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95 of the Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2018


If you are looking for a new change in your life, then why not change your hair color. One of the most popular colors being rocked these days is Auburn. Whether you want to do a full color or just add some highlights to your existing color, Auburn is a great choice for a new change. Many people love the idea of becoming a redhead and Auburn is a great shade. If you love wearing black, then you will love how striking the color auburn looks with it, as well as many other colors, but we’ll go into that a bit later. Auburn hair color looks amazing as it falls on your shoulders during summer and will look great with all your summer styles.

If you are searching for some amazing color ideas, then this is a great place to venture into the world of options to see what your options are. You want to also take into consideration your skin tone as well as your natural hair color because it’s not as easy for anyone to go Auburn. If you have darker skin, Auburn may not suit you as well as if you had pale skin. If you have a dark natural hair color, you have to take that into consideration as well. It’s going to take a lot more work at a salon if you want to go from a dark hair color to an Auburn and it’s defiantly not a color that we would recommend doing at home on your own. You don’t want to do anything that’s going to cause damage to your hair, so if you are making a drastic change, it is always best to consult with a hairstylist.

Below are some great color choices for you if Auburn is your desire.

If you want some auburn hair color inspirations, then consider what positive changes could happen by changing your hair color. These days are amazing to change your color because the hues available are almost endless. There are so many different shades of red out there that it’s hard to choose just one. The sky is the limit when it comes to Auburn, and it’s one of the prettiest shades of hair color out there. Depending on the skin tone that you are looking for you can decide on a cooler shade or a warmer one. Again, based on your skin tone you can choose a light shade or a darker one as well as decide whether you want a full color or just some highlights. Highlights might be what you are looking for, or you might want to try the balayage technique for a more natural look.

Colors to Wear When You Have Auburn Hair

Many people avoid certain colors duet o their hair color, but you might be surprised to know what the best colors to wear when you are a redhead. Being a redhead isn’t just about adding a whole new realm of badassery and sexiness. No, there is so much more benefit to it. It is a scientific fact that the color red will not only raise someone’s heart rate but will also increase the viewer’s metabolism and respiration. Now that’s some serious power that a redhead holds in their hands. Imagine how you must make someone feel when they are around you. Talk about red hot!

Being a redhead is a bold statement, not everyone can pull it off. A redhead speaks of confidence, someone who doesn’t care what others think. Whether you are a natural redhead or if you are changing your look you have to own it 100%. It’s about embracing the beautiful color of auburn and saying you totally rock! You might be surprised to find out that only about 2% of redheads are natural, the rest of us have to create that look on our own. When it comes to women who color their hair, only 30% choose the color red as their shade of choice. That means that being a redhead is truly a unique experience, so embrace it and make it your own.

As a redhead, you should have some serious pride because it’s awesome! A great way to embrace your new hair color is to wear shades that are going to compliment the color and really make it pop. If you are thinking about changing your hair color to auburn, then these are the best color options for your wardrobe:

  1. Purple: If you ever took an art class in school you should remember that purple and red compliment each other, so make sure you add this royal shade to your wardrobe.
  2. Blue: Blue 100% should be in your wardrobe if you are a redhead. You can try any shade that you want, they all just make the color red look amazing.
  3. Green: A lot of people think that they should avoid green, but that’s not the case at all. Embrace it, we say! Whether you get teal or emerald, it won’t matter because green looks amazing with red.
  4. Red: Red on red? Of course, don’t avoid the red just because you have red hair. Hello! Jessica Rabbit! When it comes to wearing red just make sure you pick a color that compliments your skin tone, that is the key. If you look at red carpet events, you will notice that actresses such as Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman have both worn red and have received enormous amounts of compliments for their choices.

So, if Auburn hair color is what you want for this season then check out the color option that we have for you. Below are 95 of the Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017:

1. Medium Shades

A great shade if you are looking for something wonderful to pair with pale skin tone.

2. Striking Colors

This bright shade looks wonderful with pale skin and look how it makes her eyes pop. A beautiful shade.

3. Ombre Style

If you aren’t looking for a huge shade, then the ombre style here looks very natural. It’s not shocking or abrupt.

4. A Subtle Change

If you want to try Auburn but don’t want a big change, this is a great example for you. It looks wonderful with dark hair as well.

5. Dark Designs

This dark shade of auburn is one that is sure to turn some heads. It’s stunning and would be perfect for someone with a dark natural hair color or skin color.

6. Great Shades

This is a great example of a full color that isn’t drastic at all.

7. Hot Shades

We just love this sizzling color, and it would be perfect for the summer sun. It’s not a full color, but there are a lot of highlights involved.

8. Celebrity Style

Rachel McAdams looks stunning as a redhead. This shade really warms up her skin tone and offers a brightness to her style.

9. Emma Watson

Emma is one of those lucky ladies who is a natural redhead, and she really knows how to rock the look.

10. Add Highlights

A great example of what it looks like when you add highlights to a dark natural shade.

11. Warm Reds

Rachel McAdams looks red carpet ready with this fiery style.

12. Hot Reds

Emma Stone has always been a fiery redhead, and she pulls off the color flawlessly. This bright auburn style is shockingly delightful. It’s perfect for her skin tone and makes her eyes pop.

13. Subtle Shades

Here is Emma Watson trying out blonde with her auburn hair. There is a nice contrast between the auburn and blonde.

14. Red Carpet Reds

Auburn hair color is a popular choice on the red carpet, and this is a great shade as shown by Scarlett Johannessen.

15. Ashley Simpson

Dark auburn are a popular color choice, and Ashley here is just pulling it off so well.

16. Stunning Shades

Another great example of a worthy shade for Emma Stone. Just look how this shade warms up her skin and brings out those beautiful freckles.

17. Fiery Auburn

This fiery shade really brings out the warmth in this actresses skin.

18. Kristen Stewart

She is one beautiful actress, and this auburn shade looks phenomenal with her skin tone. It warms up her cool skin and makes those eyes pop.

19. Emma’s Many Shades

Emma has had many different shades of auburn, and they all look great on her.

20. Bright Red

Drew Barrymore always looks great no matter what color she wears, but red certainly suits her. The brighter than red you choose, the more eye-catching it will be.

21. Vampire Shades

This Twilight actress knows how to choose a red that’s going to make her whole face light up. This shade is truly gorgeous.

22. Deep Red

A stunning red on Rihanna and this is a perfect example of what a great auburn shade looks like on a darker skin tone.

23. Subtle Style

You don’t need a bright shade to make an impact though.

24. Shocking Red

This is a lighter shade of auburn, and it’s truly beautiful.

25. Highlights

A great example of what auburn highlights look like with a natural shade.

26. The Natural Look

If you don’t want an extreme change, then keep your auburn hair looking natural.

27. Sleek Reds

A great shade for those that want to keep it natural looking.

28. Rock That Red

A great auburn that looks wonderful with her skin tone.

29. Medium Tones

A great example of a medium tone.

30. Bright Colors

A great example of a bright shade that is sure to draw the eye.

31. Long Hair

This is a beautiful color that looks amazing on longer lengths.

32. Bright Like the Sun

A great color that is sure to make anyone happy.

33. Simple Tones

A simple shade that isn’t dramatic.

34. Warmer Shades

These shades will really warm up your whole look.

35. Deep and Red

This shade always looks good on light and dark skin tones.

36. Bright Blues

If you have blue or green eyes, then this shade is going to look electrifying on you.

37. Bright and Beautiful

A great shade that you are sure to love.

38. Shimmering Shades

A very light auburn that looks great with blonde.

39. A Bold Color

A great example of a deeper shade that looks great with any skin tone.

40. Shimmering Color

A beautiful shade that will warm up your entire look.

41. Natural Shades

A great example of a natural looking auburn shade.

42. Eye-popping Shades

A gorgeous color that is sure to bring you attention.

43. Bright and Gorgeous

A striking shade of bright auburn.

44. Deep and Bright

A color that is deep and beautiful.

45. Subtle Highlights

A great color combination for a subtle change.

46. Rockstar Colors

A great shade of light auburn that is sure to catch the eye.

47. Great with Brown

If you are a brunette, then you are sure to love this beautiful shade of auburn.

48. Catching the Light

Auburn always looks amazing as it catches the light.

49. Deep and Wonderful

You can’t go wrong with this deep shade of red.

50. Striking Highlights

A couple of highlights can really bring some drama to your style.

51. Subtle Auburn

A great example of a subtle change with Auburn.

52. Stunning Color

A great color that looks wonderful on any skin tone.

53. Moving Colors

This shade will always look beautiful out in the sun.

54. Different Shades

This beautiful shade of red is sure to make you feel like a rockstar.

55. Subtle Nuances

These colors are all beautiful and look great together.

56. Striking Auburn

A great shade that is sure to catch the eye. The ombre bottom is red hot, one that will make you feel awesome.

57. The Orange Hue

Some auburn’s look a little more orange than red, but this color is stunning.

58. Ombre Tones

A great example of the ombre style using auburn colors.

59. Wonderful Shades

This color is a very natural looking version of the Auburn.

60. Ombre Love

Another great example of the ombre look.

61. Subtle Delights

If you are looking for just a subtle change, then this is for you.

62. Highlight Love

Auburn highlights are always a great choice.

63. Bright and Creative

This bright auburn is one that is truly beautiful; you can’t go wrong with this color.

64. Fashion Shades

Fashion shades are always great for highlights because they give your look a real pop. I just love how bright the bottom is.

65. Shocking Reds

If you are looking for a big change, then you are sure to love this fashion red.

66. Dark to Light

This Auburn is taken from red to blonde rather quickly.

67. Warm Colors

A warm shade always looks great on medium skin tones.

68. Striking Ombre

A great example of an ombre in the auburn shades.

69. Bright and Deep

A deep red is always a great choice to brighten up your face.

70. Beautiful Red

This striking red is an eye-catching color to be sure. Beautiful in every way!

71. Multiple Shades

A stunning auburn styles that have multiple colors in it.

72. Dark Shades

A great color to choose if your natural color is dark. The bottoms, however, will need to be bleached.

73. Bright Highlights

If you want to add some drama to your look, then add some bright highlights to achieve this stunning style.

74. Beautiful Coloring

This light auburn is one stunning color. If you are looking for a beautiful shade for this summer, then look no further than this one.

75. Add a Touch of Red

A great example of using multiple reds for highlights.

76. Different Reds

This look has multiple shades of red in it.

77. Dark Red Shades

A red color choice for those that have darker skin tones.

78. The Look of a Rockstar

This shade of auburn is going to make you feel as good as a rockstar.

79. Fashion Reds

You won’t find a more beautiful red than this one; it’s breathtaking.

80. Creamy Colors

This color is absolutely divine.

81. Bright and Fashionable

A great color that proves that red is very fashionable. You won’t be able to go anywhere without turning heads with this beautiful color. It’s breathtaking and will really raise the blood pressure of others.

82. Deep Ombre

Ombre’s can start from bright reds or dark reds. This is a great fashion style if you are looking for drama.

83. Different Highlights

A great example of how different shades of auburn all look great together.

84. High Fashion

Fashion reds are very popular for the summer; you can’t go wrong with these colors. It gets even brighter as it gets to the bottom.

85. Copper Color

Copper is a very light version of an Auburn, and this one is bright as the sun at the bottom.

86. Hot and Bright

Talk about bright as a light, stunning color here!

87. Bright Pieces

The bright pieces throughout really brighten up the look.

88. Natural Designs

A great look that is totally natural.

89. Just a few Pieces

Take just a few pieces and turn them Auburn and you will be as happy as can be.

90. Painted Beauty

A stunning shade that will warm up that pale skin. It’s the perfect tone for fair skinned ladies.

