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89 Striking Goddess Braid Ideas That You Are Sure to Love


If you are looking for a low maintenance style that is also gorgeous, then you want to look at the goddess braid. It is the kind of style that will make you feel like a goddess. You may think that these are just your standard cornrows, but you would be wrong. There is a difference between the cornrow braid and the goddess braid. These are the new and improved cornrow braid and they are so much better.

This should be your go to style if you are looking for something glamorous and wonderful. They are absolutely beautiful and the best part is they allow you to have a hairstyle that you don’t have to worry about for months. If you need to give your hair a break because it’s been damaged or over-treated, then getting goddess is a great way to allow your hair to breathe a little. It gives your hair a break from all the styling that causes damage to your hair.

If you take the time to scroll through social media sites, you will see just how popular the goddess braid actually is. Again, they do look familiar to the cornrow braid, but they are so much cooler. So how are the goddess braids different?

The difference between a goddess braid and a cornrow braid is that the goddess braid is a much thicker and larger braid. They aren’t so much flat against the scalp; they are larger, so they become more raised on the head. Many people will style the goddess braid in a crown design which is an elegant and glamorous style.

If you are looking for a simple style that is no nonsense, then you are going to love the goddess braid. You are sure to love the convenience of the hairstyle because once it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it again for months. That’s how awesome they are!

A lot of the styles require a lot of hair, so if you don’t already have long, thick hair, then you will have to consider getting extensions. Only then will you be able to try out these amazing goddess braids. You should know that if you normally have curly, frizzy or kinky hair, then you should add in a leave in conditioner to your hair before it is braided to avoid damage. Hair of that texture is always a little more fragile and you don’t want to do anything that’s going to cause further damage to your hair. The leave in conditioner will certainly help in that area.

If you want the braided look, you will have to consider going to a professional stylist. This isn’t the kind of style you can do yourself and we wouldn’t recommend you have a friend do it unless they are a professional. Braiding takes time and a professional will know how to do it quickly without a lot of damage.

If you are interested in the style, then be sure to check out all the options available to you in this article. Below are 89 Striking Goddess Braid Ideas That You Are Sure to Love:

1. The Tall Crown

A stunning design of goddess braids that has some amazing stature to it. A crown of large braids that is piled high on the head. You can see just how glamorous the style can be.


2. Tall Braids

Another great example of the goddess braid piled high on top of the head. You can see how large these braids are even on the scalp. There are three different braids coming off the scalp. The design is stunning.

3. Unusual Designs

This is indeed an unusual design and one that you probably don’t see a lot of. The braids themselves look like waves and there are tiny braids in between the style.

4. High Braids

A great style that has three goddess braids all around the head. They are very thick and they sit high on the head. If you are looking for a style that truly stands out, then this is the one for you.

5. Crowning Glory

This stunning goddess braid design is truly breathtaking. It has a tall ponytail like before, but the scalp designs are truly wondrous. There are large and small braids on the scalp and they are designed truly beautifully.

6. Thick Braids

The difference with the goddess braids is that they are very thick braids. As you can see it requires a lot of hair to achieve. The braids are thick and tight against the scalp, a truly wondrous style.

7. Add Some Blue

These braid styles are often seen with color. If you want something eye-catching, then try adding some blue to the goddess braids. This style is pulled back from the face and in this case, the goddess braids are smaller than the others. We love the blue, it really catches the eye and it’s stunning.

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8. Purple Designs

If you have a love for purple, then you are sure to love this purple addition to the goddess braids. These ones are thicker than the blue braids but no less beautiful. If you want a more edgier look, then you are sure to want to add some color to your styles.

9. Fushia Love

There is very little that is more beautiful than these fuschia goddess braids. They are absolutely gorgeous for a lot of reason. The eye catching color for one and the fact that the goddess braids are pulled up into a wonderful updo. It’s a style that you are sure to love for a long time.

10. Pink Love

Here is another angle on the same updo and the pink looks even brighter in this photo. Here you can see that the braids are broken up into three parts. It’s a great style that you are sure to love.

11. Children’s Styles

A great style for children because it is low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about styling their hair for months. It could be a great look for summer because you never have to worry about their hair as they ate out playing around. It’s also a great look for weddings and events that the children have to go to. This particular design is truly remarkable; I love that it goes into swirls.

12. Just One Braid

If you don’t want all your hair braided then look at this unique style. It’s just one braid that wraps around the head like a crown, but the rest of the hair is left loose. She has lots of bouncy curls and it looks wonderful with this style.

