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95 of the Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2020


If you are looking for a new change in your life, then why not change your hair color. One of the most popular colors being rocked these days is Auburn. Whether you want to do a full color or just add some highlights to your existing color, Auburn is a great choice for a new change. Many people love the idea of becoming a redhead and Auburn is a great shade. If you love wearing black, then you will love how striking the color auburn looks with it, as well as many other colors, but we’ll go into that a bit later. Auburn hair color looks amazing as it falls on your shoulders during summer and will look great with all your summer styles.

If you are searching for some amazing color ideas, then this is a great place to venture into the world of options to see what your options are. You want to also take into consideration your skin tone as well as your natural hair color because it’s not as easy for anyone to go Auburn. If you have darker skin, Auburn may not suit you as well as if you had pale skin. If you have a dark natural hair color, you have to take that into consideration as well. It’s going to take a lot more work at a salon if you want to go from a dark hair color to an Auburn and it’s defiantly not a color that we would recommend doing at home on your own. You don’t want to do anything that’s going to cause damage to your hair, so if you are making a drastic change, it is always best to consult with a hairstylist.

Below are some great color choices for you if Auburn is your desire.

If you want some auburn hair color inspirations, then consider what positive changes could happen by changing your hair color. These days are amazing to change your color because the hues available are almost endless. There are so many different shades of red out there that it’s hard to choose just one. The sky is the limit when it comes to Auburn, and it’s one of the prettiest shades of hair color out there. Depending on the skin tone that you are looking for you can decide on a cooler shade or a warmer one. Again, based on your skin tone you can choose a light shade or a darker one as well as decide whether you want a full color or just some highlights. Highlights might be what you are looking for, or you might want to try the balayage technique for a more natural look.

Colors to Wear When You Have Auburn Hair

Many people avoid certain colors duet o their hair color, but you might be surprised to know what the best colors to wear when you are a redhead. Being a redhead isn’t just about adding a whole new realm of badassery and sexiness. No, there is so much more benefit to it. It is a scientific fact that the color red will not only raise someone’s heart rate but will also increase the viewer’s metabolism and respiration. Now that’s some serious power that a redhead holds in their hands. Imagine how you must make someone feel when they are around you. Talk about red hot!

Being a redhead is a bold statement, not everyone can pull it off. A redhead speaks of confidence, someone who doesn’t care what others think. Whether you are a natural redhead or if you are changing your look you have to own it 100%. It’s about embracing the beautiful color of auburn and saying you totally rock! You might be surprised to find out that only about 2% of redheads are natural, the rest of us have to create that look on our own. When it comes to women who color their hair, only 30% choose the color red as their shade of choice. That means that being a redhead is truly a unique experience, so embrace it and make it your own.

As a redhead, you should have some serious pride because it’s awesome! A great way to embrace your new hair color is to wear shades that are going to compliment the color and really make it pop. If you are thinking about changing your hair color to auburn, then these are the best color options for your wardrobe:

  1. Purple: If you ever took an art class in school you should remember that purple and red compliment each other, so make sure you add this royal shade to your wardrobe.
  2. Blue: Blue 100% should be in your wardrobe if you are a redhead. You can try any shade that you want, they all just make the color red look amazing.
  3. Green: A lot of people think that they should avoid green, but that’s not the case at all. Embrace it, we say! Whether you get teal or emerald, it won’t matter because green looks amazing with red.
  4. Red: Red on red? Of course, don’t avoid the red just because you have red hair. Hello! Jessica Rabbit! When it comes to wearing red just make sure you pick a color that compliments your skin tone, that is the key. If you look at red carpet events, you will notice that actresses such as Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman have both worn red and have received enormous amounts of compliments for their choices.

So, if Auburn hair color is what you want for this season then check out the color option that we have for you. Below are 95 of the Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017:

1. Medium Shades

A great shade if you are looking for something wonderful to pair with pale skin tone.

2. Striking Colors

This bright shade looks wonderful with pale skin and look how it makes her eyes pop. A beautiful shade.

3. Ombre Style

If you aren’t looking for a huge shade, then the ombre style here looks very natural. It’s not shocking or abrupt.