91. Fair Skin

Another great example of a color that looks great with fair skin.

92. Naturally Red

If you want the natural look, then stick to this shade.

93. Short Styles

A great color to brighten up your look.

94. A Burnt Look

A dark look that you are sure to love.

95. Light Shades

A light auburn that is beautiful.

18 Stunning Iverson Braid Hairstyles That You Are Sure to Love


If you are looking for a new hairstyle that includes braids, then you should consider the Iverson braids. You may recognize the look from famous NBA player Allen Iverson, who sports the style so much that they named it after him. Many people believe that he started the trend in order to create his own brand and style. He wanted to create an image all his own. He has been wearing the style for quite some time since 1997 when he first started it in the Schick Rookie Challenge. He is also the first ever player to wear this style this way. Since then, of course, other players have sported the look including Latrell Sprewell and Rasheed Wallace. These men are sporting the style because it’s so convenient when they are playing sports. If they have long hair they don’t have to worry about it getting in their face while playing. It’s a style that is tight to the head and will absorb sweat easily. It’s a great style if you are a runner or spend a lot of time at the gym as well.

They are the only people who were interested in the style either. These types of cornrows are popular amongst many African-Americans because they are easy to maintain. It’s a convenient style that you don’t have to worry about. Cornrows, however, can take a lot of time, it’s a very time-consuming process that requires you to sit for long periods of time. If you have long hair it will take even longer to do it. An inexperienced stylist can make the process so much longer so make sure you have a stylist that is going to make the process as simple and comfortable for you.

It’s best to have an expert who is experienced with braiding to do it for you otherwise it could take a very long time. You want someone who can work quickly and efficiently. These aren’t new ideas; they have been around for a long time. If you are interested in this style, then you will want to check out the article. There are so many other styles here to look at and get an idea of what you really want. These styles are so convenient and beautiful that you are sure to love them for however many moths they are in.

Below are 18 Stunning Iverson Braid Hairstyles That You Are Sure to Love:

1. Children’s Designs

A great style for children because it’s a convenient style that you don’t need to worry about every morning before school. I know myself I had styling hair early in the morning, this takes that away. The style will stay for months and would also be great during the summer as well for a maintenance-free style. Kids love these styles because you don’t make them brush their hair everu single day.


2. Great for Sports

The reason why the basketball players love the style is because it keeps long hair out of their face while they are playing sports. It would be a good look for the gym as well because you wouldn’t have to tie your hair back. These styles are popular because they look cool as well, you can design anything you want amongst the braids as long as you have a stylist that has the ability to do so.

3. Just a Few Braids

You don’t need to braid all your hair for a cool style, just two braids across the head like this one can achieve a whole new style for you. I love how these braids essebtailly crwon teh front of her head. If you are looking for a unique style that you can wear to an event as well as for casual days then this is the style for you.

4. Pigtails

This look just has the Iverson braids close to the scalp while the length of the hair is braided into pigtails. This is a truly unique look that you are sure to love. It almost looks like there are two different styles here but there isn’t the braids start off small but then they turn into large thick pigtails. A stunning style that can be used as an every day style.

5. Creative Designs

Create unique designs when you do the braiding close to the scalp, it will achieve a look that is truly unique to your own personality. A stunning look that is also convenient. This look is pulled back from the head which keeps the style off your face and it trails down the back. Beautiful!

6. The Updo

It looks as if just the sides of the hair are braided almost giving off the look of a shaved style. The top is kept long and it looks like she used twist braids for the top. The sky is the limit with the kinds of looks you can achieve. If you are looking for a hairstyle for your next event then you are sure to love this gorgeous updo. I could easily see it on the red carpet, so take this red carpet look and bring it to the next wedding that you are inv

7. Heart Designs

This would be a wonderful design for a child because it’s beautiful and it also will lasts for months so you don’t need to worry about styling hair every morning before school.

8. Tight Style

This tight style has a couple of buns to add to the style. A great look for anyone that wants convenience.

9. Stunning Styles

A great style that combines the Iverson braids with twist braids to create an updo that would look stunning for any event. If you are looking for a wedding style then this is the one for you.

10. Tiny Braids

These braids are quite small and tight to the head. Braids come in all shapes and style and you are sure to love this cute look for your child.

11. Swirling Designs

Braids can be designed in so many different ways. These small barids are tight to the head and then pulled back into a ponytail.

12. Creative Elements

If you want an eye-catching look then you have found it here. These Iverson braids come in all sizes as you can see here. We have very tiny braids as well as thick and wide braids. It looks cool and so will you when you try this style out for yourself.

13. The Mohawk

A great Mohawk style where the length is pulled into the middle and the sides are left really short. For men this is a great look for sports.

14. Cornrows

This hairstyle is done in the same way that cornrows are with decorative elements at the bottom of it. This style would keep for months making it a very convenient hairstyle.

15. Gorgeous Braids

These braids are styled in a stunning way that is just breathtaking. What a gorgeous style that is easily pulled back into a bun.

16. Curly Hair

A great braided design that is tight to the side of the head. These braids are truly unique and the top is level loose in a Mohawk fashion. The hair is still rather short with some very tight curls. A stunning design that you are sure to love.

17. A Long Ponytail

This great ponytail is one that you are sure to love. The braids are tight to the scalp and are pulled back into a high ponytail. This is such a convenient look for the office.

Also See:

18. Iverson Images

This slideshow is wonderful for a lot of reasons. Not only do you get many images available to choose an Iverson style that suits your personality but you can find it all in one place. Whether you are looking for yourself or a child, you are sure to find something that you love here.

Now that you have found a style that you love, the next step is to find a stylist that is experienced in these Iverson braids. An experienced stylist will not only be able to provide these unique styles for you but they will be able to braid your hair quickly. These kinds of styles already can take hours to create so if you don’t get an experienced stylist then you could easily find yourself sitting in a chair all day long and that can become tiresome.

A great style can be achieved with an experienced stylist. You want your new amazing style that you sat for hours for to last a long time. In order for it to last a long time, sometimes three or four months, you need to care for it properly. That has a lot to do with the products you use with your hair and your stylist can let you know what the best ones are. Many people will often wrap their hair as well at night when they sleep to help prevent fuzz or to make sure the braids don’t start unraveling.

Take care of your hair so that it lasts as long as possible. We hope you enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite style!

74 Stunning and Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2018


If you are looking for a sexy and convenient look for this spring in 2017, then look no further than the pixie cut hairstyle. It can work on any type of hairstyle, whether it be straight, curly, thick or thin hair. The pixie cut has been around for a long time. It came roaring into our lives during the Roaring Twenties, and wow, that was a long time ago. This was the era where women became liberated and had things to say about the world, especially when it came to getting into the workplace. It disappeared for awhile and came around again in the 60’s. That was when you started to see the style on magazine covers. It also worked well during the 90’s when women were more interested in Rockstar’s and had androgynous styles. We are women, hear us roar.

The pixie cut is here to stay, and we haven’t loved a style more these days then the pixie cut. It’s back with a vengeance now, and it doesn’t want to leave. You see celebrities like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson sporting the style and looking glamorous while doing so. We just can’t get enough of the cute style. It’s the kind of style that can look sexy and cute all at the same time. What more could you want from a hairstyle?

There are so many ways in which you can wear the pixie cut that it leaves you with so many options to choose from. If you are thinking that you want to finally try this style on for size, then this is the best place for you. In this article, we have a little of everything to please anyone. We have pixie cuts that are edgy and sophisticated or cool and daring. We have some that are even a little punk rock. It all depends on your personality and the style that you are looking for. There are many different styles that suit different shapes of the face. If you are looking for a short style that is easy to maintain then look at the images we have for you. Below is 74 Stunning and Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2017:

1. Sleek and Sophisticated

A sleek style that is one of a kind. It’s a great style that you can wear to any event. The hair color is also a great addition to the sleek style.

2. Curly Hairstyles

This style is absolutely adorable and one we can appreciate. If you have curly hair, then this would be a great style to try out.

3. Off to the Side

A great style for those who want something a little more daring. It has a Mohawk vibe to it because the sides are much shorter than the top. A great style because it’s daring and very sexy.

4. Long Hairstyles

A great hairstyle that brings sexiness back to the pixie cut. The one side is much longer than the other. It’s a very sexy style that you are sure to love for spring 2017.

5. Short Styles

A great sexy style that is short all over the head. The style was blonde and really suits this pretty actress. A great style that you are sure to love for the hot weather.

6. A Wave Design

A great style that will give you that rock star vibe. The sides are short, and the top is long, and it is slicked back into a wave design. A great style that is sexy and truly beautiful. I don’t know a sexier look than this one.

7. Sexy and Short

If you are looking for a big change, then you will love this very short pixie cut. It’s cute and sophisticated if you want something that is sure to keep you cool all summer long.

8. Black and Sleek

A great style that is super short and stylish. This is a great office look that will provide you with style and sophistication. If you are ready for a big change, then get chopping for this cool look.

9. Add a Little Pink

A great style that is super short underneath and very long on top. The bang is quite long, and it gives you a daring place. The pink highlights are part of the bang which gives a great and stylish choice.

10. A Stylish Wave

A sexy style that is a truly cool look. A great style that is shaved on the side to create a badass style. A platinum blonde style that makes the pixie cut look that much more badass. I love the cute little wave in the front.

11. Brown Styles

This brunette looks stunning with her short pixie look. It’s a cute style that is sure to brighten every single day.

12. Original Styles

If you are looking for a bright new look, then you are sure to love this gorgeous style. It’s very short on the sides with a longer look on top. The girl has tied her hair in pins creating a great updo.

13. Shaved Style

This pixie cut is truly badass. If you don’t mind shaving your head, then you are sure to love this gorgeous style. I love the top how it is styled into a long blonde Mohawk. It’s sexy, and it is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

14. Sophisticated and Sexy

A great style for those that want a style that is glamorous and sexy. I could totally see this style on the red carpet. It could look great for an event or even a day at the office. A stunning style that is great for the spring of 2017.

15. Silver Styles

The pixie cut is great for any age. If you want something that is bold and striking, then you can’t go wrong with the pixie. This look is stunning because it’s short in the back and long on the front. It’s a look that demands attention. I love the fact that the color is silver as well, it’s, even more, striking with the color.

16. The Sweeping Bang

A short style with a sweeping bang. I’m a huge fan of the sweeping bang because it always made it a far sexier look. The color is bang on as well.

17. Shaggy Styles

The pixie cut can come in all shapes and styles. In this case, it is a shaggy cut that really gives you an edgy style. If you want something badass, then try the pixie cut on for size.

18. Bold Colors

Talk about an eye-catching style. As if the pixie cut isn’t eye-catching enough but then you throw in this amazing color, and you take the style to a whole new level. I love this color because it makes the whole look pop. Sexy!

19. The Slick Part

I love this pixie cut because it’s all about style and sophistication. You can’t get a more perfect part than this one. The shaved side has a designed look to it which really catches the eye. The top has a lot of length to it, and the blonde is a great addition to that.

20. Choppy Styles

Anne Hathaway cut off all her long hair and sported this pixie cut with style. She is one girl that looks incredible with a pixie cut. This one is freestyling and incredible, so try it out for your next style.

21. Hot Blonde

A great style that is made perfect with the hot platinum coloring. As you can see the pixie cut can be casual as well as dressing, and you can style it any way that you want.

22. Stylish and Bold

A cute pixie cut that is stylish and pretty. It’s a simple style that would be easy to maintain on a daily basis. It’s a wonderful design that you are sure to love.

23. Brown Pixie

Anna Hathaway is at it again with this pixie cut but this time she is trying out a brunette look that really brightens up her face.

