangs. There are many different ways of wearing your long hair as well as bangs. You can go from sleek to shaggy; it all depends on your personal style. Below are 80 Sexy Long Hair Ideas With Bangs That You Are Sure to Love:

1. Layers and Bangs

She has long layers that trail to the bottom and bangs that go straight across her forehead.

long hair with bangs

2. Long and Lengthy

She has long hair that goes well below her shoulders. Her bangs are full and straight across her forehead.

3. Sweeping Side Bang

This gorgeous style is long and straight all the way past her shoulders. She has bangs, and they really suit her because they sweep off to the side. It’s a beautiful style for this stunning red head.

4. Olivia’s Style

She knows how to rock the bangs that go across the forehead. And her wavy locks look amazing as a long layered look. She knows how to bring true style to her hair.

5. Black Side Bangs

This layered look is long and wavy. I love the fact that she has a side bang that sweeps so elegantly. Her hair is thin, so the look works well.

6. Jennifer Lopez Style

J. Lo has been rocking the side bang for a long time, and she likes to keep it long. The rest of her hair is long well past her chest, and the layers look magnificent. If you are looking for a lengthy look, you can’t go wrong with this one.

7. Straight Along

Her long hair is wonderfully colored in an ombre hue. The straight across bangs really suit her face shape. It’s an overall great style choice.

8. Red Violet

Long straight hair without layers offers a certain look that can appear severe at times but also sophisticated. Her straight across bang has a rounded look to it, one that really helps to shape her face.

9. Sweet Style

This is a really sweet style for someone who wants a more wholesome look. It’s simple and not high maintenance at all.

10. Long Bangs

Your bangs don’t have to be short to be inspiring. Her length is quite long, and her bangs are feathered and swept off to the side, but they were kept very long almost to the chin.

11. Cute and Sleek

This cute look is amazing because the hair is sleek. There is a large bang that goes across the forehead as well. A lot of length needs to be cut in order to have bangs of this magnitude.

10. Shiny and Sleek

A great look that has a lot of shine to it. If you want a sleek design, then this is the one for you. It’s a great example of how you can have long hair and a solid bang.

11. Old-Fashioned Style

This is a hairstyle from another era but one that looks great even today. The bangs are long, and so are the layers.

12. Great for Thin Hair

This si a great look for those that have thin hair. It’s simple and low maintenance.

13. Stylish Length

The waves look great with this style; you just can’t go wrong here. I love the bangs and how they are layered as well.

14. Choppy Bangs

This layered look is amazing for a lot of reasons. We can’t help but love her choppy bangs.

15. Simple Style

A simple style for anyone that wants a low maintenance look. You can’t go wrong with this style.

16. Stunning Layers

If you want more volume to your hair, then just add layers. It’s the best way to get the volume that you crave. Again she has the long bang across her forehead to achieve this look.

17. Shaggy Style

This ombre look is perfect for this style of long hair. She has long bangs that are also layers and left off to the side.

18. Sweeping Style

This sweeping side bang is absolutely adorable for her. She has long layers that start below her chin, and they give her hair a lot more volume.

19. Not Style Required

If you are looking for a simple style, then look no further than this one. It’s a shaggy look but one that is still popular today.

20. Straight Styling

She has a huge bang in front of her head, and even still she has a lot of length left over. If you want some real style, then look no further than this hairstyle.

22. Traditional Bangs

These bangs are pretty traditional, and they go across the forehead. If you are looking for a fresh style with a lot of layers than this is the one for you.

23. Short Bangs

This look is very fashion forward. These aren’t your traditional bangs, in fact, they are deliberately short. They only go about to the middle part of the forehead, and that’s it. The rest of the hair is very long.

24. Shaggy Bangs

These bangs have a more shaggy style to them. Her hair is just below the shoulders and layered lightly.

25. Thick Bangs

This style would be hard to pull off without very thick hair. She has a huge set of bangs in the front, and the rest of the hair is left straight and curled lightly to the side.

26. The Feathered Look

Her bangs are swept off to the side, and they have a feathered look to them. The feathered style has come back since Farrah Fawcett pulled off the look back in the day. The rest of her hair is layered and styled.

27. Sweet but Stylish

There are no layering involved with this look, but it makes for a stylish design. She too has the across the forehead bangs.

28. Thick Mane

Another example of bangs with someone who has very thick hair. You need thick hair to pull off this look in general. It’s very long and curly, but the volume really comes from the thickness. The bangs too have their volume due to the thickness of her hair. I love the ombre look that she has with the style; it totally suits her.

29. Stylish and Pretty

This golden look is wonderful because of the layers in the front. The bangs are short, and they are swept off to the side. It’s a simple look that anyone can style later.

30. Straight Cut

These bangs have a really straight cut to them. They look great on a big forehead, and there was a decent amount of length cut to create them. The rest of her hair is all one length which makes it perfect to keep straight as well as curly.

31. Sexy and Sweeping

These sexy bangs really know how to show up for a job. They are long just above the eye, but they really look great with her face shape. She has some layers that start below the chin and the over all style is captivating.

32. Thin Bangs

This is a style for people with thin hair. As you can see, there isn’t a lot of volume here and the style is one that is really pretty. Her hair is very long and all one length which is also standard for someone who has thin hair.

33. A Simple Bang

If you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense style, then this is the one for you.The bangs are simple across the forehead, and the rest is layered lightly. The hair falls just below the shoulder, and there is a lot of volume despite the fact that her hair isn’t that thick.

34. Feathered Away

Long length paired with a thick bang proves for a great style. If you are looking for something that is low maintenance then this is the style for you. The color is also pretty amazing as well.

35. Over The Eye

The hair is long and fashionable; the curls are just to die for. The bangs are thick and they fall just above the eye. If you don’t mind feeling like you have something in your eye all the time, then try these bangs out.

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36. Soft Hairstyles

This look is very soft, mainly due to the condition of the hair. What I love is all the layers in the length, it makes it look shorter than it actually is. She has a sweeping side bang that goes below the eye creating a seductive look.

37. Sexy Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is always changing up her look; you never know what you are going to get from the girl. This particular look is wonderful with her face shape. She has a solid bang across the forehead and layers throughout her length. She knows what style is all about and she is pulling off this long hair with bangs look pretty well.

38. Thick and Lengthy

Her hair is quite long with layers throughout. She has a thick bang that is in the C shape. They are longer on the sides than in the middle. It’s the kind of bangs that frames the face quite well. If you are looking for a sexy hairstyle, then this is the one for you.

39. A Veteran Style

This veteran actress really knows how to pull off a fashionable style. In this case, the bangs are short and swept off to the side. They are thin, so the bangs don’t have a lot of volume to them. She has very long hair that goes past her breasts but they are layered, so the length does not become overwhelming.

40. Blonde Style

This style is not too long but it still goes below the shoulders. It’s a sexy style that looks great fro a blonde. The side bang suits her face shape perfectly, and the length has a lot of layers in it creating mounds of volume for her.

After you choose the style that you desire the next step is to pick out a great hairstylist to give you the look you want. You want someone who is professional as well as talented so that you know you are getting what you want.

A professional stylist will be able to cut your hair in just the fashion that you desire. Be sure of the look that you want when it comes to bangs because once they are cut, there is no going back. Ther are many different types of bangs such as a sweeping side bang that can be long or short. There is also the across the forehead bang that looks great when it comes to a fashionable look.

Choose a look and then walk out the the salon a brand new woman. We hope that you enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite looks.


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