4. A Subtle Change

If you want to try Auburn but don’t want a big change, this is a great example for you. It looks wonderful with dark hair as well.

5. Dark Designs

This dark shade of auburn is one that is sure to turn some heads. It’s stunning and would be perfect for someone with a dark natural hair color or skin color.

6. Great Shades

This is a great example of a full color that isn’t drastic at all.

7. Hot Shades

We just love this sizzling color, and it would be perfect for the summer sun. It’s not a full color, but there are a lot of highlights involved.

8. Celebrity Style

Rachel McAdams looks stunning as a redhead. This shade really warms up her skin tone and offers a brightness to her style.

9. Emma Watson

Emma is one of those lucky ladies who is a natural redhead, and she really knows how to rock the look.

10. Add Highlights

A great example of what it looks like when you add highlights to a dark natural shade.

11. Warm Reds

Rachel McAdams looks red carpet ready with this fiery style.

12. Hot Reds

Emma Stone has always been a fiery redhead, and she pulls off the color flawlessly. This bright auburn style is shockingly delightful. It’s perfect for her skin tone and makes her eyes pop.

13. Subtle Shades

Here is Emma Watson trying out blonde with her auburn hair. There is a nice contrast between the auburn and blonde.

14. Red Carpet Reds

Auburn hair color is a popular choice on the red carpet, and this is a great shade as shown by Scarlett Johannessen.

15. Ashley Simpson

Dark auburn are a popular color choice, and Ashley here is just pulling it off so well.

16. Stunning Shades

Another great example of a worthy shade for Emma Stone. Just look how this shade warms up her skin and brings out those beautiful freckles.

17. Fiery Auburn

This fiery shade really brings out the warmth in this actresses skin.

18. Kristen Stewart

She is one beautiful actress, and this auburn shade looks phenomenal with her skin tone. It warms up her cool skin and makes those eyes pop.

19. Emma’s Many Shades

Emma has had many different shades of auburn, and they all look great on her.

20. Bright Red

Drew Barrymore always looks great no matter what color she wears, but red certainly suits her. The brighter than red you choose, the more eye-catching it will be.

21. Vampire Shades

This Twilight actress knows how to choose a red that’s going to make her whole face light up. This shade is truly gorgeous.

22. Deep Red

A stunning red on Rihanna and this is a perfect example of what a great auburn shade looks like on a darker skin tone.

23. Subtle Style

You don’t need a bright shade to make an impact though.

24. Shocking Red

This is a lighter shade of auburn, and it’s truly beautiful.

25. Highlights

A great example of what auburn highlights look like with a natural shade.

26. The Natural Look

If you don’t want an extreme change, then keep your auburn hair looking natural.

27. Sleek Reds

A great shade for those that want to keep it natural looking.

28. Rock That Red

A great auburn that looks wonderful with her skin tone.

29. Medium Tones

A great example of a medium tone.

30. Bright Colors

A great example of a bright shade that is sure to draw the eye.

31. Long Hair

This is a beautiful color that looks amazing on longer lengths.

32. Bright Like the Sun

A great color that is sure to make anyone happy.

33. Simple Tones

A simple shade that isn’t dramatic.

34. Warmer Shades

These shades will really warm up your whole look.

35. Deep and Red

This shade always looks good on light and dark skin tones.

36. Bright Blues

If you have blue or green eyes, then this shade is going to look electrifying on you.

37. Bright and Beautiful

A great shade that you are sure to love.

38. Shimmering Shades

A very light auburn that looks great with blonde.

39. A Bold Color

A great example of a deeper shade that looks great with any skin tone.

40. Shimmering Color

A beautiful shade that will warm up your entire look.

41. Natural Shades

A great example of a natural looking auburn shade.

42. Eye-popping Shades

A gorgeous color that is sure to bring you attention.

43. Bright and Gorgeous

A striking shade of bright auburn.

44. Deep and Bright

A color that is deep and beautiful.

45. Subtle Highlights

A great color combination for a subtle change.

46. Rockstar Colors

A great shade of light auburn that is sure to catch the eye.

