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Top 115 sexy African braid styles of 2019



In the last couple of years, Braids and especially African braids have been on an upward trend. Besides providing an excellent way to maintain and improve your hair, braids have the ability to turn around normal messy. What is more is that they require less time to do as a majority of the work s done beforehand. Take a look.

  1. The Hill Ring

This one is a must get hairdo. In addition to being stylish, the hill ring hairdo makes it easy to maintain and care for your natural hair.


2. Line spider

This braiding hairstyle proves once again that there is much more to a hairstyle than just hair. The twin hard braid on each side, the perfect spider legs, and the unique style at the back of the head make this a dream hairdo.

3. Medium locks

Though the hairdo may seem bulky, the medium length is light and comfortable on your head. Throw in a few hair rings on the front and you are good to go.


4. High head subtle braids

the large braids meet at the middle giving a majority of your scalp some breathing time. the braids are then complemented with smaller braids in between.

5. Fluffy animal

Looking to rock a ‘do-not-care’ hairstyle? Why not try the fluffy animal. It is simple, classy and beautiful to have.  The fluffy animal is easy to maintain with just some sheen. However, I have seen the hairdo work best for individuals with a slightly bigger forehead.

6. Clean Bandit

You will look amazing when rocking the clean bandit hairdo for both casual and official gatherings. The style is all about keeping a cool and simple look.

7. Art modern

You know that African look that brings out the raw African beauty in a woman? This is the perfect hairstyle for that. The locks go loose at shoulder length thus providing a wider base.



8. The big box long braids

Ladies who want to make a statement must go for this. The braids run either to the waistline or just past the middle back to give off that “independent woman” look.

9. The 5 piece hairdo

You can even grab your stylist for 30 minutes and get this done. Do not let its simplicity fool you as the style brings out all the gorgeous features on your face.

10. Red crown

The red crown is just that. It’s a red crown. Its short size makes it easy to rock while creating a unique contrast with the rest of your body.



11. Round colored bun

If you are in love with the idea of looking crazy, colored braids are perfect for you. You can go for a full round roll or a half-roll and match the color with the eyeshadow. This style is especially perfect for a cool casual look.


12. Black lily braids

The black lily braids can easily be worn to a wedding, a BBQ or to the office.

13. Ganians braids

This style allows you to have the best of both braids-world. 5-7 big braids and smaller ones in the middle giving excellent care to both long and short hair. Its actually most preferred by young ladies and is perfect for any type of head.

14. Ghanian mixed bun

Just like its counterpart above, this mixed bun sits well on top of your head in an embossed manner.

15. Thin shoulder-length braids

The mid-sized braids are truly unique with the shoulder length look allowing the freedom to choose your top with little worry.


16. MiLong African


Dazzle with a selection of African braids and ornaments.

17. Mixed boon braids

Since there is no ironclad rule that necessitates a pony as the preferred office hairdo, why not give this free mixed boon braids a try.

18. Single black

The black straight braids can simply be termed as ‘office at the front, party at the back’. The braids are easy to maintain with the long hair easily braidable to even larger braids for better styling.


19. Top bun pony

These braids will not only complement your beauty, it brings out an added layer of sexiness to the mix.

20. The rugged multicolor braids


You can get these in a wide range of colors. Individuals looking to change their look should consider this maniac-hairdo.

21. Ractis super braids

Instead of having all free-flowing hair, why not spice it up with this gorgeous braiding.


22. Irregular Large braids

In zigzag and in whatever direction. This hairstyle is a good one, especially if looking forward to enjoying a holiday somewhere.


23. Beehive Red bun

The reason we love these red-brown braids is the ability to create the big bun in various styles.


24. Doe thin braids

This example features tightly woven African braids.

25. Top head bun

The color is dark enough for official occasions while at the same time giving off a more relaxed look and feel.

26. Free flow black

Ladies with a low-density hair should give the free flow black a try.

27. Vanilla long

The look comes together when the braids are let loose or gathered together in a ponytail. 

28. Mixed crazy

Let the colors shout it for you.”Conformity my foot!!”


29. Brown ponytail

All the braids start from the front and end in a nicely woven ponytail.

30. Thin side braids

Just look at it. Ain’t that beautiful? 

31. Extra kiddie

Kids need to look good too. Right?

32. Fluffy black

Attention to detail is what sets this hairstyle apart.

33. Darling thin braids

This back let-down hairdo can take a pink, purple or brown hue for a differentiated look.  34. Mixed rasta

The extra brown braids, beads, and rings are what make this hairstyle pop. Plus you can easily pull it off. 