13. Mega Braids

A unique design that has very small braids along the scalp with very large braids on the top of the head. It’s a very different look that is sure to turn some heads wherever you go.

14. Thicker Styles

This is one great style that you are sure to love because of its uniqueness. There are multiple braids here and they are all very beautiful. They are lifted higher on the head and make for a unique look.

15. Golden Braids

A great style that is truly golden. If you want to truly feel like a goddess, then you must add gold to your goddess braids. Then you will truly feel like royalty. These braids seem to spiral around the head in an unusual way.

16. Half Styles

If you want some color but don’t want to overdo it, then you will love this style. It’s gorgeous and wonderful, a truly remarkable style. I love that only a few of the braids are golden, it adds a wonderful contrast to the whole style.

17. Bright Red

If you want a more badass style, then you are sure to love this style. The shocking red is truly eye-catching and you won’t find a brighter red than this one. It’s a few medium sized braids thrown back on the head. The color is the best part and you are sure to draw the eye with it.

18. Crowning Glory

Another great example of the crown styles that will truly make you feel like a goddess. If you have an upcoming wedding, then you must try this style. It’s glamourous and creative, just look at the scalp designs. There are some jeweled elements on it as well that are just beautiful.

19. Bold Pink

Pink is certainly a popular color when it comes to salon choices. We love these pink braids because they are large and have a looser style to them. There is rhyme or reason to this style; the braids are just randomly running amok over the hair. If you don’t want a conventional goddess braid, then this is the style for you.

20. Creative Designs

A great style that combines both small braids and large goddess braids. 

21. Small Twirls

The braids start off large but then they go small and they are styled in small twirls.

22. Thick and Connected

Intersecting braids are always a cool look for everyone.

23. Lots of Shine

These braids have a lot of shine to them and we love the unusual intersecting styles.

24. Tall Tales

A great style that you are sure to love because of the contrasting colors.

25. Cool Colors

We love the design elements of this goddess braid style. It’s elegant and beautiful.

26. Creative Beauty

If you want a creative design, then look no further than this one.

27. The Ponytail

Many braids come together to create this goddess braid style. They are all brought together to create this great ponytail style.

28. Shiny Styles

These braids are curving around the head to create a beautiful updo.

29. Celebrity Styles

Jada Pinkett Smith is sporting the goddess braid style in a crown design. She looks absolutely stunning in the style.

30. Alien Elements

These badass styles have a very alien look to them, but they are no less beautiful because of it.

31. Large Bun

If you love buns, then you can try to create one with the goddess braids.

32. Crowning Love

One braid is all you need to feel like a goddess for the day.

33. Cute Updos

Three braids come together to create this high design. We love the unique patterns of this design.

34. Gold and Tiny

This style stands out because there are tiny gold braids in between the larger goddess braids.

35. Small Braids

If you don’t want to braid all your hair, then this would be a good look for you. It’s just one simple braid amongst a lovely updo.

36. Curly Style

A curly and beautiful updo that has one simple braid with it. A great style for any event.

37. Golden Blonde

This braid has a romantic feel to it because it’s looser and it’s blonde. We love this crowning style and we could certainly see it at an event or a wedding.

38. Twirling Braids

These goddess braids have a twirling effect to it. There are many braids to this style.

39. Thick and Stunning

We love these contrasting colors to this look; it really makes the style stand out.

40. Shiny and Stylish

This look is truly gorgeous and stylish. If you want a look of sophistication, then you will love this style.

41. Circular Designs

A great style that is circular.

42. Tiny Braids

These goddess braids are unique because they are smaller than most.

43. Loose Styles

This braid is thick and very loose. All she needs is one to create this crown.

44. Work of Art

This style is a true work of art.

45. Gorgeous Updos

A loose style that makes for an elegant updo. It’s truly lovely.

46. Small Bun

A small that is sure to be a head turner. It has large braids that go quite small.

47. One Thick Braid

A truly unique goddess braid because it’s quite large and very loose.

48. Stunning Styles

A unique style that has some large, high braids with some very small ones in the middle.

49. Small Braids

Another example of a style that has just one braid to create a truly beautiful style.

50. Simple Styles

A gorgeous style that has one long braid twisting throughout the updo.

51. Exquisite Designs

You won’t find a more breathtaking style then this one. There is so much beauty and elegance to the style as it combines small and large braids throughout. The scalp is not braided at all, but the rest is a glamorous masterpiece.

52. Stunning Braids

Great braids that fall down the back of the neck.

