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58 Stunning and Inspiring Dutch Braid Hairstyles That You Will Love


If you are looking for a great braided hairstyle, then look no further than the Dutch braid. It’s a stunning hairstyle that will keep you happy for however long you want to keep it in.

Regardless of the comings and goings of trends braided hairstyle never seem to go out of style. They are a hairstyle that seems to stay trendy no matter the change in hairstyles. There was a huge popularity when it came to fishtail braids as well as French braids. But since then there have been some fresh ideas when it comes to what you can achieve with a braid. That’s where the Dutch braid comes in. The Dutch braid is becoming even more popular, and some people even consider it to be a backward version of the French braid. You can see why when you check out the images; it essentially looks like the braid is inside-out, creating a look that is almost detachable. The Dutch braid is not a difficult braid to master, in fact, it’s probably one of the easiest ones to do. If you can master this design, it will open your life up to many new hairstyle options.

Behind the Dutch Braid

If you desire that embossed braid look then that’s exactly the kind of style you achieve when you deal with a Dutch braid. It may appear to be a lot of work when you first take a gander at it, but really it’s just three strands that make up the braid. The general principle behind the Dutch braid is much like what you do when you make a French braid. Instead of bringing the side strands above the central one you will bring it beneath it, that’s the only difference. That’s how you get the braid to look as if it’s on top of the hair instead of inside of it.

This unusual look is growing in popularity because it’s stylish. Not only that but it can offer a great base to create even more elaborate hairstyles. These styles are great for garden parties as well as elegant events such as galas and weddings. There is no age limit for the Dutch braid; you can be ten years old or 60 years old and the style will remain cool no matter what. They are flattering on just about everyone that tries them. It’s just a matter of changing up the style slightly to match your personality or the event that you’re going to.

The Double Dutch Braid

Each style of braid is a little bit different even when it comes to the Dutch braid. You can create many different types of Dutch braids with just a twist of the hand. The Double Dutch braid is created by weaving three strands of hair on top of one another making it look like the strands of hair are fused together.

Dutch French Braid

The Dutch French braid is very similar to the French braid except that it looks like it’s inside-out. It’s just a reverse look is all. The technique is the same you are just bringing strands out instead of in. Everything is brought underneath, and that is what creates the illusions of the hair being on top. There are many different Dutch braid hairstyles that you can choose from, and they are all easy to do. There is also the cute option of doing a Dutch braid pigtail hairstyle for a casual event that you are going to. The sky is the limit for what you can create using the Dutch braid designs.

How to Create a Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a simple hairstyle that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Once you have practiced enough to become good at it, you can then use it as a base to create more elaborate designs. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Dutch braid:

  1. Take a section of your hair from the top.
  2. Take the section and split it up into three strands of equal width.
  3. Take the right strand and cross it under the middle strand.
  4. Then cross the left strand under the middle strand.
  5. Take some more hair and add it to the right strand before bringing it under the middle strand again.
  6. Repeat the same thing on the left side.
  7. Continue to ass hair to the strands as you create your braid.
  8. Continue the braid until it is finished and then tie it.


The Dutch braid is not a complicated style, now that you know how to create it, you can find a hairstyle that you can practice from. There are many different styles that you can choose from when it comes to the Dutch braid. Below are 58 Stunning and Inspiring Dutch Braid Hairstyles That You Will Love:

1. Step by Step Braids

This 9 step process shows you how to perfectly make the Dutch braid design. What the end result though for this style is to tie it up into an updo. I think this style is gorgeous and can be used for any event.

how to dutch braid

2. Side Braids

This stunning and creative design has multiple braids coming from one side and collecting together with the main braid in the middle. The coloring of the hair really makes the design pop. I love the overall design and color; it makes for an elegant style.

two dutch braids

3. Side Designs

This stunning Dutch braid is off to the side. It’s the perfect example of how the braid looks like it’s sitting on top in an embossed manner. This is the kind of look that can be worn to a BBQ or a wedding; it’s very versatile.

4. Shiny Chic

Aside from the insane shininess of the girl’s hair, it’s a great example of how you don’t need very long hair in order to create a Dutch braid. This braid is one-sided, and it ends in a simple ponytail. There is a braid on each side, and the two braids meet in the middle to form a ponytail. It’s a stunning design that you are sure to love.

5. The Bun

This design is simple, and it’s created with a Dutch braid on each side, and in this case, when they meet in the middle it’s pinned up into a small bun instead of a ponytail.

6. Large Designs

This large braid is created off to the side. The side braids are increasing in popularity, and you can see why. They are not only beautiful but classy as well. You can see the steps that it’s very easy to create and it’s a look that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

7. The Alien

There is something very alien and badass about this Dutch braids look. It’s a style that not everyone will be able to pull off and it will be dependent on your personality. The design is very precise, and there is very little room for error. It’s polished without a strand out of place. The braids are very tight to the head, and because they are inside-out, they give off a very alien vibe as if you expect this to be a hairstyle that Sigourney Weaver would use in the Alien movies.

8. Different Sizes

This unique hairstyle has a small side braid turning into a much larger braid that falls all the way to the bottom. The color of the hair makes the braid pop even more. It’s a great hairstyle that you can wear anywhere.

9. Top Braids

This unique look has the braids only on the top of the hair and nowhere else. The rest of the hair is left loose, and the two braids on top come together and form a bow. This would be a great style for a little girl.

10. Swirling Braids

This style is not only beautiful but sexy as well. You don’t get a style better than this because the Dutch braid is so loose that it seems as if it’s just a bundle of swirls. I love the loose aspect of the braid because it creates a completely different look.