35. Coal beauty

A shade of matte black gives a solid look to this hairstyle. 

36. Strawberry black

These braids are carefully tied to a pony for an official look. Release them and you have a party hairstyle.

37. Brown short pony

The braids are tied to a bun at the back for a short-hair look.  38. snaking black

The thick snaking braids with the irregular braiding will sure be an eye-catcher.

39. Musodo

You’ll get the advantage of a differentiated look while also enjoying the benefit of changing your hairstyle without a visit to your hairdresser.

40. Thick long

The braids can be woven to an even bigger single braid or just left to float freely past shoulder length.


41. Thin round locks

Talk of this classy style. You’ll probably look forward to having it every time.

42. African Braids

The hairdo comes together to deliver a level of light sophistication by creating a completely differentiated look.
43. Ganian long braids

Ganian long braids are really stylish and look good on teen and post-teen ladies. 44. Pus cat ears

Though it looks just like a bunch of braid swirls, this style is widely preferred due to the ease of braiding, caring and removing the hairdo.

45. Thick mane

There are times when you feel like getting an extraordinary yet simple hairstyle. 46. Belugah braids

This hairdo will work well especially when attending events or just a casual meet. 47. Brown long 48. Braid mane

If this were the beauty Olympics, this style will definitely be among the medal winners thanks to the extreme sophistication, and elegance it brings with it. 49. rugged black

5-7 big rugged braids that are perfect for soft low density hair.  50. Black thin style

This style proves that not all Braids have to all flow to the back. 

51. mid-length Torillas

Though it looks just like a unc of braid swirls, this style is widely prfered due tto ease of baiding, caring and remoing the hairdo. Its also stylish and looks eally good.  52. Spizer thick

Neatly separated as a diplay of attention to detail for evey strand.  53. Aurbun black

Half the braids ar put together and rolled to a perfec bun while the rest is let to hang at the back.  54. tresses colored

go full-on Red with a dark hue.  55. Side lemon

Give you kids a differentiated braid style by pushing the ponytail back to the front.
56. braid chops

Does Kim ever get it wrog with her hair?  57. clean Pixie

Thi one is deefinatly one of ou favourite haistyle that add elegance and class.  58. Riff raff brown

Instead of having all the braids all to the back, this style brings them back fowad and to the side.  59. African serenity

Tie down the mangled braids with a simpe african Dushka.  60. Castle braids

who said you cannot have a braided crown and the rest of the braids hanging braids at the same time?  61. Spritz hair

Wwhat makes this hair pop is the intricate detail put into styling the front crown into perfection.  62. Colored crazy

Achieve a casual lokk with this differentiated colored braids.  63. braid mohawk

The braided mowhawk is a favourite for both men and wmen. 

64. side locks(short)

Push the small locks to the sid and plant a flow or  bird right at the top.

65. Tuning culing braids

A heeart, initials o eeven a number. oe is spoilt for choice with on the various directions this hairstyle can take.
66. Thread curls

The light semingly unegulated strands give a ugged yet polishe final look.  67. fly away black

neatly separated at th cente of yourr head, these are the perect brais for that “I do not care’ attitude.   66. strand braids

These are tightly styled to create a braid-mane.  67. Bold bang braids

Appear sassy and classy with the bold bang braids. The braids are well separated for an even distributionalong your head.  67. Colored butterfly

The colored butterfly is simply gorgeous. in addition, the tops are well designed to bring out a differentiated and exquisite look on your head.  68. Thick braid roll

the hair wiss natlyy braided to a a single big braid and compemented with a light colored crron made of another single big braid.
69. kiddie mosodo

Th conrows intersect right at the middle for a fluffy musodo at the top. This hairstyle is perfect for kids as it takes care of th hair during this critical development period.  70. Sassy queen

Exhude class and confidence wih this simple to create single braid hairstyle. Its deep black shine will also make you face and make up pop. 71. Classic mosodo

Its an alin hip kin of haistyle wghere every stran is labourously put in its place. Its a differentiated style that would be cool to rock to a gala.
72. Feathered classic

very simila to the classic farella. gthe difference is that this style makes us of a singe cown braid that rruns acoss the head and r=tightly tie at the back.  72. Intimate braids

The bun can end in a ponytail or a simple side hair, both creating a stunning strong look.  73. reverse mohawk

Its not a mohawk in the traditional sense, tat said, the ront mid-lngth conows do extra justce to the revers mohawk braiding style.  74. fluffy fallera

The symmentical duo-braids run acoss each sid of the head and meet up right at the center where the rest f the hai breaks to a flufy mass. 