24. The Blonde Style

Michelle Williams has never looked more glamorous than when she cut her hair off into a pixie style. Look how amazing she looks! She has a side bang as well that looks amazing on her! A great style that is sexy and sleek and the blonde really makes the look pop as well.

25. Celebrity Style

Jennifer Lawrence received a lot of flack for cutting her hair, but I don’t think she has ever looked sexier. She has an air of confidence with this pixie cut. The long bang that is sweeping to the side is truly unique and wonderful. Her blonde locks really bring out the color in her face.

26. Shocking Styles

With a long top, it makes this pixie cut truly one of a kind. I love the fact that there is so much style involved in this look. I love everything about it.

27. Purple Styles

There are so many reasons why having purple hair is awesome. But add it to an already sexy pixie cut and people won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you! I love this style, and the great thing is that if you experiment with colors, it won’t take long for it to grow out.

28. The Redhead

A great color for the pixie cut is red because it is very eye-catching.

29. Short and Sexy

This is a great example of what it takes to achieve a sexy style. This is a great style if you want something short.

30. Curly Cuts

Many people think that they can’t have short hair if they have natural curls but that just isn’t true. You may need some product to keep the frizz out but as you can see you can have style and sophisticated while keeping your curls.

31. Rock Star Style

A great style for that rock star in you that is dying to get out.

32. Long Layers

A great style that is longer than most pixie looks. If you like the shaggy look then this is it.

33. Sweet Style

A cute style that you are sure to love, it’s perfect for the summer.

34. A Long Bang

This style is all about the bang. If you like a cool style with a huge weeping bang, then this is it.

35. Super Short

A great style that takes short hair to the max and the color really makes it pop.

36. Parting Ways

This look is simple with an extreme side part that you are sure to love.

37. Sharp Style

It’s a choppy look that really gives a totally different style.


38. Sexy Looks

Another great example of how a pixie cut can be very sexy.

39. A Splash of Purple

A sexy pixie cut that is made more awesome with these purple highlights.

40. Choppy Styles

A super short style that is truly wonderful.

41. Center Part

A great style that is simple and low maintenance.

42. Feathered Style

This pixie look is styled in the feathered style; it’s breathtaking. I love the natural blonde coloring involved here.

43. A Boyish Cut

This boyish cut is one that you are sure to love if you are looking for something very short. It would be a cool style for the summer.

44. Short and Choppy

A great choppy style that you are sure to love. A wonderful style that anyone would love.

45. Thin Hair

This is a great style for anyone that has thin hair. It’s wispy and beautiful and will be cool for summer of 2017.

46. Cute and Sexy

This brunette looks wonderful with this long sexy pixie cute. A great style that is versatile for any event.

47. Color is Everything

The great thing about this pixie cut is the color. There are multiple shades her, and they all look amazing.

48. Sexy and Simple

A simple style that is also sexy. A great style that you are sure to love.

49. Stylish Love

I love this messy pixie cut that looks cute and sexy all at the same time.

50. Short and Shocking

The sides are shaved which gives a unique look to this special style. I love the colors that are involved as well.

51. Simple Designs

This look is not only pretty, but it’s also sophisticated as well. It’s a classy style that anyone is sure to love.

52. Chopping and Sweet

If you are looking for something sweet, this innocent style is a great one if you want to bring in a whole new look for 2017.

53. Thin and Choppy

Another great look for someone with thin hair. These styles are great for people who want a short style.

54. Messy Styles

A great style for those that don’t want to cut their hair too short but still want a pixie cut. It’s styled here in a messy way which shows that it can be casual as well as dressy.

55. Casual Styles

A great style for someone who wants to go for a casual look.

56. Blue Colors

This short and shocking look is one for the badass. It’s super short on the sides, and the color is bold to the point where it’s very eye-catching.

57. Bright Red

If you are looking for a red hot look, then you are sure to love this style with the bright red/pink colors that are here.

58. Stylish Blondes

If you want a stylish look that you can wear to the office as well as out to an event then this is the look for you. It’s glamourous and sophisticated.

59. Stylish with Glamour

A great look for someone who wants a short style that has some classic glamor to it. This look is stunning for many reasons.

60. Sweeping Designs

Another great example of a short style that has a long sweeping bang. The colors are intense, and it brings about a stunning style.

61. Blonde Challenges

A very different style for the pixie cut but one that you are sure to love. The blonde looks really great with this style.

62. Choppy Pixie

This celebrity really looks great with the pixie cut. It’s sexy and daring, longer on one side than the other. You will love this sexy style for spring this 2017.

63. Almost Not There

This pixie cut certainly comes close to being a buzzed cut. If you want a huge change in your life, then you are sure to love this super short style. It’s a big commitment for growing out however so make sure you really want to cut it this short.

64. Stunning and Short

Actresses all over are trying out the pixie cut, and she is no different. She has sported her short and sexy look all over the red carpet.

65. Spinning Curls

These loose curls make this pixie cut absolutely gorgeous.

66. Shaved Styles

The shaved side is still very popular these days. The top is left long, and it’s beautiful.

67. Styled to the Side

A great style with plenty of volume and a shaved side.

68. Short Style

Another great example of a short pixie cut.

69. Silver Shorts

A super short style that looks awesome in silver.

70. Bold Looks

A stunning pixie cut with great color.

71. Wispy Style

A wispy style that is super sexy.

72. Shocking Shorts

A very short style for those who want a big change.

73. Side Styles

A blonde style that is super sexy as a pixie style.

74. Bold Purple

This shocking purple pixie cut is truly stunning.

25 Magnificent Ash Brown Hair Color Styles


If you are looking for a new color choice to spice things up in your life, then why not try the color ash brown? It’s sexy and sophisticated, the kind of hairstyle color that is sure to turn heads. With Spring time fast approaching there is nothing that makes you feel better about the season change than a little change with yourself. Changing your hair color from season to season is a popular thing that many people do to keep their hair looking fresh and new, and ash brown is a great color for the spring season.

Being brunette is not to be taken lightly, it’s not just blondes that have all the fun. Brunettes like to spice things up as well, and that’s the great thing about ash brown hair, it’s different from your normal day to day look. The color brown is the most common hair color available besides black, which is surprising considering all the blondes out there. An ash brown look can come in many different shades from light to dark. The best choice for you is usually dependent on your skin tone. Dark shades will look better on others while a light shade will always look great on pale skin. If you are someone that love to tan a lighter shade can also cause a pop in your style as well. Choosing a color based on your skin tone is a great way to get a color that will brighten up your look instead of creating something that doesn’t quite suit you.

Ash Brown

Ash Brown is one of those most popular hair color choices right now for brunettes. To achieve this ash color, a colorist will add blue and green tints to the brown. It’s the kind of coloring that does well on medium to dark skin tones. It’s a color that is also on the darker side, so if your natural color is dark brown, you won’t have to bleach your hair drastically. There are many different shades to choose from, so the color is not limiting at all, in fact, there are many tones for any shade of hair.

If you are looking for a change and want to see all the ash brown shades available to you then you, have come to the right place. Below are 21 Magnificent Ash Brown Hair Color Styles:

1. Subtle Touches

There isn’t a huge change here, but it’s something that can be different for you if that’s what you’re looking for. She has beautiful long hair, and it looks like the bottom is the only area in which she decided to add some ash brown. It’s a subtle touch, but it works for her coloring. If you want a change that is striking but low key, then this is a great look.

ash brown hair

2. Crystal Light

This is a great example of how ash brown coloring can look great on dark brown hair. The highlights just pop off the hair and they almost look gray they are so light. I love the coloring because it gives a whole new look to someone who is used to having dark hair. If you are interested in lightening up your dark tresses, then this might be the look for you.

3. Lighter Looks

What a warm color for the brunettes. This is an amazing shade for a dark skin town and brunette base. The highlights throughout really just warm the whole look, it’s stunning. There is a lot of lighter ash brown tones here, so it changes the whole style. If you want to take out a lot of your dark, then this might be just what you’re looking for.

4. Ash Brown Shades

The great thing about long hair is that you can really do a lot with highlights. In this case, she has more of an ombre look where the tops remained dark, but the bottom is pulled lighter with highlights. It’s not a big change from the natural tone, but it still gives enough of a change to make you feel like you have a new look.

5. Katie Holmes Style

Katie Holmes is the epitome of style and grace. She has always been a brunette, and when it came to changing the color of her locks, the change was always minimal, nothing drastic. This color is quite subtle, there is barely any change at all, but it suits Katie just fine. She looks amazing in the ash brown shade, and for anyone looking for a small change then this is it.

6. Subtle Coloring

She has a medium brown base, one that looks great with her skin tone. To brighten up her look, she adds in some ash brown coloring to really make her style pop. I love the subtle highlights throughout, they are not too light, and they work well with her skin tone. It’s not too light or too dark; it’s the right shade for her. That’s the choice you will have to make as well, what works best for your skin tone?

7. Lighten It All Up

Some people want big changes, and that’s okay too. She already has a light brown base to her hair so lightening it up is very easy for her. She doesn’t have to bleach her hair to the extreme. The burst of ash brown coloring in the front really looks great for her skin tone.

8. Just A Splash

Her overall look is ash brown. It looks like she had a lot of small highlights put in her hair in order to lighten up her overall style. It’s a beautiful color for anyone that wants to change their whole look. It’s isn’t just a few highlights but highlights all over the head to achieve a lighter overall style.

9. Striking Colors

A great example of how lightening up your color doesn’t have to be drastic. It’s a subtle overall lightening with some ash brown tones to give you a change but avoid the anxiety of a big change.

10. Just a Touch of Ash

The bottom of her hair is highlighted with ash brown. It’s a stunning coloring that really lightens up a dark shade. If you want a change that is sure to turn heads, then this is the look for you.

11. Sexy Ash Brown

If you are a brunette who is looking for a huge change, then this is it. A stunning ash brown coloring that looks almost blonde. Her bright highlights have completely taken over. You can only see her brunette coloring at the roots. It’s a stunning choice for anyone that wants a whole new look. I love the ashy shade.

12. Scattered Highlights

These wonderful highlights are few and far between, but that’s all she needs to lighten up her dark brown hair. The highlights stream from the roots giving an ash brown tone that lightens up her whole look. She looks magnificent with this new coloring.

13. Darkening Roots

If you ever want to know what you look like with a bob, this is certainly one way of doing it, by tucking your hair into your shirt. She is another girl that has very dark brown hair. There is quite the contrast with her pale skin. The light ash brown highlights really tone down the contrast and even out the coloring. It’s not a big change, but it’s enough of a change to make a difference.

14. Subtle but Sexy

If you want to try being blonde without actually going blonde then try an ash brown shade like this. She still has her dark roots, but her hair lightens up the closer it gets to the bottom. It’s a great color for her skin tone because it lightens everything up and brightens up her whole face.

15. Sweet Colors

A great color choice for someone who wants to keep their dark base and just lighten things up a bit. It’s a subtle change but one that really works well with the base color. If you want something subtle that won’t be too drastic, then this is the color for you.

16. A Touch of Ash Brown

These colors together are quite beautiful. You have the dark brown base with the ash brown flowing through it. It’s definitely an ombre style as the color lightens up more drastically at the very bottom. It’s elegant and sophisticated without being a big change. If you want something new for Spring, this might be the look for you.

17. Sexy Ash Brown

Highlights don’t just look good on long hair; short haired gals can pull it off as well. In this case, the ash brown has completely taken over the look. The highlights are all over which brings her overall look to a pretty light shade. If you want to lighten up your hair color for Spring then why not try this shade on for size.

