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How to Do Split Screen on Windows 11 10 Laptop Tablet Mode


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  • If resetting your PC from a recovery partition, the process is done without discs and via a function key like “F12” or another key.
  • If you’ve chosen the “Remove everything” option in the previous steps you will have more options to choose from.
  • That’s where resetting it back to its factory settings can prove useful in helping to get it back up and running like new again.
  • Hard drives aren’t the only problem, and few users reported that they can’t install Windows 10 to SSD.

So while this is an important feature you’ve shown, it is not what you claim it is. You can also double click in the middle of any top-edge and maximize the height. Cool, but not what it actually means to make multiple screens on a single page. Not sure I’m following the comment, as this solution will enable two programs or windows to be as full as they can be in half the screen. If you find a different solution, please let us know.

How to Check Hard Drive Health in Windows 10

MiniTool Power Data RecoveryComplete data recovery solution with no compromise. The system will now load the recovery software from the USB drive. Click on Remove files and then clean your drive to erase all data securely. Get the most out of your Windows PC or laptop with Computer Troubleshooter’s IT services! We proudly provide residential and business services and can troubleshoot and repair a variety of issues.

Well, dry those eyes, fujitsu scansnap ix624 Sweetums, because I am one step ahead of you. We can use an application called Borderless Gaming (‘’) to remove those pesky frames . By doing this it will be open on the right side at the same screen. First of all, launch the Settings app by holding the Windows key and I key. To close a virtual desktop, open Task view and click the X in the upper-right corner of any desktop you want to close.

What is Windows 10X?

It is also a USB clone tool to help to clone the USB drive to keep data safe. Factory reset Windows 7 is a good way to delete files and data on the computer so as to keep privacy or it can help you to solve some problems. But do you know how to factory reset Windows 7? How to restore Windows 7 to factory setting? When the factory reset process is complete, the initial setup screen will appear.

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