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125 Trendy Balayage Blonde for Summer


Balayage blonde is one of the hot and trendy ways to colour your hair and is quickly rising in popularity. If you are looking for hair colour that will still look natural even as it grows then balayage blonde is the best choice.


Best Balayage Blonde Hair Ideas

Balayage blonde makes it possible to bring some unique style with a mixture of hues. The mixture of hues in the hairstyle below looks quite adorable.

One of the beauties of balayage blonde is the fact that it can be mixed with preferred hues for an epic outlook. The shades of blonde used in the hairstyle below look magnificent.

Whether you have short, medium, straight, bob or curly hair, balayage blonde can create such a dynamic outlook.

Dark balayage blonde ideas

If you are not for the very bright colours then you can opt for a combination of dark shades with balayage blonde. The curly edges in the style below enhance the overall outlook

The pinkish hues used in the balayage blonde hairstyle below creates such a youthful and sassy outlook.

Having balayage blonde highlights towards the end creates quite a chic outlook. The brown shades at the top also bring a harmonious appeal to the hairstyle.

Balayage blonde hairstyle is loved by many given its easy to wear and low maintenance. It’s a good way to keep your hair trendy as you take a break from over-treating and dying.

Stunning Balayage blonde hairstyle ideas

Balayage blonde creates such a beautiful and an appealing finish just like in the style below.

If you fancy having blonde hair but scared of the upkeep then balayage blonde could be the best option for you.

Balayage blonde style is easy to wear and looks so natural with growth. The curly style below looks quite discreet and subtle.

The soft balayage blonde style below brings out a beautiful combination of bright and dark hues.

Balayage blonde looks cool with the incorporation of a collection of favourite hues and colour shades. The beige blonde style below looks cool with the curvy ends adding to the beauty.

Balayage blonde as highlights for brunettes.

Such an appealing and sassy style with an adorable combination of colours.

There are a variety of ways that can be used to express balayage blonde styles. The once colour inspiration is another epic way and it looks amazing.

Use of neutral shades with balayage blonde style creates such an appealing outlook. The cleverly fused hues look cool and enhance the wearer’s outlook.

The subtle waves in the style below look idea especially for days when you feel less inspired.

Sun-kissed Balayage blonde style ideas

The straightened balayage blonde style looks quite chic and appealing.

You can flick the layers of your hair as you show a range of colour shades like in the hairstyle below.

The twisted curls below looks cool and ideal for a relaxed day. The natural roots colour also radiates well with the epic combination of hues.

You can add some style to your balayage blonde with cute lose braids like in the hairstyle below.

Having some golden shades at the end with black at the top makes a cool combination for balayage blonde style.

Gorgeous balayage hairstyles

Blonde is quite a versatile hair colour that’s loved and admired by many. Balayage provides a stunning and incredible hair colouring option just like used in the hairstyle below.

You can wear stunning shades that range from the ash blonde, the warm caramel to an icy bleach. Get some balayage blonde style inspiration from some of the best hairstyles.

The blonde balayage ombre style below looks amazing with the curly edges creating a voluminous outlook.

Short and gorgeous is the best definition for the blonde balayage style below. The white and golden highlights create a beautiful combination.

Attan some natural outlook with the white icy balayage blonde shades. The colour choice looks cool with short hair like the one below.

Choose hues and shades that are custom blended for such a magnificent and natural outlook. The golden highlights blend so well with the black hair colour.

The beauty of blonde balayage

Having hair colour that looks quite natural even with growing hair is every ladies desire. It makes a balayage blonde style to be considered as magnificent.

If you want a no-fuss style then the medium blonde style could be ideal. It works well for one with a busy schedule.

The sophisticated colour and the sleek layers blend quite well and suitable for any occasion.

The long wavy style is the ultimate design that defines a cool girl. It makes a perfect look when feeling uninspired.

The short curls with a mermaid outlook is quite trendy. The beautiful combination of colour shades blends beautifully.

Brown blonde with curvy edges creates a pretty look. This hairstyle is easy to pull off and looks great on short hair.

Silvery blonde hair ideas

A cool and creative golden hue looks epic with the wavy curls creating a sassy outlook.

The beautiful colour combination below instantly elevates ones overall outlook. The balayage blonde still looks ideal to be worn in casual business environments.

Create some easy loose waves in a simple and appealing way. The beautiful hues of dark, brown and blonde blends quite well.

This is an ideal balayage blonde style for voluminous hair. The wavy ends look cool with the colour highlights.

Silvery hues look spectacular and work quite well for both short and long hair. The curly edges enhance the overall outlook of the style.

Find inspiration from a range of stunning balayage blonde styles. The combination looks elegant with many ideas worth considering.

Caramel balayage blonde style ideas

Balayage blonde looks cool on a variety of types. The caramel inspired style below is another epic style that’s worth trying out.

Ditch the platinum blonde for an appealing natural look like the one below. The combination of dark and silvery layers brings out a magnificent look.

If you are looking for something that’s unique and classy then consider the ash blonde waves. The shades look stunning and soft.

Another way to express some style that’s out of the ordinary. The deep pink combined with a range of hues looks fabulous.

A simple yet elegant balayage blonde style with caramel shades. The style is easy to wear and maintain.

Bring some more stunning and unusual look with a unique colour combination. Use of some white hues brings some lighting and beauty to the design.

Sleek and curly balayage blonde ideas

If you love blonde styles and not quite thrilled with the upkeep it goes with then consider balayage style.

The silvery hue in the hairstyle below adds and to the shine of the hair. The combination of wavy layers leaves one with such an epic feeling.

The light brown colour used in the hairstyle below blends so well with the outstanding black hair.