53. One Large Braid

These goddess braids are in the form of pigtails.

54. In the Middle

Two very large goddess braids with the regular small braid going down the middle.

55. Splash of Red

A sexy goddess braid that has a splash of red going through it.

56. Simple Braids

Pigtails are always a popular style. If you want a fun style, then you are sure to love one that involves pigtails.

57. Color Styles

A great braided style with little bits of color throughout. Adding coloring will always create a stunning look that you are sure to love.

58. Wonderous Braids

A stunning looser goddess braid in an updo. The loose styles always offer a look of elegance and romanticism. It’s stunning style that is going to warrant you a lot of compliments. We love the fact that the braid is just on the side because it allows you a different look that you don’t see every day.

59. Blonde Crown

A great crown design that you are sure to love.

60. Celebrity Love

Celebrities love these goddess braids and they look lovely on the red carpet.

61. Simple Stylings

Bella Thorne is rocking these goddess braids in her own beautiful crown design.

62. Crisscross Designs

So many different braids are going in different directions.

63. High Designs

An unusual design that has some great elements to it.

64. Stunning and Beautiful

If you love braid designs, then you are sure to love this gorgeous style.

65. Large Designs

A gorgeous crown that circles then head in an elegant way. The braids are loose and rather large.

66. Sexy Styles

Very thick braids compliment this style quite well and end in a bun.

67. Crown Love

If you are looking for an updo for your next event, then you are sure to love this style. The crown wraps around the front of the head in a romantic way.

68. Heart Designs

This stunning goddess braid design is made so beautiful because of the heart design in the back.

69. X Marks the Spot

A unique style that is truly eye-catching. This would be a fun design for children.

70. Loose and Lovely

If you are looking for a gorgeous crown design, then look no further than this one. A rather large braid that is loose makes for a stunning design.

71. Red Braids

A simple style that is red and wonderful.

72. Golden Beauty

A unique style that has many gorgeous braids, small and large brought together to make a gorgeous ponytail. The color is the best part of this style. We love the golden colors because they totally fit the goddess style.

73. Gold and High

This striking style has plenty of braids piled high on the head. The gold color is quite eye-catching. If you want to truly feel like a goddess then adding gold is a great way to do that. This gold is bright and really catches the light wonderfully.

74. Contrasting Colors

A great style that has some amazing contrasting colors. The small braids really make for a unique look because they make the large braids stand out more. We love the fact there are two different colors to the style.

75. Jeweled Designs

Add some jewels to your hairstyle to create some glamor to the design. These styles are truly beautiful and wonderful.

76. Tight Braids

If you are looking for a more put together style, then look no further than this one. It’s gorgeous and wonderful and you are sure to love it.

77. Art Walk

If you want to treat your hair like a work of art, then you are sure to love this style. It’s a very unique style that is truly breathtaking.

78. Simple but Striking

Small braids that are super long and fall down the back.

79. Banded Designs

This is truly an unusual style because there are different designs. There are bands throughout the style that create the unusual look.

80. Orange Hive

This style is very reminiscent of a beehive. If you like orange, then you are sure to love this style because it’s truly remarkable.

81. Solid Styles

A simple style that will keep your hairstyle truly low maintenance.

82. Pink Styles

These high pigtails are truly unusual. There are pink splashes throughout the style that make the whole look so beautiful.

83. Small Styles

These are really tight goddess braids that look beautiful here. If you love tight styles, then you are sure to love these styles.

84. Different Colors

This is a very different type of crown and it creates a unique look. It’s almost mesmerizing. There are also many colors to this style almost like a rainbow.

85. Different Colors

This shaved style is combined with the goddess braids. They are beautiful styles that are beautiful because of the contrasting colors.

86. Tight Designs

Two very large goddess braids make up this amazing style. The tiny braids are on the scalp while the pigtails make for some very large braids.

87. Tight Curls

This gorgeous style has great braid designs on the scalp, but the rest of the hair is left loose. The rest of the hair is quite tightly curled, but when it’s all put together, it looks quite gorgeous.

88. Red Bun

This zig zag style is completely gorgeous. It’s got tight braids on the scalp and looser braids on top. The bun is colored red while the rest of the hair is left natural.

89. White Styles

A stunning style that is truly unique. If you want something that is eye-catching, then look no further than this style. It’s absolutely stunning because the braids turn into a gorgeous bun. There is also gold jewelry throughout as well as the bun is colored white. The white is obviously going to draw the eye because it is so bright against the rest of the hair.


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