18. Bright Colors

This is a bright and beautiful ash brown. The roots have been left dark to create a contrast between the colors. She took the tone down probably three or four shades so if you don’t want a drastic change then it’s probably not the color for you. It’s a classic look though so be brave and try something new!

19. Shocking Highlights

Her hair is so dark brown that it’s almost black. The change here is quite drastic and would require a lot of bleaching of the hair. The style here is ombre with some ash brown at the bottom. It takes a lot to achieve this lightening of the hair, and it could cause a lot of damage, so be prepared for the process. Don’t change it too often and always make sure you are using good products for your hair.

20. Sexy Ash Brown Shades

Her light brown hair is perfect fro the ash brown shades here. It looks as if she has a mixture of her natural light brown as well as ash brown shades and even a few highlighted pieces of gray. Gray is still a very popular shade to get into when it comes to changing styles, and it really goes well with ash brown as the shades are quite similar. If you want a fresh new look for this Spring, then look no further than this ash brown style. It is sure to turn some heads, and it is also an elegant coloring that will keep you happy.

21. A Whirlwind of Shades

From dark to light is what this picture portrays. The girl starts off with quite the dark brunette base, but she lightens it up considerably. This would also be considered an ombre look because of the fact that it gets lighter as it gets closer to the bottom. As you can see in the middle of her hair, the ash brown is considerably darker than it is at the very tips of her hair. The bottom layers are quite striking and really make the overall style pop. The color combinations are quite extraordinary.

When it comes to choosing the right shade for your hair color, try to keep in mind not only your skin tone but how dark your hair is. Although it’s not impossible to lighten your hair drastically with dark hair, it might not bring you the look that you want. Yes, it will stand out because of the contrast between the shades but depending on the color you choose, some highlights can end up looking “cheap” if not done properly to match skin tone and your roots.

Make sure to choose a stylist that has experience with bleaching and coloring hair. Don’t go after the person who is willing to do it for the lowest price. You get what you pay for, and you need to ask yourself why a stylist is working for so little money. Choose a stylist that is affordable but one that has a lot of experience and can show you a portfolio of her colors.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and feel free to comment on your favorite colors here! Good luck with your color choice!

80 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women


The hairstyles of black women are some of the most creative and fashionable looks available today. Mainly it is because they prefer stylish short styles that tend to be more creative then longer looks. If you are looking for a new style, then you can’t go wrong with these short looks because there are so many to choose from and they are all beautiful.

These styles are all up-to-date and are sure to please any look you are going for. They are usually fashion trends that you can follow, and they last for a long time. You can try a new style every night if you want to. The character of these fashionable ladies is usually that of trendsetters. You won’t find styles more fashionable than these. The styles are cool and elegant and truly one of a kind. There are styles in brown and black colors, and they are all very short styles.

Trends Available These Days

Short styles are often best when they are left natural. But the great thing about short styles is they can be styled several different ways; really the sky is the limit for short styles. If you are looking for something different for this spring, then you are sure to love these styles.

There are many different bobs that you can choose from, some angled and others not. There are also pixie cuts that you are sure to love if you want to go really short.

Why We Love Natural Thick Curls

There great think about black women’s hair is that it has a special texture to it and there is a lot that you can do with that texture. There are many lengths to choose from, and with this texture, you are bound to get a great style. If you love your curls, then the texture is perfect for it, but women also opt to have it straightened as well.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, then decide on one based on your personality. Below are 80 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women:

1. The Mohawk

The Mohawk has been a revolution for women everywhere. You don’t get a look that is this sexy and this badass all in one. She has the sides shaved with the top long and proud.


2. Ace Ventura

Rihanna has always been able to pull off some pretty crazy looks, and this one is no different. She looks incredible with this look that had to be inspired by Ace Ventura. Her mohawk is quite high in the front.

3. Short Bob

This is a very sophisticated look. If you want something that works well casually and as a career look then this is it. She has her hair cut short, just below the ear with a side bang.

4. The Curly Bob

Bob’s come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a little longer than most, and it looks like she is taking advantage of those natural curls. The side part is quite deep which gives her a lot of volume.


5. The Beehive

The beehive is still a popular choice for black women. It works well with the texture of their hair. She has a lot of twisty braids that are coiled tightly to her head and then they are formed into the beehive style.

6. A Side Sweep

Her sides are short in this look, and the top is kept long. There is a little more length here than you would need for a mohawk, so it’s swept to the side.

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7. Twisty Curls

Her curls are insanely tight, you really don’t get much tighter than this, and they create a truly unique look. The cornrows are tiny and pulled tightly to the scalp.

8. The Pixie

Kelly Rowland looks amazing with a pixie cut, and it’s still a very popular style choice. Her sides are quite short, and the top is swept to the side.

9. Add Some Color

Another great style that has the bottom quite short with the top in hanging layers. She has added some blonde to her look adding dimension to her style.

10. Shaved Sides

The shaved look is very popular with ladies these days, and it certainly has a sexy vibe to it. She has shaved all around and kept the top long.

11. Fashion Colors

She has a very sleek bob that has a deep side part. The most noticeable aspect of the style, however, is the fashion colors. The gray and purple really make the style stand out.

12. Rihanna’s Style

Rihanna is always sporting amazing styles, and this one is no different. Sh has one side shaved while the rest is long and swept to one side. She has some caramel highlights in her hair to soften the look.

13. The Spiky Look

This is similar to the pixie style but this one she has spiked all of her hair, and it’s standing straight up. It’s definitely got a rock star vibe to it.

14. Add a Bit of Curl

Another short style that adds some curl to the mix. If you are looking for a great short look that is truly elegant than this is the one for you.

15. Short and Sleek

This style is very sexy and sophisticated. I love all of Rihanna’s looks because she looks amazing in them. If you want a short hairstyle that looks amazing, then look no further than this one.

16. Jackson Style

The epitome of a short hairstyle for a black woman, Jackson really knows her style. Her hair is kept short and styled to the side.

17. All Over Shave

This is certainly a daring look, and you can’t go wrong with the low maintenance of it. But this is a difficult look to pull off, and no everyone can do it. It seems to work with a certain face shape so be careful before you make such a huge step. It might be best to try a side shave first before you make a huge commitment. This would be a hard one to grow out if you didn’t like it.

18. Stunning Style

This Smith daughter loves the mohawk, and she has kept a lot of length on top of her head. The texture of her hair still allows her to have it standing straight up. I love the style it’s very rock star.

19. Hollywood Glamour

I love this style because it speaks of old Hollywood glamor. It’s sexy and classy, a hairstyle that you could see going down the red carpet. I love the added color to the design as well.

20. A Different Style

If you are looking for something classy and beautiful, then look no further than this short style.

21. Cornrows

Braids are hugely popular for black women. It’s a very convenient look that is beautiful as well.

22. Chic Style

You can’t go wrong with this chic style, it’s sexy, and it has beautiful caramel highlights throughout.

23. Curly Style

These natural curls will not be tamed. She has the sides pulled in with a clip they are not shaved.

24. Sophisticated Bob

This sexy bob is a little longer than most, and the color really makes it pop.

25. Short and Sweet

We have so many looks from Rihanna’s closet because she has rocked so many cool styles. I love the coloring with this style.

26. Bleached Look

Another example of the shaved style but this one is bleached blonde which can add some warmth to a look.

27. Sweet Curls

I love these beautiful blonde curls that she has. The side part also adds a lot of volume to the look.

28. Classic Bob

Rihanna is at it again with this classic bob. It’s sleek and sexy and suits just about anyone.

29. Add a Burst of Color

A simple short style that turned rockstar with these bright colors.

30. Curly Mohawk

If you love curls, then you are bound to love this Mohawk. It is sexy and unique.

31. Angled Bob

There are so many different kinds of bobs, and the angled one is a very popular choice. Add some highlights to create a whole new look.

32. Sexy Mohawk

Another example of the Mohawk, the great thing about them is that they can be styled in so many different ways.

33. Pulled Forward

This sexy pixie has all her hair styled forward to create a truly different look.

34. Curls for Days

A sexy mohawk that has a lot of length on top. The length is curled to perfection and pulled forward.

35. Super Short

This look isn’t shaved, but it’s super short and sexy. The curls are tight to the head to achieve this look.

36. Blonde Mohawk

Another great example of a badass mohawk. This one is shorter in the back with more length in the front. The sides are shaved, and she has added blonde to the style.

37. Short Bob

Another great example of a classic bob. I love all the shine that she has to her hair. It’s truly beautiful.

38. Green With Envy

This mohawk is styled to the front, and it has a bright green color to it.

39. Short with Bangs

A simple short bob with some bangs across the forehead.

40. Above the Shoulder

Here is a look that is not too short, it sits just above the shoulders. It’s sexy and stylish, and the blonde really suits her.

41. Mohawk Love

We love the mohawk, and this is just another great example of different styles for the mohawk.

42. Stunning Blonde

If you have ever dreamed of being a blonde than this is the look for you. The striking contrast between the colors is gorgeous.

43. Soft Browns

This short style has a soft brown tone to it. It’s all styled to the side.

44. Chic Styles

Naomi Campbell is one supermodel that has had her hair from really long to really short. This is a sophisticated style for a classy chick.

45. Sweeping Bangs

This stunning look is magnificent because of the blonde coloring as well as the deep part that brings in a side bang.

46. Stunning Curls

This super short style is so pretty because of all the curls. She has a deep part that brings a lot of volume to her hair.

47. The Side View

Another amazing Rihanna look that has one side shaved and the other side quite long and off to the side.

48. Sweet Designs

A short style that has the sides shaved.

49. Obama Style

Michelle has always had a great sense of style, and with this short curly look, she’s at the top of her game.

50. Sexy Pixie

This sexy pixie look is certainly one for the books. It’s ravishing and sexy and speaks of class and style.

51. Sleek Styles

This sleek style is sexy, and I just love the way the hair is swept off to the side, it brings a whole new meaning to the pixie style.

52. Twirling Styles

Another great example of the Mohawk, this one brings a whole new meaning to the wave. It looks like an ocean wave on top of her head.

53. Choppy Styles

This choppy style is very chick indeed. It’s short with many different layers throughout.

54. Extreme Shortness

If you want to go all the way when it comes to cutting your hair, this is a really great style to try.

55. Curly Top

We love all these natural curls. It makes her short look even shorter.

56. Curly Cue

There are a ton of tight curls on the top of her head, a great style for anyone that has natural curls.

57. Platinum Locks 

This sexy style is made awesome with the platinum coloring that she has. I love it.

58. Brown Curls

These curls are beautiful because of the tightness of them as well as the fact that they are all pushed to the front.

59. A Feathered Look

This is a unique look because it has that feathered style to it. There are a lot of layers in this short style, and they are feathered back from the face.

60. Soft Purple

A soft purple look that is sure to bring about a whole new change for the spring. The style is sort, and it’s curled back.

61. Choppy Short Styles

A choppy look with lots of layers this style is shorter in the back and longer in the front.

62. Shocking Colors

A choppy look that is made extraordinary because of that bright caramel shade. It’s a beautiful color that you are sure to love.

63. Barrel Curls

The sides are kept very short while the top is made into large barrel curls. She has a few highlights in the front to bring out the look further.

64. Frizzy Curls

Curls can become frizzy, but that’s why we have lots of products to help out in that area.

65. Hot White

Short on the sides and long on the top this short style is ruling roost these days. I love the bright platinum highlights she has on the top.

66. Swirls on Top

A very elegant style that you are sure to love. It’s sexy and classy all at the same time.

67. Super Short Styles

This super short style is very low maintenance. If you want something easy to style in the morning then this is it.

68. Stylish and Sexy

This casual style is truly one that you are sure to love. It’s simple and easy to style.