The light brown creates ombre feel which is quite sassy. The balayage blonde hairstyle is ideal for any occasion.

The long loose spiral curls look great with balayage blond style below. Give it a try if you want something fancier.

Fancier balayage blonde hairstyles

This style beautifully expresses the shades of blonde in lovely layers. It looks simple and easy to maintain.

Give your hair more body with epic straightening techniques and beautiful colour combination.

Create more beauty and elegance to a flat and lifeless hair with an adorable balayage blonde style. The style below looks voluminous and pretty.

Attaining a sassy and fancier look can be much easier with the right colour combination. The bright golden colours are used in a subtle and cool way.

Some balayage styles involve the use of several shades. You can opt for the shades that blend well with you. The combination of hues in the style below blends in a perfect way.

Platinum Balayage blonde ideas

You can opt for a dominant one colour balayage blonde like the one below. You can also opt for a more vibrant colour combination for a magnificent look.

Contrast your colour shades with a deep brown root for an appealing look. The brown highlights at the edges also create a beautiful blend.

The silvery highlights at the front with curly edges creates such a gorgeous look. The style is amazing with a perfect blend of colours.

Having some choppy layers of balayage blonde s a perfect way to express the style. You can add some ease to your look with the below style.

The lustrous balayage blonde lengths look captivating. The wavy layers create such an instant appeal.

Blonde tresses can be quite a smart choice like the one below. The wavy layers look pretty with the combination of hues creating a dynamic look.

Beautiful beechy balayage styles

The brown and whitish blonde highlights look perfect. Give this simple yet stylish look a try with the wavy layers to go with it.

A striking platinum hue is always appealing with the black shades creating a magnificent outlook.

Some face framing balayage blonde with caramel hues looks cool. The straightened hair creates a voluminous appeal.

You can tailor your balayage blonde style to the shape of your face and personal style. If one colour looks great on you then go for it.

Balayage blonde styles provide people with numerous ways to try the hair trend. Create some contrast with beautiful strands of a different colour.

Big balayage waves ideas

The big and beautiful balayage waves create such a voluminous hair outlook. The style below looks refined and shows forth a sense of style.

  The versatile nature of balayage is one thing that many people appreciate. You can wear it straight and it will still look fabulous.

Blonde balayage has a way of enlivening the simplest looks and creating such a chic feeling.

Try out some wispy bangs for a more adorable and chic outlook. The golden shades of blond blends so well with the dark colour.

Bright colours have a way of creating lustre and sheen. The balayage blonde style below looks adorable.

Wavy Balayage blonde styles

This type of hair makes it quite easy to transition from office to an evening date with ease. The wavy coloured layers look sparkling and appealing.

Some simple layers of easy loose waves can create a dynamic outlook. The brown colour looks great on the short hair.

If you are looking for that sultry outlook then a combination of bright blonde colours with brown dark is the way.

Honey blonde hairstyle is ever trendy and has a way of enhancing that chic outlook.

A beautifully straightened hair can be turned into an outstanding hairstyle with cool blonde hues.

Recreate beautiful styles with balayage blonde

Try out some stylish waves with soft and cool colours.

The short platinum blonde balayage is an epic style. The shades used also brings out such a girlish outlook.

There are several refined hues that work well with balayage. Settle for something that brings out the best look in you.

The hairstyle below looks quite ethereal and with stunning shades. The wavy edges also create a beautiful contrast.

Blonde has always been a gorgeous choice and the white shades create a brilliant look.

You don’t have to use eccentric cuts and colours to have a great balayage look. You can still have a beautiful style with a well-balanced colour combination.

Natural balayage blonde

A simple contrast can go along way in enhancing the outlook of a style. The golden shades blend quite well.

The blonde style below looks simple and natural. It’s easy to maintain with a great colour combination.

Blonde with brown and black tresses looks cute. The curly edges also create such an adorable look.

Balayage provides stylists with valuable options that can be used to transform people’s outlook. The arrays of brown, dark and gold look beautiful.

Instead of a curly finish, you can still opt for a straight finish like the one below.

Incorporating a few layers of spaced waves has a way of creating an adorable outlook.

Natural looking balayage blonde

Use hair straighteners to flick out some hair for an amazing look.

If you have then hair then you can create some contrast by adding curls towards the end.

Regardless of the length of your hair; you can still enhance its outlook with beautiful colour shades.

A high contrast palette is a perfect way to bring out a bold change in hairstyle.

A mixture of silver pieces with honey blonde is always appealing and creates such a shiny look.

Bring some brightness to a dark hair with stresses of silver and brown blonde.

Easy waves with choppy layers are brought out in such a cool way with balayage blond.

Bordering on white blond with dark shades makes such a coll match. A great choice if you’re into grey hairstyles.

Amazing balayage blonde ideas

Messy waves create an illusion of a voluminous hair which is great.

Combining a straight and curly finish expresses the versatility of the hairstyle. The colour combination also brings out a harmonious blend.

The straightened balayage blonde has a way of expressing the blended colours beautifully.

If you fancy some easy yet glamorous look then you can opt for the below style.

A fuse of brown and blonde has a way of creating such a sassy outlook. The colour combination looks great.

Soft balayage blonde

The soft and fancy aspect of balayage is something that draws many people to the desgn.

Blonde balayage styles are normally designed to be subtle and descreet. The blonde design below is an epitome of elegance.

You can try switching things up by going for different shades. Ensure that the combination used blends perfectly well.

The use of waves with a mixture of warm and cool shades creates a new dimension to the style. The waves also create such an accentuating outlook.

Silver highlights when used as the sole colour has such a gorgeous outlook.


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