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75 Classic and Amazing Hairstyles for Long Hair That You Will Love


If you are looking for a change in hairstyle but want to keep your hair long, then look no further than this article. You are going to love these styles. Many women all over the world covet their long hair; they refuse to cut it for anything. But wearing the same style all the time can certainly becoming boring. Us women may love our long hair, but we want to be able to change it up at times as well. And why shouldn’t we? We are women hear us roar! Just kidding. But the truth is we should be able to do anything we want without hair and the good then about long hair is that you can. There are so many different styles to choose from that you could have a different hairstyle every day if you want. If you’re like me then you want to change things up a lot, the same style can become stagnant after awhile.

With long hair, there are so many things that you can do with it. You can leave it down and have options, or you can pull it up and have options, you can do whatever your heart desires. Depending on if you are going to the beach or a fancy event there are so many things that you can do to your hair to suit any occasion. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with your own ideas, after all, that’s why Pinterest is so popular. Sometimes we just need some ideas to help us along. If you are looking for inspiration, then look no further than here. If you want some great ideas to change up your hair, then I have just what you’re looking for.

Below are 75 Classic and Amazing Hairstyles for Long Hair!

1. Long Layers

A great way to give your hair a new look with very little effort is to get long layers. You can’t go wrong with this look, and it also adds volume and movement to your hair.

2. Braids for Long Hair

Her hair is different shades of pink, but that’s not the only thing different about it. There is a multitude of braids that create a fun-loving style.

3. Cascading Layers

Another great example of hair with many layers, that cascade down the back. I love this style because there is so much wonderful volume to it.

4. Long Layers with Blonde Hair

Another great example of how layers can really change up your look without you losing any of your hair.

5. The Ponytail

This is not just any ponytail; this one has some serious style. You can’t go wrong with this look at all. The ponytail is tied throughout the look to achieve a different style.

6. Sideways Braids

This style is going to take some seriously long hair, but if you have it, you can be really creative with this style. It looks cool because of the different types of braids and the fact that they flow sideways.

7. Flowing Locks

Another great example of how great layers look on long hair. You may think you don’t want to cut it at all, but it can look really great.

8. Long, Smooth Hair

A great example of just styling your long hair can achieve a look of its own. I love this style because it looks soft and manageable.

9. Short Layers

Layers can start at any length. Some people want them to frame the face while others will leave them longer. In this case it adds a little more style and volume to the top of the head as well.

10. Multiple Designs

This is certainly a unique look, one that has thick cornrows on the top if the head and those cornrows are left loose at the bottom. The loose parts are pulled into a ponytail creating a stunning design. This can be worn casually or as an event design.

11. Layers for Long Hair

Another great example of short and long layers throughout the hair.

12. Layers for Medium Length Hair

These are wonderful layer design for medium length hair. It makes the hair appear to be shorter than it actually is.

13. Flowing Lengths

I love her long hair, she keeps it styled in a healthy way, and her layers don’t start until almost her shoulder.

14. Loose Curls for Long Hair

This beauty has all her length curled and left down. She took a portion of her hair and pulled it back, adding in a braid to crown the hairstyle. This would be a great look for a wedding or a fancy event.

15. Big Braids

Long flowing hair with a big loose braid that crowns the top of the head. It’s a beautiful look that you can wear to any event.

16. Staircase Braid

The staircase braid is an unusual look that cascades down the side of the head. It looks really cool if you like the braided look.

17. Pulled Back Hair for a Longer Style

Stunning long hair that is well back from the face. It’s a great look that works well for events.

18. Long Hair With Beautiful Coloring

I think this long look is more about the coloring of the hair than anything else. The length is wavy at the bottom which helps with the overall style.

19. Pigtails

Pigtails are a great look for long hair if you are having a casual day. If you need something for a beach day or a sporting event this would be a great look for that. I love the loose ponytails they look so cute.

20. Thick Braids

This is a great braided look if you need it for an event.

21. Tiny Braids for Long Hair

Her hair is long and left down. It is pulled to the side with a pin. There are tiny braids underneath the hair to create a wonderful style. It’s a sweet look that you can keep in for a long period of time.

22. Side Braid

A simple braid that falls to the side. It’s a very casual look.

23. Voluminous Braid

The large braid that sits on top of the head. This braid is so big and bouncy that it could even be used for an event. The length is left loose and free, which provides a stunny and creative design.

24. Fishtail Styles

I love this amazing fishtail braid. It’s sexy and gorgeous and falls to the side. The braids are large and loose, and it shows a creative style for any woman.

25. Stylish Updo

This style is sexy mainly do the the bright coloring of the hair. She certainly has a lot of hair to be able to achieve the look that you see here. It’s not so much a bun but everyuthing just rolled up underneath. It’s a stunning design if you need something for your next event.

26. Double Braids

Two braids from either of the side come together to create one braid. It’s a look that is great for any occasion.

27. Twisting Braids

A great twist braid that can be used for a casual style. You really need thick hair to make this style work however, as such loose braids won’t hold well with thin hair.

28. Mountainous Braids

Two large pigtail braids that start tightly on the top of the head. These braids are pretty fancy so they could be used for an event. You are sure to love them!

29. Pig Tails

Another great example of pigtails that start tight on the head but then are not braided at all on the bottom. I love the fact that they are also different colors. It’s a beautiful overall look.

30. Rainbow Colors

There is so much going on with this hairstyle that it’s hard to start anywhere. The colors are rainbow like if you are looking for something bold. There are two braids on either side of the head that come together in the middle. You have a fantastic creative side if you are looking for something like this.

