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55 Best Big Box Braid Hairstyles for Summer of 2020


If you are looking for a new style that is convenient and beautiful for this summer then look no further than the box braid. It’s not only a gorgeous style but it will last for months so that you don’t need to fuss about your hair at all. It’s got to be one of the most popular styles for African-American women because of the convenience. Big box braids are rich and full, not to mention they always look pretty cool. The look is presentable for everyday wearing as well as a great look for events. It’s an effortless style that you are really going to love during those hot summer months.

Box braids have been around since the 90’s but the thing with this style is that they never get old, in fact they are becoming a gorgeous classic that never dies. They are back in style more stronger than ever with some new updates in the design of the box braid. This hairstyle is an iconic look, one that makes a statement and brings pleasure to the wearer. We know this because celebrities like Solange and Beyoncé have been seen wearing the look and they are fashion icons to be sure. They are just a few celebrities that have been seen wearing the gorgeous looks and they probably do it because it’s an easy look to wear while on tour.

Many people wear the box braids as a downdo because it allows for everyone to see the true magnificence of the style and who wouldn’t want to, they are absolutely stunning. The chunky style is one that you are going to want to try out for yourself. A standard box braid is one that has “a few braids from the front section above your forehead and twists them to fit behind your ear.” Many people also wear the style as an updo where they will have the chunky braids put into a bun. Really, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with the style. The box braids can be designed into fishtails swept off to the side to really rock the summer season this year. If you don’t want excessive bulkiness on top of the head, then you might want to try the partial updo where half the hair is left down while the other half is pulled up.

If you are thinking of the style, there are a few things to consider.  It is a low-maintenance look that can take you right through those summer months. When it comes to maintaining your style, you can use light shampoo for your scalp to prevent any damage to the look. Another hair care product is light peppermint oil which will also help to prevent breakage from the braids. The great thing about box braids is it will give your hair a break from chemical ingredients and the hot styling rods we typically use to style our hair.

If you are interested in the style, then take a look at the list we have compiled of the various styles. Below are 55 of the Best Big Box Braid Hairstyles for Summer of 2017:

1. The Partial Updo

These thick braids show off a truly wonderful style. Add some color to spice up the look as well.


2. Pulled Back

A great look that can be kept off the face to show off a great style.

3. The Ponytail

This makes for a great office look if you are in search of a casual style.

4. Add Some Color

Or take it away in this case. Nothing speaks of summer like a beautiful blonde color.

5. The High Pony

These thick braids are pulled up high to create this wonderful look.

6. Criss-cross Style

She leaves her hair down but she has it pulled back away from her face in this gorgeous criss-cross design on the top of her head.

7. Partial Designs

A great design that has half up and half down. The contrasting colors really make the look pop.

8. Colorful Do

Box braids can come in many different colors.

9. Off to the Side

A great look that takes the hair off to the side, creating a dramatic look. This is a style that allows you to appreciate the length of the box braids.

10. Stunning Style

These thick braids are pulled back to create a partial do.

11. Multiple Colors

These stunning braids look amazing in red, how can you not love them?

12. Add Some Flair

A great look that is the color purple with some bling to make things stand out.

13. Blonde Styles

A great style that any girl would love for summer.

14. Creative Designs

A wonderful design that has the big box braid look along with some creative styling.

15. Thin Braids

Not all braids have to be super thick, they come in all sizes.

16. Leave it Down

A great style that is beautiful because it is left down and loose.

17. Golden Color

A great color choice for anyone looking for some brilliant shine.

18. Add Some Bangs

Who says you can’t have some bangs in your life when you have braids? This look is proof that you can have bangs and braids and have a style that is chic and pretty darn cool.

19. Great Style

Big box braids look great with any style choice.

20. Side Sweep

I love this sexy look because the hair is swept off to the side, an amazing style.

21. Big on Top

If you love style that has a little drama to it then you are sure to love this partial updo.

22. Deep Part

The deep part is always great for adding volume to your style.

23. Pigtails

This dramatic look has pigtails on each side and they are raised high. She also has a design in the front of her head which truly looks amazing. If you like fancy styles you will love this one for your next event.

24. High Bun

If you are looking for a cool look for your next event then consider this high bun. There is also some length left down to really show off your style.

