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101 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Thin hair usually appears limp, flat and incapable of retaining more or less voluminous styles. However, choosing the right hairstyle can make a world of a difference by adding the desirable body to the hair and giving the illusion of thickness to your fine strands.

If you are frustrated with thin hair and struggle to pull off most hairstyles, it’s perhaps because you are spending your time trying the wrong hairstyles. But, not to worry, you are certainly not alone in this and can easily rock any of these fabulous hairstyles which are ideal for thin, fine hair. Scroll through to find out some of the best hairstyles that are ever-trendy and will look gorgeous, regardless of your hair type.

Cool Hairstyles for Short & Medium Thin Straight Hair

A Line Bob

This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair and can be worn without being curled or straightened. Moreover, it looks great on almost any face shape. You can experiment with the style and make it heavily or slightly stacked, wavy or pin straight, edgy or blunt, textured or sleek, short or long.

Wild & Curled

This hairstyle is known for looking limp but you can add a little styling, teasing and curlers to make your hair look big and beautiful.

Choppy Bob

This style involves a simple bob with layers to give it a choppier look, thereby achieving more volume and combating the flat sleek look of your natural hair.

Messy Pixie

Multidirectional locks look fun and casual, making them ideal for summer if you are going for an artistic endeavor. For this hairstyle, you will need short layers and a little hair gel for keeping it in place.

Messy Hairdo with Twists

At present day, short bangs are not much popular. If you have an inverted bob with side-parted bangs, instead of just pinning the bangs away, make two parallel twists that mix together beautifully into your fine, slightly wavy hair.

Shaggy Layers

To achieve shaggy, unkempt and messy layers, all you need to do is apply texturizing spray to damp hair and crumple your locks while you blow dry them. For added definition, curl a few locks with a curling iron.

Short, Curly Hairstyle

Fine haircuts look better when there is a bit of added curl. To achieve this look, keep your curling iron vertical and do not brush out the curls. Instead, just spray them with a hairspray.

Shaved Side Haircut

In this hairstyle, comb your hair or bangs towards your eyes to really accentuate them while also drawing attention away from your hair’s thinness. Cut the sides and back extremely short and leave the top long to add the right amount of edge to this nice and shaggy hairstyle.

Rough Ponytail

When you have tied your hair, it becomes difficult to tell whether you have thick or thin hair. In this style, all you need is a messy ponytail which is a little teased and your bangs worn down to add more life and texture. You can play around with a number of ponytail styles before deciding on the style that suits you best.

Layered Bob

Adding layers to your fine hair bob makes it seem the perfect degree of voluminous. Although this style looks great on a heart shaped face, square and oval faces go well with it.

Sleek Ponytail

Ponytails are not only easy to make, but look neat and professional. That being said, if you have thin hair, you have the advantage of not struggling with unruly hair. Fixing your hair in a sleek ponytail is easy and quick, which will instantly give you a more smart and sophisticated look.

Up Do

Again, tied up hair is the best style if you are not trying to give away your hair’s volume. Thin hair is extremely easy to put in a bun so you might as well make the most of it. If you have short hair, this will obviously not work for you.

Thick Braid

This hairstyle calls for a simple regular or side braid that is teased apart and styled in a way that it shows bulk and texture. This style looks best on slimmer faces and medium hair as compared to round faces and long hair.

Slicked Back

This hairstyle requires a few styling products and only a sweep of the brush is needed to give you a completely transformed look. You can pull this style off regardless of your hair length and face shape.

Choppy Bangs

Adding choppy bangs to any hair will bring about a more texturized and voluminous look to otherwise limp, thin and lifeless hair. Whatever your hair texture, there is a bang style for you. Remember to keep your bangs light, not heavy and overpowering so they end up hiding your face.

Edgy, Side-Parted Haircut

Side bangs are perfect for fine hair as they bring heaviness and volume around the face which in turn makes hair seem thicker. This style looks great with a shoulder-length or collarbone cut for a classic and cute look.

Cinnamon Haircut

Reddish brown and auburn are great colors for fine hair because they are deep and rich without contrasting with the scalp too much. Keeping these colors in mind, you can experiment any of the hairstyles.

Choppy Pixie Cut

This is where you simply rough up your pixie cut. You can also make a messy braid on the front to draw your eyes and give definition to the whole style.

Buoyant Curls

Adding curls to any hair type will make it more voluminous and puffy (in a good way). You can pull off large curls if you have a slim face so remember that when styling. You can also pull your top hair or bangs in a half small ponytail to give your face a slimmer look, a great tip for ladies with square or round faces.