69. Those Sideburns

These are great sideburns for someone who likes the pixie look. There is a design that is also shaved into the back of the hair to achieve a different sort of look.

70. Curls for the Girls

Even short curls can be cool for those that want an inspiring style. The bottom is quite short to the head while the rest is long on top and luxurious with curls.

71. Sexy Styles

I love this short style because it’s very different from all the rest. You get a cute style, and you can tell those curls are all natural.

72. Sexy Highlights

Another great example of a short look that has a mixture of color. Her hair is black as night, but those platinum highlights really make the whole look pop. I love it.

73. Feathered Short Styles

Another example of short hairstyles that have a feathered look to them. If you are looking for something really short, then this may be the look for you.

74. Raised in the Back

There is a bit of a bouffant in the back of the head. A great overall style that you are sure to love.

75. Crazy Styles

Another example of a crazy style that looks incredible. The sides are short while the top has a mind of its own.

76. High on Top

I love this high top style because it’s fun and fresh for spring.

77. Longer Lengths

This short style has a longer length on top more towards the front while the back is short.

78. Top Part

This is a very different look that has the sides almost as a bob while the top is like a huge side bang.

79. Redheads

Who doesn’t love a redhead, especially with style like this?

80. Blonde Designs

A blonde mohawk, of course, we are going to say yes!

81. Tight Curls

These tight curls are brought to life with purple.

82. Changing Styles

Great styles and you can see both sides from these photos.

83. Curls Galore

Curls for everyone! A great style.

84. Stunning Curls

If you want to keep your natural curls and you want a short style, then this is a great option for you. It’s just lovely.

85. Short Curls

A very short look, the sides may be shaved. The top is curled to perfection. If you want to have a natural look, then don’t curl all your curls off.

86. Badass Style

This is the kind of look for a confident girl. If you want something that speaks to your badass personality then this is the look for you.

75 Hot Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Your Next Salon Appointment


Platinum blonde is one of the hottest hairstyle options for those who like the cool look of blonde. If you are looking for something amazing to bring in this spring and summer than you won’t go wrong with platinum blonde hair. It’s sexy and stylish and it’s the kind of color that makes a statement. You won’t be able to go anywhere without turning heads as you walk by.

Hollywood has given us a craving for the glamourous blonde and that can be achieved with a stunning platinum look. Who wouldn’t want some of this icy blonde on top of their heads? It makes us feel like we are somehow in between an angel and a Queen.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

The platinum blonde hair color is the stripped-down blonde; you basically don’t get any lighter of a blonde than this. It’s especially beautiful on girls with pale skin and cool undertones. If you have been a natural blonde with fair hair, then platinum blonde hair would be an easy transition for you. Many girls get the platinum color as a means of giving their natural blonde hair a pop. Some blondes can appear dull and nothing with make you sparkle more than platinum hair. Platinum blonde hair can be used as an all-over color for a major change or you can use it as just highlights for a small change in your hair color. Either way the coloring is sure to change your life and give you a new look for the summer months.

What You Need to Know Before You Go Platinum

  1. Consider the damage that could happen to your hair. If you have dark hair it will take a lot to get your hair to platinum blonde, including a lot of damage.
  2. Get a hair treatment 1-2 weeks before you go to the salon. This will help to prevent damage and drying out of your hair.
  3. Don’t wash your hair 48 hours before your appointment. Washing will strip the natural oils from your hair, and you may need those.
  4. Assume you will need at least a trim. Bleach causes damage especially if you are going from dark to light. You may have to cut some of your hair.

Be prepare for a big change especially if you aren’t use to having light hair. It could be hard to deal with mentally. It will probably take at least a few hours to complete, especially if you have a dark hair. It can easy take up to six hours to get dark hair to a platinum color, so don’t make any other appointments for the day. Expect to pay upwards of $200 or more for this coloring.

Taking Care of Your Platinum Hair

Make sure you use professional shampoo and conditioner afterwards, otherwise you could cause further damage to your hair. Professional salon shampoo is specially designed to take care of damaged hair. You will also want to use purple shampoo once a week to keep your platinum hair looking white instead of yellow. Every few weeks you will want to use a protein mask on your hair, it will help to get your hair back to it’s original condition by strengthening the hair cuticle. You will need to go in every 4-6 weeks to have your roots done. This can be costly but it’s the price you pay for beauty.

There are many ways in which you can wear the color and we have lots of options for you. Check out this list of color ideas before you make your salon appointment. Below are 78 Hot Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Your Next Salon Appointment:

1. Icy Hot

If you want some sexy style that is cooler than a standard blonde then you might like this one. You don’t get much cooler than this shade.

2. Sexy White

This is a great color for those that are looking for a white blonde. This platinum color really goes well with her skin tone.

3. The Grey Look

These platinum looks are more like a gray than a white. It’s just a different shade that comes with the blonde.

4. Blonde Highlights

These white hot highlights really make this whole look pop. It’s a sexy style that anyone would love.

5. Striking White

This white platinum blonde is a very popular color choice. In fact, many people do chose the color because white always looks good in the sun. there are many different choices for platinum and this is a great one.

6. The Gray Look

Gray is a very popular platinum look these days. You won’t go wrong with this color choice.

7. Curly and Short

A great color choice for a white blonde and it looks great with this curly style.

8. Bright as a Light

This platinum blonde is stunning. It’s about as light as you can go with the platinum series and it’s gorgeous. A great color choice for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a glamourous blonde.

9. Different Shades

This color is great because there are highlights throughout. The color stays darker on top, and there are a lot more highlights through the bottom of the hair. I love the fact that it goes much lighter at the bottom.

10. Crazy Cut

This icy blonde color is one for the books. It’s sexy and bold and will sure to turn every head in the room.

11. Bold and Bright

A great color choice for those blonde out there that like their color choice to be brilliant.

12. Not So Bright

Maybe you want to go platinum, but you don’t want to go white. This is a great color choice that gives you a light tone without going all the way.

13. Snow White

Another great example of platinum hair with some dark roots. This is a great color choice for anyone.

14. Shocking and Chic

Her hair is so light that it’s lighter than her pale skin tone. Her hairstyle is totally chic and matches the platinum blonde style to a tee.

15. White Hot Look

This sexy siren looks amazing with her white hot hair. If you want to go platinum, this is a gorgeous color to try out.

16. Stylish Blondes

Another great example of a style that looks great on blondes. She has a white platinum color that looks great with her skin tone.

17. Creamy Color

This white blonde look appears to have some color to it. She looks amazing with all the shine involved with her color.

18. Shiny Blondes

You really need to take care of your blonde locks for them to look as shiny as this. Bleaching can dry out your hair a lot so doing treatments is a great benefit to your hair.

19. Honey Hues

This platinum blonde has a honey hue to it. A stunning color combination that can warm up your look.

20. A Subtle Change

It looks like she has an ombre look to her style. The lightest parts in platinum are only on the bottom. It’s a stunning style though.

21. The Darker Root

She kept her roots dark when she went platinum, and it’s definitely a fashion statement.

22. Sexy Blonde

This stunning shade is one that you are sure to love all year round.

23. Silver Locks

A great platinum look that has silver tones to it. It’s a shimmery color that you are sure to love.

24. Shocking Tones

Another great example of the bright white shades available to you. This is a stunning example of what beauty platinum colors have.

25. Great Tones

A great shade for anyone that has a pale complexion. It just brightens up her whole face.

26. Natural Hues

A great color for anyone that wants to be close to a natural blonde. There are many different highlights throughout to give her a truly unique style.

27. True Blondes

This is more of a honey blonde. If you don’t want to go white blonde these shades keep you close to a more natural shade of blonde.

28. Rock Star Hair

Miley Cyrus has always been a fan of the white hot blonde look. She has them in her mohawk here, and she certainly knows how to rock the style.

29. Stunning Silver

Another great example of a silver platinum blonde that is sure to turn heads at any party.

30. Shocking Silver

This short style looks beautiful with the shock of silver with this platinum design. I love the shine involved with this beautiful look.

31. Stunning Blonde

A great example of a blonde that has a honey hue to it. This color can be seen as a more natural look than the white platinum styles that are out there.

32. Bright Lights

This stunning look is one that you are sure to love no matter what. It practically glows in the light.

33. Blonde Highlights

If you don’t want to do an all over color then you will love these highlights throughout. The color is quite bright and it gives a great contrast to the rest of the hair.

34. Gorgeous Locks 

If you are a huge fan of the white blonde look then you are sure to love this one. Ity’s outstanding when it comes to color. It’s an all over look that is sure to draw the eye.

35. Gray Style

Another great platinum look that showcases the gray color hue that is available to you.

36. Long and Gray

Another great example of the gray hue that looks amazing with her long hair. Her hair is very wispy, so the color looks great with it.

37. Gorgeous Blonde Hair

You can’t go wrong with this stunning color; it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is perfection against her skin.

38. Platinum Delights

This shocking gray color is one that really makes those blue eyes pop. A gorgeous color that you will love.

39. The Mohawk

With a style like this, you can’t go wrong with platinum blonde. PINK sure knows how to rock those white locks.

40. Shimmering Color

Another great example of a blonde that is not as drastic as the white.

41. Striking Gray Locks

This is probably one of my favorite looks when it comes to a gray platinum color. It’s stunning, and I love just how healthy her hair is.

42. White As The Light

A great color choice when it comes to a white platinum blonde.

43. Add Some Braids

The sky is the limit for any style that looks amazing with platinum blonde.

44. Just Leave The Roots

Leaving your roots dark adds a different style to your overall look.

45. Curly and White

This style is certainly stunning when it comes to the white blonde. It’s divine.

46. The Look of Crystal

I can’t say enough good things about this color. There are many different highlights throughout and it creates a gorgeous look.

47. Short and Blonde

This short style looks amazing with the shocking white color.

48. Devine Colors

The creaminess of the color is truly one for the books; it’s stunning.

49. Sophisticated Style

A white blonde that looks great with pale skin tones.

50. Gray and Blonde

This style has a mixture of gray tones and yellow blonde tones creating a unique look.

51. Choppy Styles

I love this frosty look; it really showcases the choppy look from this hairstyle.

52. A Medival Style

A medival look that is incredible when topped with a platinum style.

53. Honey Hues

Another great example of how you can make your blonde look creamy with a honey hue.

54. Frosty Colors

If you are a fan of the movie Frozen with Elsa, then you are sure to love this frosty style.

55. Angel Designs

This bright white blonde belongs on an Angel, and with her complexion, you would think that she was one.

56. White Blonde Styles

A great white blonde color that will make your eyes pop.

57. White Tips

She keeps her natural on top and lightens the tips of her hair to an almost white color.

58. Multi-colored

Another example of an ombre look that keeps the natural blonde on top and the platinum on the bottom.

59. Short and Sweet

A great style that always looks good when it comes to a platinum blonde.

60. Shocking Style

I am in love with this white blonde color. Her complexion is alabaster, and the shocking white hair makes everything look stunning.

61. Dark to Light

This ombre look starts from a brown, and it goes white hot. I love everything about this style.

62. Sizzling Platinums

The great think about white hot hair is that it makes blue eyes look dazzling. I love her skin tone; it’s perfect for this hair color.

63. Multiple Colors

She has a few different colors in her hair which gives off a unique style.

64. Avril’s Style

Avril has always been a blonde, and she knows how to pull off a  great platinum style.

65. Stunning Angles

This angled bob looks great with a platinum style that goes from dark to light.

66. Dare to Go Blonde

Another great example of a platinum style that is so light that it’s white. There is also a gray hue to this style that goes wonderfully with her complexion.

