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25 Magnificent Ash Brown Hair Color Styles


If you are looking for a new color choice to spice things up in your life, then why not try the color ash brown? It’s sexy and sophisticated, the kind of hairstyle color that is sure to turn heads. With Spring time fast approaching there is nothing that makes you feel better about the season change than a little change with yourself. Changing your hair color from season to season is a popular thing that many people do to keep their hair looking fresh and new, and ash brown is a great color for the spring season.

Being brunette is not to be taken lightly, it’s not just blondes that have all the fun. Brunettes like to spice things up as well, and that’s the great thing about ash brown hair, it’s different from your normal day to day look. The color brown is the most common hair color available besides black, which is surprising considering all the blondes out there. An ash brown look can come in many different shades from light to dark. The best choice for you is usually dependent on your skin tone. Dark shades will look better on others while a light shade will always look great on pale skin. If you are someone that love to tan a lighter shade can also cause a pop in your style as well. Choosing a color based on your skin tone is a great way to get a color that will brighten up your look instead of creating something that doesn’t quite suit you.

Ash Brown

Ash Brown is one of those most popular hair color choices right now for brunettes. To achieve this ash color, a colorist will add blue and green tints to the brown. It’s the kind of coloring that does well on medium to dark skin tones. It’s a color that is also on the darker side, so if your natural color is dark brown, you won’t have to bleach your hair drastically. There are many different shades to choose from, so the color is not limiting at all, in fact, there are many tones for any shade of hair.

If you are looking for a change and want to see all the ash brown shades available to you then you, have come to the right place. Below are 21 Magnificent Ash Brown Hair Color Styles:

1. Subtle Touches

There isn’t a huge change here, but it’s something that can be different for you if that’s what you’re looking for. She has beautiful long hair, and it looks like the bottom is the only area in which she decided to add some ash brown. It’s a subtle touch, but it works for her coloring. If you want a change that is striking but low key, then this is a great look.

ash brown hair

2. Crystal Light

This is a great example of how ash brown coloring can look great on dark brown hair. The highlights just pop off the hair and they almost look gray they are so light. I love the coloring because it gives a whole new look to someone who is used to having dark hair. If you are interested in lightening up your dark tresses, then this might be the look for you.

3. Lighter Looks

What a warm color for the brunettes. This is an amazing shade for a dark skin town and brunette base. The highlights throughout really just warm the whole look, it’s stunning. There is a lot of lighter ash brown tones here, so it changes the whole style. If you want to take out a lot of your dark, then this might be just what you’re looking for.

4. Ash Brown Shades

The great thing about long hair is that you can really do a lot with highlights. In this case, she has more of an ombre look where the tops remained dark, but the bottom is pulled lighter with highlights. It’s not a big change from the natural tone, but it still gives enough of a change to make you feel like you have a new look.

5. Katie Holmes Style

Katie Holmes is the epitome of style and grace. She has always been a brunette, and when it came to changing the color of her locks, the change was always minimal, nothing drastic. This color is quite subtle, there is barely any change at all, but it suits Katie just fine. She looks amazing in the ash brown shade, and for anyone looking for a small change then this is it.

6. Subtle Coloring

She has a medium brown base, one that looks great with her skin tone. To brighten up her look, she adds in some ash brown coloring to really make her style pop. I love the subtle highlights throughout, they are not too light, and they work well with her skin tone. It’s not too light or too dark; it’s the right shade for her. That’s the choice you will have to make as well, what works best for your skin tone?

7. Lighten It All Up

Some people want big changes, and that’s okay too. She already has a light brown base to her hair so lightening it up is very easy for her. She doesn’t have to bleach her hair to the extreme. The burst of ash brown coloring in the front really looks great for her skin tone.

8. Just A Splash

Her overall look is ash brown. It looks like she had a lot of small highlights put in her hair in order to lighten up her overall style. It’s a beautiful color for anyone that wants to change their whole look. It’s isn’t just a few highlights but highlights all over the head to achieve a lighter overall style.

9. Striking Colors

A great example of how lightening up your color doesn’t have to be drastic. It’s a subtle overall lightening with some ash brown tones to give you a change but avoid the anxiety of a big change.