25. Sense of Style

A sexy look that has all the braids pulled up into a classy updo. I love the scarf that is wrapped around the hair. The whole style is quite beautiful.

26. Thick Ponytail

These big box braids are stunning as they are pulledup into a ponytail but they are still pulled forward so that you get the full affect of the style.

27. Stunning Braids

Another great style that can be used for a day at the office or for your next event. You are sure to love this classy style.

28. The Power of Blonde

If you are looking for a sexy style then look no further then these long, blonde box braids.

29. Wonderful Style

I could totally see this style being used for a wedding, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

30. Make a Design

These designs are truly unique and they can make your entire style shine. I love when the big box braids are left down because you see all the beauty of the style.

31. Small Bun

If you want to leave most of your length down but still try a partial then you are sure to love this design idea.

32. Gorgeous Styles

Who says that box braids have to be long? This is a great example of how you can have a grogeous short style for summer and still have heads turning everywhere.

33. Creative Sweeping

This deep side part has a lot of style to it.

34. Classy Styles

You don’t need to pull your hair updo into a ponytail to have an awesome office look that is very classy.

35. Bright Red

There is just nothing sexier than a redhead. If you are looking for a sexy style then try some red.

36. Side Styles

The deep side part brings a lot of volume to her style.

37. Sexy Styles

A sexy look that is all about the casual look. But this style could totally be worn to an event as well, it’s sexy and sophisticated. I love the length involved here, you can really add some serious length to your hair with big box braids.

38. Creative Designs

Another great example of how color and designs can help you to achieve a style with big box braids that shows off your own personality for the world to see.

39. Mermaid Love

If you love that green mermaid look that is popular these days then you are sure to love this style. These gorgeous big box braids come in a bright seafoam green that is sure to make you a popular mermaid on the beach this summer.

40. Serious Length

A great length for those gurls that love to make a statement. You can’t go wrong with these braids, leave them down and show off their amazing beauty.

41. The Ice Queen

This icy look really pops when in contrast with her skin. If you are looking for a style that is sure to be eye-catching then you can’t go wrong with this one. I love the ice white look, it makes the idea of having box braids for the summer, a very appealing idea indeed.

42. All About the Style

This bob is chic and so pretty. you probably didn’t think that you could achieve a bob with big box braids. But you couldn’t be more wrong, this style is truly beautiful and is versatile enough to wear anywhere.

43. A Crowning Look

This style almost looks as if she has a crown on top. It’s a sexy look that you can wear to any event. If you love the partial updo then try this style out.

44. Beach Styles

If you are looking for a new summer look then look no further than this style. It’s so pretty and it will be convenient for those hot summer months. You can have short hair and braids there is no longer a reason to choose between the two.

45. Add Volume

A great way to add extra volume to your style is by adding a deep part. This achieves a sexy style that you are sure to love all summer long.

46. Have Fun With Style

If you want to add some length to your style then big box braids are the way to do it. Just look at how long her hair is and she is loving every minute of her new style.

47. Bun on Top

This style is all about fashion and a dash of drama. If you like these high looks then you will get a lot of love from this high bun that sits directly on top of her head. The rest is left down and the whole look is in blonde. You can’t go wrong with such a stunning style.

48. A Burst of Color

If you love attention then you will get a lot of it with this crazy style. Her long hair is piled high into an extraordinary high bun and just look at all that color. It’s a rainbow of beauty that you are sure to love all summer long. If you are looking for a style with a touch of crazy then this is the look for you.

49. Add Accessories

You can’t go wrong when you add accessories to your hairstyle.

50. Tickled Pink

We love the pink highlights that go through the hair, making the whole style pop.

51. Stylish Braids

These box braids look amazing as they sit in a partial updo. It’s a casual look that can be worn everywhere.

52. Sweeping Updo

A great partial updo that is swept to the side. It’s gorgeous for many different reasons. The top is wonderfully designed and the single blonde streak is amazing.

53. Big Box Braid Tutorial

If you have ever wondered how it’s possible to create the big box braid then take a look at the video below. You are sure to find everything you need to know to create great styles for your family. It’s something that would be difficult to do on yourself, however, but you could certainly do it with your children.


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