11. Polished Braid

A polished braid that is simple but beautiful. If you are looking for a ponytail style, then you have found it here. The braid is created with strands from the sides and brought to the center tightly. The braid itself looks embossed and very stylish.

12. Sexy Styles

Another example of a sexy side braid but in this case, the Dutch braid turns into a fishtail braid at the bottom. I love this style because it’s gorgeous and yet a completely relaxed design that you can wear to any event.

13. Add Accessories

A great design that has the braid woven tightly to the scalp and the braid itself goes down the middle of the head to form a ponytail. The braid itself is very small, and the accessories added only bring more beauty to the design.

14. Standard Ponytail

This style is so easy that you will want to create it every day. The braid is large, and it only sits on top of the head. The rest of the hair is left loose and tied into a ponytail high on the back of the head. It’s certainly an eye-catching look that you are sure to love.

15. Double Dutch

This is a great example of the double Dutch braid design. The Dutch braid look consists of two braids, one on top of the other and the two together create a crown that circles her head. The rest of the hair is left loose.

16. Thick Braids

It requires very thick hair to create this Dutch braid. If your hair is thin, there is just no way you will be able to create such a large braid. This little girl has a lot of hair, and because it’s so thick, she can create a gorgeous Dutch braid like no other.

17. Top Braids

Another example of a Dutch braid being used as a crown for the top of the head. It’s a great updo, and the rest of the hair can be left loose and wild around her face.

18. Standard Dutch Looks

This example of the Dutch braid is tightly woven to the scalp. There are multiple braids, possibly four all together to create this look. Two braids are formed together to create two separate pigtails, and the end result is a beautiful one.

19. Top Crown

A beautiful thick braid that crowns her head while the rest of her hair is left loose.

20. Criss-cross Designs

There are a few small Dutch braids in this hairstyle, but they are woven into a larger scale hairstyle. The large braid is made into a big twist while the Dutch braids intermingle with it, creating a hairstyle that is absolutely breathtaking.

21. Just the Side

Amber Heard is a celebrity that loves to look sexy and polished all the time. She certainly pulls that off with this unique Dutch braid style. There is just one braid on the side while the rest of her hair is loose and styled.

22. The Clean Look

This style has a very clean look to it, almost as if there isn’t a hair out of place.

23. Volumptuous Designs

A great Style created with some very loose and large braiding. It’s a stunning design that you can wear anywhere.

24. Double Braids

Another great example of two side braids coming together. These braids are very loose however creating a different look.

25. Elegant Styles

One braid is all you need to create this stunning updo.

26. Zig-zag Braids

This updo is created by zig-zagging the braids from one end of the hair to another. It’s a breathtaking design.

27. Striking Ponytail

Another great example of the zig-zag style but in this case, it ended as a ponytail.

28. Bold Braids

No words can explain just how amazing this design is, you could wear it to any event, but it would certainly look amazing with a gown.

29. Swirling Bun

Many braids come together to create this swirling design.

30. Crowning Fishtail

A reverse fishtail gives you an even more unique braiding style than the standard Dutch braid.

31. Beautiful Ponytail

Another great example of two braids coming to form a ponytail.

32. The Longest Braid

A very long and tight embossed braid that can be wonderful for a casual event.

33. One Braid

One Braid and the rest is left loose for a casual ponytail style.

34. Sexy Braids

It starts as a Dutch braid, but it quickly turns into a fishtail braid. A lovely design that you are sure to love.

35. Double Pigtails

A great style that has tight braids creating a pigtail design.

36. Loose and Lovely

These stunning pigtails are left very loose and long, trailing down the back.

37. Cute Styles

Dutch braids aren’t just for adults, people of all ages can sport them.

38. Cute and Small

Another great example of a stylish design for children.

39. Pretty Flowers

This braid is accentuated nicely with the addition of flowers.

40. Add a Touch of Pink

These sexy braids not only change as they get longer but they have a touch of pink to them as well.

41. Different Colors

Here you get to see the same braided looks but with different colors of hair.

42. Childish Pigtails

A classic look for pigtails that can make for a great casual look for a day at the park.

43. Two Braids

A simple style that you are sure to love no matter what the occasion.

44. Classic Pigtails

Two embossed braids on either side of the head for a pigtail design.

45. Embossed Braids

A great example of embossed braids that look like they could be detached from the head.

46. A Touch of Class

A classy look that can be worn to a fancy event despite the fact that they are pigtails.

47. Double Sided

These two pictures show off the best angles for this braid. It’s simple and sleek, going down the back.

48. Sweet Designs

These two pigtails come together to form a circular updo. You don’t get a better design than this one for a night on the town.

49. Straight Styles

A reverse braid that turns into a fishtail, a great idea if you want a unique style.

50. Two Simple Braids

The pigtail hairstyle has always been a popular choice for people especially if they want a casual and simple style.

51. Matching Styles

Two cute styles for two friends who love to play the matching game.

52. Polished and Pretty

These polish reverse braids are popping off the head, and they look super sleek with the shine that comes from the hair. They form two pretty pigtails.

53. Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you are going to find that your embossed braids come with a different look.

54. Multiple Braids

Four braids that are close together create this unique and beautiful style.

55. Edgy Braids

Who said that pigtails couldn’t be edgy? These braids prove otherwise.

56. Just a Braid

Another example of a simple braid.

57. Changing Colors

Just one braid is needed to create this short bun.

58. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braids are still very popular design choices.


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