10. Just a Touch of Ash

The bottom of her hair is highlighted with ash brown. It’s a stunning coloring that really lightens up a dark shade. If you want a change that is sure to turn heads, then this is the look for you.

11. Sexy Ash Brown

If you are a brunette who is looking for a huge change, then this is it. A stunning ash brown coloring that looks almost blonde. Her bright highlights have completely taken over. You can only see her brunette coloring at the roots. It’s a stunning choice for anyone that wants a whole new look. I love the ashy shade.

12. Scattered Highlights

These wonderful highlights are few and far between, but that’s all she needs to lighten up her dark brown hair. The highlights stream from the roots giving an ash brown tone that lightens up her whole look. She looks magnificent with this new coloring.

13. Darkening Roots

If you ever want to know what you look like with a bob, this is certainly one way of doing it, by tucking your hair into your shirt. She is another girl that has very dark brown hair. There is quite the contrast with her pale skin. The light ash brown highlights really tone down the contrast and even out the coloring. It’s not a big change, but it’s enough of a change to make a difference.

14. Subtle but Sexy

If you want to try being blonde without actually going blonde then try an ash brown shade like this. She still has her dark roots, but her hair lightens up the closer it gets to the bottom. It’s a great color for her skin tone because it lightens everything up and brightens up her whole face.

15. Sweet Colors

A great color choice for someone who wants to keep their dark base and just lighten things up a bit. It’s a subtle change but one that really works well with the base color. If you want something subtle that won’t be too drastic, then this is the color for you.

16. A Touch of Ash Brown

These colors together are quite beautiful. You have the dark brown base with the ash brown flowing through it. It’s definitely an ombre style as the color lightens up more drastically at the very bottom. It’s elegant and sophisticated without being a big change. If you want something new for Spring, this might be the look for you.

17. Sexy Ash Brown

Highlights don’t just look good on long hair; short haired gals can pull it off as well. In this case, the ash brown has completely taken over the look. The highlights are all over which brings her overall look to a pretty light shade. If you want to lighten up your hair color for Spring then why not try this shade on for size.

18. Bright Colors

This is a bright and beautiful ash brown. The roots have been left dark to create a contrast between the colors. She took the tone down probably three or four shades so if you don’t want a drastic change then it’s probably not the color for you. It’s a classic look though so be brave and try something new!

19. Shocking Highlights

Her hair is so dark brown that it’s almost black. The change here is quite drastic and would require a lot of bleaching of the hair. The style here is ombre with some ash brown at the bottom. It takes a lot to achieve this lightening of the hair, and it could cause a lot of damage, so be prepared for the process. Don’t change it too often and always make sure you are using good products for your hair.

20. Sexy Ash Brown Shades

Her light brown hair is perfect fro the ash brown shades here. It looks as if she has a mixture of her natural light brown as well as ash brown shades and even a few highlighted pieces of gray. Gray is still a very popular shade to get into when it comes to changing styles, and it really goes well with ash brown as the shades are quite similar. If you want a fresh new look for this Spring, then look no further than this ash brown style. It is sure to turn some heads, and it is also an elegant coloring that will keep you happy.

21. A Whirlwind of Shades

From dark to light is what this picture portrays. The girl starts off with quite the dark brunette base, but she lightens it up considerably. This would also be considered an ombre look because of the fact that it gets lighter as it gets closer to the bottom. As you can see in the middle of her hair, the ash brown is considerably darker than it is at the very tips of her hair. The bottom layers are quite striking and really make the overall style pop. The color combinations are quite extraordinary.

When it comes to choosing the right shade for your hair color, try to keep in mind not only your skin tone but how dark your hair is. Although it’s not impossible to lighten your hair drastically with dark hair, it might not bring you the look that you want. Yes, it will stand out because of the contrast between the shades but depending on the color you choose, some highlights can end up looking “cheap” if not done properly to match skin tone and your roots.

Make sure to choose a stylist that has experience with bleaching and coloring hair. Don’t go after the person who is willing to do it for the lowest price. You get what you pay for, and you need to ask yourself why a stylist is working for so little money. Choose a stylist that is affordable but one that has a lot of experience and can show you a portfolio of her colors.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and feel free to comment on your favorite colors here! Good luck with your color choice!


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