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How To French Braid Hair ? (with Picture Tutorial)


The French braid is a gorgeous way of making your hair maintenance free. You can braid your hair and then not have it worry about it again. Many people believe that the French braid is a complicated hairstyle and it’s not. Once you get started, you will see how easy it is and this tutorial is the first step to getting it done.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will be super beneficial on days when your hair just isn’t working well then try a perfect French braid on for size. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to getting that great French braid style:

What You Need to Start


Hair Elastic

That’s all you need, how simple is that!

1. Make a Start

The first thing you want to do is to brush your hair to make sure that all the tangles are out. The first thing you want to do is to gather the hair at the top of the head and then divide it into three sections. Make sure you start at the hairline and grab enough hair from the top of the head as if you were going to start a regular braid. Divide hair that you are holding into three sections. Make sure you hold the right section into the right hand and likewise the left section in the left hand. The last middle section can be between the thumb and any other finger on either hand.

2. Cross Sections

Now you want to start braiding. It’s easy just cross the right section over the middle section. Now do the same with the left section, while smoothing the hair down as you go along. Make sure that you pull the sections tight as you go along. The last thing you want is for the raid to be loose enough to come apart.

3. Add in Sections

Now before you continue to repeat your cross-over motion, you want to gather a little bit of hair from the head’s right side. Add this new section to what you have. Then cross the now larger piece of the section over the middle section of the braid.

Tip: While you are adding more hair, always make sure that the sections are always roughly equal to each other or your French braid will end up looking lopsided at the end.

4. Continue Adding Hair to the Section

Keep gathering small sections of the remaining hair that you have on the left side and add it to the left-hand section and then cross it over the middle section just like you did with the right side.

Tip: It’s easier to do a French braid with dirty hair because it is not as slippery. Dirty hair is much easier to braid than clean hair.

5. Continue to Add Hair into Cross Sections

In order to finish your braid, you will continue adding hair until you have gathered all the hair into your sections. Finish the bottom of the style with a regular brand.

6. Secure the Braid

Once you have reached the bottom of your braid all you need to do now is to secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic. Wrap it tightly and then you are good to go.

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A great style if you are looking for a more modern updo.

4. Classic Styles

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french braid

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7. Classic Styles

If you love the classic look, then you are sure to love this easy step by step tutorial.

8. Tight Braid

A great style especially for the kids. The braid is tight to the scalp giving you a well put together style.


9. Thick Braid

A great French braid because of the unusual thickness of it. You are going to need a lot of hair to achieve this look.

10. Double Braids

This is a really cool look if you want to double up on the French braid.

11. Multiple Braids

This is a cool look because you can have a standard French braid with multiple braids underneath. All you need to do is just leave a section of hair underneath in order to create multiple braids.

12. Large Braids

A great braid that is very thick and large. I just love the shine that this girl has in her hair.

13. A Few Steps

In six easy steps, you have yourself a classic French braid. You are sure to love the convenience that this style brings to you.

14. Add Some Curls

This is a great style for a wedding or formal event. It requires you to curl your hair first before braiding it. But it’s a stunning style that you are sure to be complimented on all night long.

15. Pigtail Braids

This is a unique way of creating a French braid with a few smaller braids. It’s an adorable look for children and it keeps the hair out of her face as well. It’s a great summer look because you don’t need ot worry about styling the hair all summer long.

16. The Side Design

This partial braid is a cute look for children. It’s something you can even use as an adult. It doesn’t require all of the hair to be braided which gives you a different sort of look.

17. Crowning the Head

A gorgeous French braid that has the hair crowning the top of the head. If you want to feel like royalty, then you will have no problem with that if you try this style out.

18. Lower Braid

This French braid doesn’t start at the scalp at all but at the neckline. It’s a different style that offers a more casual look.

19. Creative Braids

You won’t find a more creative style than this one. We have the standard French braid in the back, but then we also have smaller braids on top that tie into the French braid.