67. Honey Style

If you prefer the natural colors, then you are sure to love this honey hue.

68. Add Some Contrast

This white plaitnum blonde really shows a contrat the the color of her eyebrows. You can see how dark her natural had to be.

69. Shocking Locks

Another example of a platinum blonde that was pulled from a very dark natural hair color.

70. Gwen Style

Gwen has always been a platinum blonde, and she pulls off the look beautifully. With that complexion and those red hot lips, it’s no surprise that she can pull off a shade like this.

71. Pixie Blondes

This is a light look, but it’s on the yellow end more than it is on the white. It’s a great color for the pixie style.

72. Hot Colors

A great example of how hot the white platinum blonde looks when it’s paired with blue eyes and a pale complexion.

73. Gray and Stunning

A gorgeous gray platinum blonde that is sure to turn heads everywhere. I love this look.

74. Classic Glamour

If you are looking for a glamor style, then you came to the right place as this one is gorgeous.

75. Startling Style

A stunning color that goes well with her creamy skin and her stunning blue eyes. Together it creates a look that almost startles you.

76. Black Roots

If you want a fashion style then this is a great one. She keeps her black hair almost to her eyebrow and then she lets the blonde loose. This is no easy task to go from such a dark look to something light so be prepared to sit in a salon chair for 6-8 hours.

77. Cascading Locks

A great style that is pleasing to the eye. The dark and light together is beautiful.

78. White and Gray

When the light hits this color, it looks as if you have a combination of white and gray together.

We hope that you were able to find a stunning color choice to take to the salon. Be prepared for an expensive visit and one that can take a full day. Feel free to comment on your favorite style!

80 Sexy Long Hair Ideas With Bangs That You Are Sure to Love


If you are looking for a new look for this spring, then you came to the right place. These days long hair and bangs is a huge fashion trend. You will be seen as a fashion icon with the perfect look for any event. It’s certainly a look that is considered to be in high demand. The great thing about long hair with bangs is that it’s very flattering to most anyone. It’s an effortless look that is very trendy right now. It’s convenient and classy all at the same time. This is the kind of style that you are going to want to show off this year. Having long hair is very manageable. You don’t have to worry about a lot of styling products, and you can choose between keeping it straight or curling it. You can add style to that long hair by having some awesome bangs. It can really turn a normal look into something chic and irresistible.

There are many different ways in which you can have a long hairstyle; they aren’t just all the same. There is a huge variety, and they are all flattering looks that will look great on a wide range of people. It’s always best to get a style that flatters the shape of your face, especially when it comes to bangs.

Here are many different ways in which you can rock a long hairstyle with bangs. There are many different ways of wearing your long hair as well as bangs. You can go from sleek to shaggy; it all depends on your personal style. Below are 80 Sexy Long Hair Ideas With Bangs That You Are Sure to Love:

1. Layers and Bangs

She has long layers that trail to the bottom and bangs that go straight across her forehead.

long hair with bangs

2. Long and Lengthy

She has long hair that goes well below her shoulders. Her bangs are full and straight across her forehead.

3. Sweeping Side Bang

This gorgeous style is long and straight all the way past her shoulders. She has bangs, and they really suit her because they sweep off to the side. It’s a beautiful style for this stunning red head.

4. Olivia’s Style

She knows how to rock the bangs that go across the forehead. And her wavy locks look amazing as a long layered look. She knows how to bring true style to her hair.

5. Black Side Bangs

This layered look is long and wavy. I love the fact that she has a side bang that sweeps so elegantly. Her hair is thin, so the look works well.

6. Jennifer Lopez Style

J. Lo has been rocking the side bang for a long time, and she likes to keep it long. The rest of her hair is long well past her chest, and the layers look magnificent. If you are looking for a lengthy look, you can’t go wrong with this one.

7. Straight Along

Her long hair is wonderfully colored in an ombre hue. The straight across bangs really suit her face shape. It’s an overall great style choice.

8. Red Violet

Long straight hair without layers offers a certain look that can appear severe at times but also sophisticated. Her straight across bang has a rounded look to it, one that really helps to shape her face.

9. Sweet Style

This is a really sweet style for someone who wants a more wholesome look. It’s simple and not high maintenance at all.

10. Long Bangs

Your bangs don’t have to be short to be inspiring. Her length is quite long, and her bangs are feathered and swept off to the side, but they were kept very long almost to the chin.

11. Cute and Sleek

This cute look is amazing because the hair is sleek. There is a large bang that goes across the forehead as well. A lot of length needs to be cut in order to have bangs of this magnitude.

10. Shiny and Sleek

A great look that has a lot of shine to it. If you want a sleek design, then this is the one for you. It’s a great example of how you can have long hair and a solid bang.

11. Old-Fashioned Style

This is a hairstyle from another era but one that looks great even today. The bangs are long, and so are the layers.

12. Great for Thin Hair

This si a great look for those that have thin hair. It’s simple and low maintenance.

13. Stylish Length

The waves look great with this style; you just can’t go wrong here. I love the bangs and how they are layered as well.

14. Choppy Bangs

This layered look is amazing for a lot of reasons. We can’t help but love her choppy bangs.

15. Simple Style

A simple style for anyone that wants a low maintenance look. You can’t go wrong with this style.

16. Stunning Layers

If you want more volume to your hair, then just add layers. It’s the best way to get the volume that you crave. Again she has the long bang across her forehead to achieve this look.

17. Shaggy Style

This ombre look is perfect for this style of long hair. She has long bangs that are also layers and left off to the side.

18. Sweeping Style

This sweeping side bang is absolutely adorable for her. She has long layers that start below her chin, and they give her hair a lot more volume.

19. Not Style Required

If you are looking for a simple style, then look no further than this one. It’s a shaggy look but one that is still popular today.

20. Straight Styling

She has a huge bang in front of her head, and even still she has a lot of length left over. If you want some real style, then look no further than this hairstyle.

22. Traditional Bangs

These bangs are pretty traditional, and they go across the forehead. If you are looking for a fresh style with a lot of layers than this is the one for you.

23. Short Bangs

This look is very fashion forward. These aren’t your traditional bangs, in fact, they are deliberately short. They only go about to the middle part of the forehead, and that’s it. The rest of the hair is very long.

24. Shaggy Bangs

These bangs have a more shaggy style to them. Her hair is just below the shoulders and layered lightly.

25. Thick Bangs

This style would be hard to pull off without very thick hair. She has a huge set of bangs in the front, and the rest of the hair is left straight and curled lightly to the side.

26. The Feathered Look

Her bangs are swept off to the side, and they have a feathered look to them. The feathered style has come back since Farrah Fawcett pulled off the look back in the day. The rest of her hair is layered and styled.

27. Sweet but Stylish

There are no layering involved with this look, but it makes for a stylish design. She too has the across the forehead bangs.

28. Thick Mane

Another example of bangs with someone who has very thick hair. You need thick hair to pull off this look in general. It’s very long and curly, but the volume really comes from the thickness. The bangs too have their volume due to the thickness of her hair. I love the ombre look that she has with the style; it totally suits her.

29. Stylish and Pretty

This golden look is wonderful because of the layers in the front. The bangs are short, and they are swept off to the side. It’s a simple look that anyone can style later.

30. Straight Cut

These bangs have a really straight cut to them. They look great on a big forehead, and there was a decent amount of length cut to create them. The rest of her hair is all one length which makes it perfect to keep straight as well as curly.

31. Sexy and Sweeping

These sexy bangs really know how to show up for a job. They are long just above the eye, but they really look great with her face shape. She has some layers that start below the chin and the over all style is captivating.

32. Thin Bangs

This is a style for people with thin hair. As you can see, there isn’t a lot of volume here and the style is one that is really pretty. Her hair is very long and all one length which is also standard for someone who has thin hair.

33. A Simple Bang

If you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense style, then this is the one for you.The bangs are simple across the forehead, and the rest is layered lightly. The hair falls just below the shoulder, and there is a lot of volume despite the fact that her hair isn’t that thick.

34. Feathered Away

Long length paired with a thick bang proves for a great style. If you are looking for something that is low maintenance then this is the style for you. The color is also pretty amazing as well.

35. Over The Eye

The hair is long and fashionable; the curls are just to die for. The bangs are thick and they fall just above the eye. If you don’t mind feeling like you have something in your eye all the time, then try these bangs out.

Also See:

36. Soft Hairstyles

This look is very soft, mainly due to the condition of the hair. What I love is all the layers in the length, it makes it look shorter than it actually is. She has a sweeping side bang that goes below the eye creating a seductive look.

37. Sexy Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is always changing up her look; you never know what you are going to get from the girl. This particular look is wonderful with her face shape. She has a solid bang across the forehead and layers throughout her length. She knows what style is all about and she is pulling off this long hair with bangs look pretty well.

38. Thick and Lengthy

Her hair is quite long with layers throughout. She has a thick bang that is in the C shape. They are longer on the sides than in the middle. It’s the kind of bangs that frames the face quite well. If you are looking for a sexy hairstyle, then this is the one for you.

39. A Veteran Style

This veteran actress really knows how to pull off a fashionable style. In this case, the bangs are short and swept off to the side. They are thin, so the bangs don’t have a lot of volume to them. She has very long hair that goes past her breasts but they are layered, so the length does not become overwhelming.

40. Blonde Style

This style is not too long but it still goes below the shoulders. It’s a sexy style that looks great fro a blonde. The side bang suits her face shape perfectly, and the length has a lot of layers in it creating mounds of volume for her.

After you choose the style that you desire the next step is to pick out a great hairstylist to give you the look you want. You want someone who is professional as well as talented so that you know you are getting what you want.

A professional stylist will be able to cut your hair in just the fashion that you desire. Be sure of the look that you want when it comes to bangs because once they are cut, there is no going back. Ther are many different types of bangs such as a sweeping side bang that can be long or short. There is also the across the forehead bang that looks great when it comes to a fashionable look.

Choose a look and then walk out the the salon a brand new woman. We hope that you enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite looks.

Images That Display the Difference Between Balayage Vs Ombre


If you have ever wondered what the difference between balayage vs. ombre than you have come to the right place. They are two very different looks although they may seem similar. If you don’t know the difference, it might be best to stick with a hairstylist because they know the difference. If you are thinking of changing up your look, then you are going to want to know the difference because you can’t call up a salon and ask for “ombre balayage.”

Ombre is Considered a Style

It’s true; it’s actually very different from the balayage. If you have ever wondered where the unusual name comes from it means shadow which if you think about it, it really does fit. Ombre is considered to be a style choice for your hair. Ombres always look best on brunettes though it has been achieved quite well on other hair colors as well. It’s a subtle look for brunettes though I have seen some pretty great ones done with blondes and even redheads as well.

If you are looking for a dramatic look, then look no further than the ombre, and that’s the biggest difference between the ombre and the balayage. The ombre is a big change whereas the balayage blends in more with your hair color kind of like highlights. It is a more daring look, and it will also take a lot more maintenance to keep up. But if you love it then that’s all that matters. Ombre is straight up color blocking. There is nothing natural kept at the bottom; it’s just a transition between the natural and the non-natural. You want to work with a professional on an ombre as it’s a complicated look. If it’s done poorly, you will have quite the mess on your hands. This is not the kind of coloring that you want to do yourself.

How Do You Know it’s Ombre?