47. Great with Brown

If you are a brunette, then you are sure to love this beautiful shade of auburn.

48. Catching the Light

Auburn always looks amazing as it catches the light.

49. Deep and Wonderful

You can’t go wrong with this deep shade of red.

50. Striking Highlights

A couple of highlights can really bring some drama to your style.

51. Subtle Auburn

A great example of a subtle change with Auburn.

52. Stunning Color

A great color that looks wonderful on any skin tone.

53. Moving Colors

This shade will always look beautiful out in the sun.

54. Different Shades

This beautiful shade of red is sure to make you feel like a rockstar.

55. Subtle Nuances

These colors are all beautiful and look great together.

56. Striking Auburn

A great shade that is sure to catch the eye. The ombre bottom is red hot, one that will make you feel awesome.

57. The Orange Hue

Some auburn’s look a little more orange than red, but this color is stunning.

58. Ombre Tones

A great example of the ombre style using auburn colors.

59. Wonderful Shades

This color is a very natural looking version of the Auburn.

60. Ombre Love

Another great example of the ombre look.

61. Subtle Delights

If you are looking for just a subtle change, then this is for you.

62. Highlight Love

Auburn highlights are always a great choice.

63. Bright and Creative

This bright auburn is one that is truly beautiful; you can’t go wrong with this color.

64. Fashion Shades

Fashion shades are always great for highlights because they give your look a real pop. I just love how bright the bottom is.

65. Shocking Reds

If you are looking for a big change, then you are sure to love this fashion red.

66. Dark to Light

This Auburn is taken from red to blonde rather quickly.

67. Warm Colors

A warm shade always looks great on medium skin tones.

68. Striking Ombre

A great example of an ombre in the auburn shades.

69. Bright and Deep

A deep red is always a great choice to brighten up your face.

70. Beautiful Red

This striking red is an eye-catching color to be sure. Beautiful in every way!

71. Multiple Shades

A stunning auburn styles that have multiple colors in it.

72. Dark Shades

A great color to choose if your natural color is dark. The bottoms, however, will need to be bleached.

73. Bright Highlights

If you want to add some drama to your look, then add some bright highlights to achieve this stunning style.

74. Beautiful Coloring

This light auburn is one stunning color. If you are looking for a beautiful shade for this summer, then look no further than this one.

75. Add a Touch of Red

A great example of using multiple reds for highlights.

76. Different Reds

This look has multiple shades of red in it.

77. Dark Red Shades

A red color choice for those that have darker skin tones.

78. The Look of a Rockstar

This shade of auburn is going to make you feel as good as a rockstar.

79. Fashion Reds

You won’t find a more beautiful red than this one; it’s breathtaking.

80. Creamy Colors

This color is absolutely divine.

81. Bright and Fashionable

A great color that proves that red is very fashionable. You won’t be able to go anywhere without turning heads with this beautiful color. It’s breathtaking and will really raise the blood pressure of others.

82. Deep Ombre

Ombre’s can start from bright reds or dark reds. This is a great fashion style if you are looking for drama.

83. Different Highlights

A great example of how different shades of auburn all look great together.

84. High Fashion

Fashion reds are very popular for the summer; you can’t go wrong with these colors. It gets even brighter as it gets to the bottom.

85. Copper Color

Copper is a very light version of an Auburn, and this one is bright as the sun at the bottom.

86. Hot and Bright

Talk about bright as a light, stunning color here!

87. Bright Pieces

The bright pieces throughout really brighten up the look.

88. Natural Designs

A great look that is totally natural.

89. Just a few Pieces

Take just a few pieces and turn them Auburn and you will be as happy as can be.

90. Painted Beauty

A stunning shade that will warm up that pale skin. It’s the perfect tone for fair skinned ladies.

91. Fair Skin

Another great example of a color that looks great with fair skin.

92. Naturally Red

If you want the natural look, then stick to this shade.

93. Short Styles

A great color to brighten up your look.

94. A Burnt Look

A dark look that you are sure to love.

95. Light Shades

A light auburn that is beautiful.


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