31. Twist Braids for Long Hair

This style looks like it’s a braid but it’s really not one. It’s a complete look that you can wear anywhere. it’s tight to the head on top and looser on the bottom. An overall beautiful design.

32. Sexy Braids

Another great example of a braided look for long hair. You only need a few braids to complete this stunning look. The braids are then pulled into a ponytaiul where the rest is curled together. It’s a sexy style you are sure to love.

33. Special Braiding

Curly hair is always a great style for any event, and I love the creative braiding design in the back. You don’t get a prettier braid than this one.

34. Top Bun

A great loose design that has a bun on top. It’s a great loose hairstyle if you need a casual style.

35. Criss-Cross Styles

I love this hairstyle because it can be casual but it could also be worn to an event. The criss-cross style on top is absolutely stunning but then in changes during the ponytail part. Even the braids on the bottom are different styles from regular braiding to fishtail braids. What a stunning design.

36. Fishtail Ponytails

You are sure to love these braids. Fishtail braids always look so cool. In this case, you will require a lot of hair to pull it off, both in length and thickness.

37. Circular Twists for Long Hair

I love these twisting braids because they create a truly unique style. If you want something different then this is the one for you.

38. Different Colored Braids

Multiple braids that are tight to the head and have multiple colors. If you are looking for something really creative than you will love this look.

39. Loose Styles for Long Hair

Another great look that stays loose for any event. I love the accessories added to this look as well.

40. Lengthy Looks for Long Hair

Her hair is very long and parted on the side. It’s a casual day to day look.

41. Mohawk Braids

If you are looking for an edgier look, then you are sure to love this one. It stands high and powerful like a mohawk. It then falls loosely after the ponytail which gives you a very unique hairstyle to go out to an event with.

42. Colorful Mohawks

Another great example of a mohawk look that has some color to it. This one is thinner and not as high as the other one, but it is still a great look.

43. Multiple Designs

A large loose braid is in the middle of the hair, and it looks casual. Then you can add tighter braids to the sides to create a completely different hairstyle.

44. Wavy Hair for Long Hairstyles

You can turn a boring hairstyle into something beautiful just by adding some waves to the look. This hairstyle is left down, but it looks amazing and could even be used to attend a wedding.

45. Bangs and Waves

Another example of a long hairstyle with waves, in this case, the girl also has bangs across her forehead. It’s a great look that changes completely whether or not you have bangs.

46. Different Ponytails

What a unique way to have a ponytail. It makes what is normally a casual design into something that could be worn at an event. All it takes is to tie the ponytail in various spots from top to bottom to create this style.

47. Sleek Hairstyles

Get out the straightener and the extensions to achieve this straight style. It’s highly unlikely that all this hair is hers, considering it’s Rihanna. But if you actually do have hair this long then you have won half the battle.

48. Curly Bottoms

I love this hairstyle parted in the middle, it’s an absolutely stunning hairstyle. This style can be used for a casual day or an event.

49. Blooming Flower

This sleek and shiny style is perfect. It’s sleek on top and it’s split in two and twisted all down the bottom. This style is blooming like a flower. It’s a truly unique style that would make any event a magical one.

50. Skinny Fishtails

A great ponytail design that starts at the bottom of the ponytail. I love the fishtail braids because they always look so creative compared to a regular braid. You are sure to love this style.

51. Creative Styles for Long Hair

Another example of the tied up ponytail look. This one is a little fuller, and the hair is thicker.

52. French Braid

It looks great to have your hair all pulled together. The French braid gives you a compact look that can be worn for any event or event just a casual day.

53. Stunning Hairstyles

If you are looking for something for your next event or most especially your wedding then why not try a long braid. you wouldn’t think that it would be a great wedding look but this picture proves that wrong. I love the accessory in the back as well. Try a braid like this one for your next event.

54. Circular Twists for Long Hair

This unusual style is sure to turn some heads. It’s just a few pieces of hair that are twisted around to create a wonderful design.

55. Just a Few Braids

A great long hairstyle with big braids on the side. I love this look because it looks cool with just a few braids.

56. Sexy Length

A long and lengthy hairstyle, this one is beautiful because of the waves in the hair. If you have hair this long, you are one lucky lady!

57. Braided Styles for Everyone

if you love combining braids to your look, then you are sure to love this one.

58. Long Styles

A great example of how some waves could really change up your look.

59. Stunning White

I love this stunning white coloring which I feel is the best part of this long hairstyle. The waves are great as well, but the colors are breathtaking.

60. Ombre Coloring

This color is amazing a swell. If you like curls in your hair, it can certainly add volume, but the color is great if you want something eye-catching.

61. Blue Braids

A crown of blue braids to brighten up your day. This is a colorful design that you are sure to love.

62. True Volume

A great hairstyle with a lot of volume. If you are looking for a style that is big, then try this one out.

63. Braided Crown or an Updo

A high hairstyle that has a lot of braids curled around the top. You need a lot of hair to achieve such a tall updo as this one.

64. Stunning Blonde

A great long hairstyle with stunning blonde hair. If you are looking for a color change, then this is the one for you.

65. Partial Updo for Long Hair

If you are looking for something different for your next event, then try this updo out.

66. The Middle Part

A great style that can be left down.

67. Large Fishtail

A great fishtail design that anyone will love. It’s large and sits in the middle creating an elegant style.






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