  • It goes from dark to light
  • It’s a drastic change
  • There is no natural color on the bottom of the hair; it’s always lighter, it’s where the bleach goes

Balayage is Considered to Be a Technique

While Ombre is a style, balayage is more of a technique. It’s similar to highlights, but the colors are brushed in by hand so it can give you a more natural look. It is a similar style to ombre, but when you look at pictures, you can see a clear difference. The word Balayage is French, and it means “to sweep.” Probably because it does look like it’s being swept. Your hairstylist will blend the colors by hand by applying color in a sweeping motion through small triangular sections of the hair. This technique allows for a natural transition from your natural hair color to the lighter colors. Unlike the ombre, the balayage does leave darker colors on the bottom of the hair to allow for a natural overall look. It creates dimension and allows you to keep a natural style. It gives off a very sun-kissed look that you are sure to love for years. There is a lot a lot less maintenance with this look then there is with the ombre. You won’t need to rush into the salon too often for a touch-up.

How Do You know it’s Balayage?

  • Natural look, nothing too extreme
  • The color works throughout all the length
  • You can still see the dark natural shade at the bottom of the hair

If you want to see some great examples of the difference between the two looks, then check out the looks we have here. Below are Stunning Images That Display the Difference Between Balayage Vs Ombre:

1. Light to Dark

We have three pictures here, and it’s a transition between an ombre, and then the last is the balayage. The first picture is the before shot of what her hair look like before her ombre. It could also be a correction because there is a difference in shade. The second image is clearly an ombre as you can see the color is clearly a lot darker on the bottom. There is also no dark shades on the bottom as well, that’s how you know that it is an ombre shade, and whoever the professional was, they did a stunning job with the blonde.

Job well done!

The last picture is the balayage you can see that because there is light and dark throughout the whole length of the hair. You can see the dark still at the bottom which is a clear indication that the technique is balayage. It’s also a very natural look for those that don’t want anything drastic changed with their hair. If you look back at the ombre, it is a much more drastic change. Not everyone will want that sort of big change.

2. Balayage VS Ombre

The first two pictures are the first example of balayage vs. ombre. Again in the balayage picture, you see both light and dark tones from top to bottom. It is also a natural look, something that is sophisticated and low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about returning to the salon for a lot of touch-ups with this look. The color is a caramel shade, and it goes well with the natural. The ombre in this picture is clearly different from the balayage because it goes from dark to light, there is no natural shade at the bottom of the hair. You can see that they bleached the bottom and it creates a more drastic look. If that’s what you are looking for, then ombre is for you.

The last two pictures are examples of a sombre and a flamboyage. A sombre is the natural version of the ombre style. If you want the ombre look but you don’t want it as drastic as the blonde then sombre is for you. It gives you the same ombre style where it goes from dark to light, but it’s in a more natural hue, not a bleached blonde look. It gives you the best of both worlds. A flamboyage is the combination of an ombre style and a balayage. If you are not willing to choose between the two, then have them both. Why not?This look is the combination of the two and as you can see with the last picture the top is dark which is very much like the ombre style. The only difference is the highlights are in a peek-a-boo fashion. Which means you are still going to see some of the dark tones peeking throughout the look, much in the same way that you would see it with balayage.

balayage vs ombre

3. Star Studded Styles

These famous celebrities know style when they see it, and they are both sporting styles that are very trendy right now. Jessica Alba in the first photo has the popular style called ombre. This style is still very popular these days, and in this case, you can certainly see why she looks amazing. The picture shows the ombre specs as a dark base that lightens up as it gets closer to the bottom. Once again it’s a more drastic look, and there is no natural color at the bottom. Jessica Alba really knows how to pull this style off well.

The second photo has Sarah Jessica Parker sporting the balayage technique. It’s more of a natural look which suits her just fine. She isn’t the type of girl that likes big drastic changes; she always has a more natural look about her. You can that it is the balayage look because of the fact that her natural tone is still flowing throughout the whole length of hair. It’s a natural look than anyone would love. Although her top is still darker, the lighter highlights really brighten up her face.

Now that you know the difference between the Ombre style and the Balayage technique you now have to decide which one is best for you. Both are beautiful, it all depends on your own personality and what kind of style that you want. Are you looking for something drastic or are you happy to stick with something that looks more natural? Which ever one you decide make sure that you book an appointment at a salon to get the job done. These sorts of techniques should not be completed at home, that would be a mistake as they are very complicated.

Choose a stylist that is not only talented but professional as well. Make sure that they have experience in whatever style you choose. If they have never done ombre or balayage before then, it’s best to choose a stylist that has some experience in both. That way you know what you are getting and that the job will be done properly. A bad ombre is something no girl gets over easily, and you shouldn’t have to go home with a bad color.

We hope you enjoyed the article and please feel free to comment on your favorite look.

58 Stunning and Inspiring Dutch Braid Hairstyles That You Will Love


If you are looking for a great braided hairstyle, then look no further than the Dutch braid. It’s a stunning hairstyle that will keep you happy for however long you want to keep it in.

Regardless of the comings and goings of trends braided hairstyle never seem to go out of style. They are a hairstyle that seems to stay trendy no matter the change in hairstyles. There was a huge popularity when it came to fishtail braids as well as French braids. But since then there have been some fresh ideas when it comes to what you can achieve with a braid. That’s where the Dutch braid comes in. The Dutch braid is becoming even more popular, and some people even consider it to be a backward version of the French braid. You can see why when you check out the images; it essentially looks like the braid is inside-out, creating a look that is almost detachable. The Dutch braid is not a difficult braid to master, in fact, it’s probably one of the easiest ones to do. If you can master this design, it will open your life up to many new hairstyle options.

Behind the Dutch Braid

If you desire that embossed braid look then that’s exactly the kind of style you achieve when you deal with a Dutch braid. It may appear to be a lot of work when you first take a gander at it, but really it’s just three strands that make up the braid. The general principle behind the Dutch braid is much like what you do when you make a French braid. Instead of bringing the side strands above the central one you will bring it beneath it, that’s the only difference. That’s how you get the braid to look as if it’s on top of the hair instead of inside of it.

This unusual look is growing in popularity because it’s stylish. Not only that but it can offer a great base to create even more elaborate hairstyles. These styles are great for garden parties as well as elegant events such as galas and weddings. There is no age limit for the Dutch braid; you can be ten years old or 60 years old and the style will remain cool no matter what. They are flattering on just about everyone that tries them. It’s just a matter of changing up the style slightly to match your personality or the event that you’re going to.

The Double Dutch Braid

Each style of braid is a little bit different even when it comes to the Dutch braid. You can create many different types of Dutch braids with just a twist of the hand. The Double Dutch braid is created by weaving three strands of hair on top of one another making it look like the strands of hair are fused together.

Dutch French Braid

The Dutch French braid is very similar to the French braid except that it looks like it’s inside-out. It’s just a reverse look is all. The technique is the same you are just bringing strands out instead of in. Everything is brought underneath, and that is what creates the illusions of the hair being on top. There are many different Dutch braid hairstyles that you can choose from, and they are all easy to do. There is also the cute option of doing a Dutch braid pigtail hairstyle for a casual event that you are going to. The sky is the limit for what you can create using the Dutch braid designs.

How to Create a Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a simple hairstyle that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Once you have practiced enough to become good at it, you can then use it as a base to create more elaborate designs. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Dutch braid:

  1. Take a section of your hair from the top.
  2. Take the section and split it up into three strands of equal width.
  3. Take the right strand and cross it under the middle strand.
  4. Then cross the left strand under the middle strand.
  5. Take some more hair and add it to the right strand before bringing it under the middle strand again.
  6. Repeat the same thing on the left side.
  7. Continue to ass hair to the strands as you create your braid.
  8. Continue the braid until it is finished and then tie it.


The Dutch braid is not a complicated style, now that you know how to create it, you can find a hairstyle that you can practice from. There are many different styles that you can choose from when it comes to the Dutch braid. Below are 58 Stunning and Inspiring Dutch Braid Hairstyles That You Will Love:

1. Step by Step Braids

This 9 step process shows you how to perfectly make the Dutch braid design. What the end result though for this style is to tie it up into an updo. I think this style is gorgeous and can be used for any event.

how to dutch braid

2. Side Braids

This stunning and creative design has multiple braids coming from one side and collecting together with the main braid in the middle. The coloring of the hair really makes the design pop. I love the overall design and color; it makes for an elegant style.

two dutch braids

3. Side Designs

This stunning Dutch braid is off to the side. It’s the perfect example of how the braid looks like it’s sitting on top in an embossed manner. This is the kind of look that can be worn to a BBQ or a wedding; it’s very versatile.

4. Shiny Chic

Aside from the insane shininess of the girl’s hair, it’s a great example of how you don’t need very long hair in order to create a Dutch braid. This braid is one-sided, and it ends in a simple ponytail. There is a braid on each side, and the two braids meet in the middle to form a ponytail. It’s a stunning design that you are sure to love.

5. The Bun

This design is simple, and it’s created with a Dutch braid on each side, and in this case, when they meet in the middle it’s pinned up into a small bun instead of a ponytail.

6. Large Designs

This large braid is created off to the side. The side braids are increasing in popularity, and you can see why. They are not only beautiful but classy as well. You can see the steps that it’s very easy to create and it’s a look that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

7. The Alien

There is something very alien and badass about this Dutch braids look. It’s a style that not everyone will be able to pull off and it will be dependent on your personality. The design is very precise, and there is very little room for error. It’s polished without a strand out of place. The braids are very tight to the head, and because they are inside-out, they give off a very alien vibe as if you expect this to be a hairstyle that Sigourney Weaver would use in the Alien movies.

8. Different Sizes

This unique hairstyle has a small side braid turning into a much larger braid that falls all the way to the bottom. The color of the hair makes the braid pop even more. It’s a great hairstyle that you can wear anywhere.

9. Top Braids

This unique look has the braids only on the top of the hair and nowhere else. The rest of the hair is left loose, and the two braids on top come together and form a bow. This would be a great style for a little girl.

10. Swirling Braids

This style is not only beautiful but sexy as well. You don’t get a style better than this because the Dutch braid is so loose that it seems as if it’s just a bundle of swirls. I love the loose aspect of the braid because it creates a completely different look.

11. Polished Braid

A polished braid that is simple but beautiful. If you are looking for a ponytail style, then you have found it here. The braid is created with strands from the sides and brought to the center tightly. The braid itself looks embossed and very stylish.

12. Sexy Styles

Another example of a sexy side braid but in this case, the Dutch braid turns into a fishtail braid at the bottom. I love this style because it’s gorgeous and yet a completely relaxed design that you can wear to any event.

13. Add Accessories

A great design that has the braid woven tightly to the scalp and the braid itself goes down the middle of the head to form a ponytail. The braid itself is very small, and the accessories added only bring more beauty to the design.

14. Standard Ponytail

This style is so easy that you will want to create it every day. The braid is large, and it only sits on top of the head. The rest of the hair is left loose and tied into a ponytail high on the back of the head. It’s certainly an eye-catching look that you are sure to love.

15. Double Dutch

This is a great example of the double Dutch braid design. The Dutch braid look consists of two braids, one on top of the other and the two together create a crown that circles her head. The rest of the hair is left loose.

16. Thick Braids

It requires very thick hair to create this Dutch braid. If your hair is thin, there is just no way you will be able to create such a large braid. This little girl has a lot of hair, and because it’s so thick, she can create a gorgeous Dutch braid like no other.

17. Top Braids

Another example of a Dutch braid being used as a crown for the top of the head. It’s a great updo, and the rest of the hair can be left loose and wild around her face.

18. Standard Dutch Looks

This example of the Dutch braid is tightly woven to the scalp. There are multiple braids, possibly four all together to create this look. Two braids are formed together to create two separate pigtails, and the end result is a beautiful one.

19. Top Crown

A beautiful thick braid that crowns her head while the rest of her hair is left loose.