20. Pigtail Love

Pigtails are always a popular style choice even with braids.

21. Unusual Braid

This French braid literally wraps itself around the head. It’s a great look if you want something different.

22. Purple Dreams

Well, the best part of these French braids is the purple glow, obviously! We love this color and the intersecting braids are just lovely.

23. The Bun

This French braid is built upwards instead of downwards and it ends in a bun. It’s a gorgeous way of putting your hair up.

24. Intersecting Braids

A cute idea, especially for children, is these intersecting braids that are crisscrossed. A cool idea that the kids are sure to love.

25. A Puzzle

A checkerboard pattern on top really creates a pretty cool look. The board then turns into two separate braids that are small. It’s a great look and it doesn’t require you to braid all your hair.

26. Big Braids

This French braid has a classic look, but it’s a thicker braid. It’s a simple style to create and it’s really easy to do. It’s obvious that this person has very thick hair.

27. Zig Zag Braid

This is a fun style that will blow your kid’s minds. The zig zag Fench braid is a stunning style that is very eye-catching. I love the fact that it crisscrosses to one side of the head to the other. It’s a fun look that will make your kids the hit at any party.

28. Thick Motions

A simple style that is really easy to create. It’s a looser form of the braid that is fun and romantic all at the same time. I love the intersecting pieces that come off the side.

29. Tiny Braids

This French braid style has a classic French braid down the back, but it also has tiny braids coming in from the side. It’s a creative look that you are sure to love.

30. The Crown

The Crown braid has always been a popular style, especially for beach weddings. It takes no time at all to create and you don’t have to braid all of the hair.

31. Standard Braid

Another example of the standard French braid to achieve the classic look. It’s also a looser braid, so it gives you a more relaxed look. A lot of people don’t like the tight braids cause they can at times, give people headaches. But a looser braid doesn’t have the same tension on the scalp.

32. Stunning Designs

Another example of the classic French braid, an easy to achieve look, that you are sure to love. I love the looser designs because they give that romantic vintage look to any design. These looser braids can easily be worn to any event that you want.

33. Cascading Braids

You won’t find a more gorgeous French braid design than this one. It has multiple intersecting braids that all fall into the French braid. It’s one look that you will never get sick of.

34. Red Braids

This is a great look for an event or even a day at the office. It’s polished and sophisticated. It certainly looks good on this fiery redhead. If you are looking for something that is truly classic then you can’t go wrong with this style.

35. Thin Braids

She has crowned her head with a small amount of thin braids that pull up into an updo. This 90210 star looks amazing with this look; it’s definitely red carpet worthy. We love the fact that it has small and large braids in it.

36. Grey Braids

Part of what makes this look so great is the gray hair. I love how the braids start off big and then go small. It’s kind of a modern look because it’s tight to the scalp but the braids themselves are quite big on top. It’s the classic pigtail look that everyone likes.

37. Loose Braids

French braids don’t have to be tight to the scalp. They can be loose and flowing. It’s gives it a more romantic style. I love the fact that it’s only a partial braid because it gives it a looser, relaxed feel to it. The style is drawn over to the side creating a stunning overall style that you are sure to love. You could wear this to your next event and be confident that you are looking amazing that night.

38. Polished Styles

These braids are perfectly composed, almost too perfect. The style definitely looks like it will stay in place no matter what. The braids are quite tight and you can be assured that they won’t be moving anytime soon. I love the classic looks just as much as the looser relaxed looks because they have their own beauty to it.

39. The Shaved Style

A great look that combines a French braid with a shaved head. A unique look for sure! If you have more of a badass edgy vibe going on for you, then you are sure to love a style like this. It’s creative and a little jaw-dropping as well.

40. Creative Designs

Another example of what you can do with French braids if you want to be really creative. It’s an amazing style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

French braids are a fun way to style your hair and then best part about them is that they are convenient. It allows you to have a few days at least where you don’t have to worry about styling your hair. What more could you want then that?

We hope that you enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite style!


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