Half Up Do

Up dos are easy to make, stylish, sleek, and look good on medium and long hair. You can ditch the ponytail and go your own way with a bun or simple pinning with different hair accessories.

Messy Bun

Buns are certainly easy to create and look casual and gorgeous. On the flip side, they can also look professional and classy, and stylish. If you have naturally thin hair, you can easily pull off a messy bun, which can add an edge to your professional look, making you look chic, sophisticated and casual, all at the same time.

Tousled and Wavy

The key to faking hair thickness is simple: light texturizing and highlights. Waves are great for volume anyway, but when it comes to fine or thin hair, those waves accentuate the much needed body.

High Bun

High, messy buns are a great way to hide your thin locks. You can also add light bangs to beautify the look. You can skip the bangs if you have a round face, as it will end up looking much rounder.

Untamed Pixie Cut

A messy, rough pixie cut works great on fine hair and looks great on slim faces. However, different variations of the cut do work on round faces so don’t be scared to experiment. If you have highlights, this style can add extra depth.

Short & Curled

Short hair that is lightly curled looks great and voluminous. Unfortunately, if you have a round face, you might want to stay away from this style, but if you have an oval or heart shaped face, this style is sure to suit you. Play around with the curl tightness to see the different looks you can create.

Cool Hairstyles for Long Thin Straight Hair

Long Haircut with Ombre and Layering

Layering can help you achieve those cute flicks that manage fine limp hair in the most gorgeous way. The faded seamless soft color does a great job at enhancing the dimension and texture of this beautiful hairstyle.

Long Thin Waves

Waves and curls add body, texture and volume to the entire look. If everything fails, take out a curling iron or braid your hair and sleep in them overnight.

The Natural Shiny Sleek Look

If you have thin, straight long hair, you might want to consider blurring its ends so it doesn’t have a wispy look. Choose a shade that blends well with your mid-shaft and roots nicely. All you need to do now to achieve the shiny and sleek look is pull out a straightening wand and a shine serum.

Long Layered Locks

The secret to making your thin hair appear thick and luscious is to wear it long and layered. You can also include some shorter layers, especially around the face. Just make sure you master the skill of blow drying.

Long Lush Curls

Waves look great on almost every woman, and spirals are especially stunning since they create body, volume, and bounce for days.

Undone Side Ponytail

Messy, undone side ponytail is a great hairstyle for softening the angles of a sharp structured face. You can create a gorgeous similar look by parting your hair slightly off center and securing it in a messy and low ponytail. Take a section of the hair and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it.

Gorgeous Bedhead Do

Even if you have fine hair, you can easily pull off this look with the help of a volume boosting mousse applied to damp hair and some blow drying. Don’t brush your hair and skip extra hair products and embrace the natural texture of your hair.

Beautiful Low Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you do not need long and thick tresses. Simply pick styles that go with your hair type.

Long, Auburn Locks

Long thin hair with plenty of shine and piecey bangs look stunning! All you need is a good quality straightener, and a heat protection serum to minimize damage.

Long Textured Cut

If you wish to wear your thin locks in a free-flowing style, a long choppy hairstyle is the ideal solution. The first step is to get long finely chopped layers and then styling them with a texturizing product.

Subtle Bouffant

This hairstyle does not involve a sky-high top bump from the 60s, but a little volume at the crown to add more volume. The rest of the hair can be worn in whatever style you please.

Flat Braid

Make a regular side braid and gently pull at the sections once it is tightly secured.

Messy Pompadour

If you have short hair that mostly looks limp and lifeless, you can apply a little volumizing mousse and muss it up in the front to add a level of thickness.

Doughnut Topknot

If itsy bitsy up dos are not working for you, you can fake a fuller bun with the help of a hair sock or hair doughnut in your topknot.

Long, Blunt Bangs

This hairstyle involves head bangs that start towards the crown of your head and consist of more hair for increased thickness. If you have oily hair, make sure you prevent the hair from becoming too greasy, whether it is with the help of a dry shampoo or frequent washing, or else you could end up with a sticky chunk of hair on your forehead.

Messy Up Do

A messy up do with thin hair can end up looking flat and limp. To add volume, muss up the front pieces and give them a deliberate loose look to appear fuller.

Chopped Ends

Ends of the hair usually give away its thinness. So, if you do not wish to go with dying your ends with a light color, you could chop them off to give a more voluminous look.

Keep experimenting with these hairstyles until you find the one that looks best and hides your hair’s thinness well.

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