20. Criss-cross Designs

There are a few small Dutch braids in this hairstyle, but they are woven into a larger scale hairstyle. The large braid is made into a big twist while the Dutch braids intermingle with it, creating a hairstyle that is absolutely breathtaking.

21. Just the Side

Amber Heard is a celebrity that loves to look sexy and polished all the time. She certainly pulls that off with this unique Dutch braid style. There is just one braid on the side while the rest of her hair is loose and styled.

22. The Clean Look

This style has a very clean look to it, almost as if there isn’t a hair out of place.

23. Volumptuous Designs

A great Style created with some very loose and large braiding. It’s a stunning design that you can wear anywhere.

24. Double Braids

Another great example of two side braids coming together. These braids are very loose however creating a different look.

25. Elegant Styles

One braid is all you need to create this stunning updo.

26. Zig-zag Braids

This updo is created by zig-zagging the braids from one end of the hair to another. It’s a breathtaking design.

27. Striking Ponytail

Another great example of the zig-zag style but in this case, it ended as a ponytail.

28. Bold Braids

No words can explain just how amazing this design is, you could wear it to any event, but it would certainly look amazing with a gown.

29. Swirling Bun

Many braids come together to create this swirling design.

30. Crowning Fishtail

A reverse fishtail gives you an even more unique braiding style than the standard Dutch braid.

31. Beautiful Ponytail

Another great example of two braids coming to form a ponytail.

32. The Longest Braid

A very long and tight embossed braid that can be wonderful for a casual event.

33. One Braid

One Braid and the rest is left loose for a casual ponytail style.

34. Sexy Braids

It starts as a Dutch braid, but it quickly turns into a fishtail braid. A lovely design that you are sure to love.

35. Double Pigtails

A great style that has tight braids creating a pigtail design.

36. Loose and Lovely

These stunning pigtails are left very loose and long, trailing down the back.

37. Cute Styles

Dutch braids aren’t just for adults, people of all ages can sport them.

38. Cute and Small

Another great example of a stylish design for children.

39. Pretty Flowers

This braid is accentuated nicely with the addition of flowers.

40. Add a Touch of Pink

These sexy braids not only change as they get longer but they have a touch of pink to them as well.

41. Different Colors

Here you get to see the same braided looks but with different colors of hair.

42. Childish Pigtails

A classic look for pigtails that can make for a great casual look for a day at the park.

43. Two Braids

A simple style that you are sure to love no matter what the occasion.

44. Classic Pigtails

Two embossed braids on either side of the head for a pigtail design.

45. Embossed Braids

A great example of embossed braids that look like they could be detached from the head.

46. A Touch of Class

A classy look that can be worn to a fancy event despite the fact that they are pigtails.

47. Double Sided

These two pictures show off the best angles for this braid. It’s simple and sleek, going down the back.

48. Sweet Designs

These two pigtails come together to form a circular updo. You don’t get a better design than this one for a night on the town.

49. Straight Styles

A reverse braid that turns into a fishtail, a great idea if you want a unique style.

50. Two Simple Braids

The pigtail hairstyle has always been a popular choice for people especially if they want a casual and simple style.

51. Matching Styles

Two cute styles for two friends who love to play the matching game.

52. Polished and Pretty

These polish reverse braids are popping off the head, and they look super sleek with the shine that comes from the hair. They form two pretty pigtails.

53. Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you are going to find that your embossed braids come with a different look.

54. Multiple Braids

Four braids that are close together create this unique and beautiful style.

55. Edgy Braids

Who said that pigtails couldn’t be edgy? These braids prove otherwise.

56. Just a Braid

Another example of a simple braid.

57. Changing Colors

Just one braid is needed to create this short bun.

58. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braids are still very popular design choices.

75 Stunning Updos Available For Long Hair For Your Next Event


If you have long hair and are searching for the perfect updo, then look no further than this article. There are many different and amazing styles that you are sure to love. The messy look is very popular right now, in fact, the “put together” look has fallen to the wayside. Which is great news for us ladies who aren’t that talented when it comes to creating new looks.

Some of these looks can be created in the comfort of your own home while others you may feel comfortable having a professional handle. The choice is yours. If you have a habit of having flyaway, frizzy or downright rebellious hair, then a messy do would be perfect for you. But don’t fret if you aren’t into the messy style, there are many different styles available to make any girl happy.

Trendy Styles for Long Hair

There are many different styles that you can choose from when it comes to an updo. You can pin up curls, or have a low bun. There are top knots as well as twists; the sky is the limit when it comes to an effortless look that will also be eye-catching. Messy hair can give off a relaxed feel while smooth hair can offer you an air of elegance, it all depends on what you are looking for and the kind of event that you are going to.

If it’s a prom or a wedding that you are going to, then you can pair your hairstyle to match your outfit. There are plenty of bold new looks for the rebel inside of you as well as classic styles that show off your true inner beauty. Your updo should not only match your outfit but match your personality as well. Your choice of hairstyle will determine how your overall look will come about. A hairstyle can completely change an outfit to look fancier or more down to earth.

Another trend to consider is the natural look which is more of a loose style. You can use extensions to create these looks especially if you want a high chignon or a ton of curls. Braiding is another aspect of updos that can create a truly original style. French braids always provide a classic look that is always beautiful and elegant. Whatever look you choose it should be girly and fresh, something fun that you will always remember.

Have you been fantasizing over a particular hairstyle or are you completely confused as to how to go about getting what you want? If you are truly lost when it comes to hairstyles, then talking to a professional might be the best bet for you. If you are handy with hair, then you can be a little more creative. You must have the right style to make your event magical for you. Whether you love buns, braids or curls, you are sure to find the updo that you have been looking for on our list. The styles are stunning, and many of them can be done at home as long as you are comfortable doing so. Below are 27 Stunning Updos Available for Long Hair For Your Next Event:

1. Step by Step

If you are looking to save some money, then try out this quick style. This 12 step process gives you a braided look that is wrapped up into an updo. It’s stunning and can be used for an elegant event or a relaxed one. It’s a soft and pretty look that appeals to a lot of people.

updos for long hair

2. Add Some Flowers

A stunning design made with loose curls. The best part about it is the elegant flowers put throughout the hair. I love these gorgeous styles. If you have a wedding to go to this would be the perfect style for it.

3. Stunning Designs

Another example of the stunning styles that you can create in the comfort of your own home. With the use of a curling iron, you can create these sections and then pin them up to create such a stunning updo. These styles are great to do at home just make sure you have lots of practice.

4. Very High Designs

If you are looking for a truly eye-catching style, then look no further than this Mohawk updo. It’s pulled tightly to the head creating a very high design. The top braid is more like a twist, and it’s huge. You need a lot of hair to create this magnificent style. This kind of style is sure to be a show-stopper. Not everyone can pull off a look like this so make sure you do a trial run before committing to it.

5. Messy Updo

A great style for those that like the relaxed look. She has a few braids, and her bangs are left loose. The bun is pulled up in the back, but the overall style is messy and relaxed. It would be the perfect hairstyle for a beach wedding because it’s so wispy and the ocean air wouldn’t bother it too much.

6. Braided Crown

This updo is created with a crown that is made entirely out of a loose fishtail braid. It’s a stunning style for those that enjoy a creative design. The bangs are once again left loose. This elegant design can be worn just about anywhere just expect to have lots of chatter around you because people are going to be talking about this design.

7. Creative Styles

This updo is created with a design in mind. It’s classy and elegant without appearing to be high maintenance. The design in the back looks like the eternity symbol and the fact that it’s twisted that way, it really gives it a stunning quality.

8. Pretty Braids

This do-it-yourself style is very beautiful, and all it takes is three braids to get the job done. Once the braiding is completed, you pin them up one by one to create a magical updo. The fact that her top is dark and the bottom is light really gives the overall look a unique touch. It would compliment anyone that has ombre hair.

9. Small Crown

Jennifer Lawrence knows how to bring elegance to the party. This relaxed, braided look is one that can be worn to any event. Her bangs are left down while the rest is pulled together to create the updo.

10. High Bun

Jennifer Lopez always looks magnificent at events, keeping a classy style for the most part. This bun is a very simple design, and yet it is so beautiful if you want something fancier. The front of the hair is very sleek giving you that polished style.

11. One Braid Bun

This quickly braided bun is something that can be quickly achieved at home. All it takes is one braid in the center of your head and wrap it around for a unique bun. It can be pinned up easily creating a flawless design that you are sure to love for your event. An overall gorgeous style.

12. Lots of Curls

This twisted look consists of a lot of curls. Those curls are then twisted together to create a braid-like style. From there you take pins and pull the pieces up to create a unique design.

13. Elegant Twists

It takes just two braids to come up with this stunning design. If you want a classic look, then you are sure to love this one.

14. Loose Braids

A great design that shows off an elegant look. If you don’t mind the messy styles, then you are sure to love this one. It’s messy and classy at the same time.

15. Side Braids

A couple of side braids and one long braid down the middle is what you need to create this great design. I love the fact that he hair is red, it creates a stunning masterpiece.

16. Double Crown

If you like the crown designs, then this one is even better because it has two, one on top of another. It’s a stunning design that speaks of class and elegance, never mind the fact that it’s gorgeous.

17. Messy Bun

If you love the idea of having a messy bun, then you will probably love this look. It’s insanely simple to do yourself, and it has a relaxed feel to it.

18. Top Bun

This is the kind of look that is usually left for the smooth, polished buns but in this case, the messy bun is perfect. You can wear this look to any event that you desire.

19. Large Crown

Keep in mind that you need very full and very long hair to achieve this style. The braid is large and loose, and it’s set on her head like a crown. Not only that but it looks like the braid ties up in the back. The messy design can’t help but remain elegant as well.

20. Sweeping Designs

This polished look is amazing because of all the sweeping lines. A simple design that requires very little effort.

21. Simple Braids

This updo is a combination of braids and curls. It’s a classic look that you are sure to love. It can be worn to any event because it’s not too polished or relaxed.

22. Messy Bun Design

This bun is not so much a bun but a mess of hair tied up in the back. It’s a very relaxed style if you are looking for something low-key.

23. At Home Appeal

This style is created by sectioning off pieces and tying them up one by one until you end up with this creative and relaxed updo. If you want to do these designs at home, then make sure to take your time and don’t get frustrated. I love the added bow detail to the look; it’s very cute.

24. Thick Braids

A French braid that is created with a very thick almost embossed braid that goes down the middle of the head. The bottom of the braid is pulled up and under, disguised with the rest of the hair. As you can see with the steps, it’s not a hard design to create, and it takes just one braid to create such a stunning style.

25. Half Ponytail

This very relaxed and messy look is created with a ponytail that is wrapped in amongst itself. It looks like a half ponytail, half bun but it creates a look that is great for a casual event. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to a fancy event; it’s far too relaxed for it.

26. Sectioning Braids

This style is stunning and even breathtaking. It’s easy to do at home, all you have to do is take sections of the hair all around the head and create braids with them. When you’re done, all you have left is a design that is sure to be the talk of the night.

27. A Messy Top Bun

This casual look can be worn anywhere that you want. It’s relaxed but can still be used for a fancier event. But it’s also not too fancy that you couldn’t wear it to an office picnic either. It’s a unique design that virtually takes no effort at all to pull together. Just pull the hair up all at once and pin it to the top of the head, it’s really that simple.

Now that you have a look that you desire, the next step is to figure out how to achieve your desired look. You may want to do it at home, which is perfectly fine as long as you practice first before your event. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you are unable to do your own hair. Many people still get their updos done at the salon, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have the money, it’s usually the best bet because it’s less stress and a time saver. A hairstylist is trained to be quick so that it doesn’t take you forever to get your hair done.

We hope you enjoyed the article, please comment below on your favorite updo!