75. symmetrical feather

Another great style for the busy office lady. You can have this style o the go since its easy to maintain without much breakaway hair.  76. brazilian side conrows

The coloued rings at the very front bring in an added layer of cultural richness to furthe accentuate your style. In addition, the hai is well styled with intricate attention to detail.  77. Braided fontage

Individuals with thick dense hair will surely love this. That said, anyone can rock this style with elegance. Its single crown braid is enough to inject a different taste to the style.

78. sexy shear

thi hairstyle will accentuate your face and neck features providing an excellet and appealing look. Its clear linees also greatly complement the style.  79. Side farella

There are those days when you are late for everything and worst of all, you hair isn’t co-operating. This siple 5 line braid hairdo is simple  and easy to get.

80. thick black 81. Twisted miracle

You cannot go wrong with the hairstyle as all one has to do is let the braids down to show off their absolute beauty. The mangled but netly packed braiids are beautiful to look at.  82. Shey long

to accentuate the shey Long, Colured braids can either be added in pairs at each side of the head or simply placed as a pair on the top. or you can have them both. 82. beautiful monster

If you are looking for a simple braid haido, consider trying this. It is widely recommended for individuals will low densitty hair. 83. Brendas waves

Anyone can pull the off the style. However, I have seen the hairdo work best for individuals with a slightly bigger forehead. The zigzag crrossings at the front give an added layer of sophistication to the hairdo.

84. curly black

if you are looking for a simple braid haido, consider trying this. It is widely recommended for individuIals will low densitty hair. 85. Alien round locks

every once in a whil, every lady wants to feel like a Rasta. Rock this medium length haistyle with the large braids guaranteing eeasy maintenance. 86. Sexy nama

this braiding hairstyle proves once again that thre is much more to a hairstyle than just hair. These thin braid style is unique in color and can be syled to a pony tail or ust let to flow.  87. Bold crown

The tops are also well designed to bring out a differentiated and exquisite look on your head88. sassy brown

what we love about these braids is the unique styl that bings out unique features of your face. the absolut shininess f these braids will leave you looking gorgeous. 89. Border flow

There have been numerous jokes about the border flow braids. According to ‘experts’, the only way to pull this off is by ensuring the mid-divider is better than the border between Mexico and the United States.   90. Smart kiddie

The smart kiddie braids are simple enough to support continious hair growth, are easy to maintain and raaly give young ladies a modern look.
91. sleek rolls

Just like the smooth rounded roll, only bigger. They aree prfectly rolled without a strand of hair out of plac to deliver a staightened and differentiated look.

92. Virgin mixed

amazing hairstyle especially for baid starters.The little shade of light brown add to the pop in addition to the hair havinga number of styling options.

93. Smooth rounded

The absolute dark colored shine of these smooth rounded braids maksthe style pop. Leton o the braids freely oam abou your face for a stellar look. 94. Sassy cool

Who said thin braids must be boring. the style is held up bytyinga pony using a large part  of the front hair without necessarily creating a distraction. Its perfeect for a rugged look.
95. Lori Jane(long)

the Long Lori is another great example of thick braids coming together to give a compltely different look. It is a great style to slay while maintaining an independent feel.
96. Gorgeous pix hair

They are thick and easily come together for a breathtaking look. This gorgeous pix hairstyle is best for low maintenance thick hair. Ask the stylist to throw in a strand of colored hair.

97. dreamy side locks

Locks do not have to be boring-black as seen in the image below. You can decorate the tips with brown and get them fashioned this well. This will allow you to comfatably rock your locks to the ofice.  98. long stack

The first thing that stikes aout this hairstyle is its length. Even for slightly taller ladies, this braids will be visibly long.  99. Kinky Curved

This breathtaking braid style curves from front to back ending mid-head with a fluffy hairdo.  100. Top mixed braid.

This one is intimidating. It is one of those hairstyles that sets you apart as a strong woman. The large loose braiding brings out a stunning design that can be worn anywhere.  101. Sexy sleek

These big box braids can be tied to a pony, let to lay on one shoulder or just left free-flowing. there is a very clean look to the style as if no hair is out of place.  102.  Olsen braids

This African braid style comes highly recommended by Olsen. 4 big braids and three small ones in between to ensure all parts of your hair are covered by this simplistic style. 

103. Crazy long

If extra-long hair is your thing, why not add a touch of crazy with some color. Beads ring multicolor hair braids can also b used to accentuate the style.  104. relaxed queen

For this hairstyle, let the rugged braid strands fall anywhere to bring out an added layer of beauty. This one is actually one of our favourites as it is easy to pull off.  105. Thick long

This unique braid style is easily tied at the back to a ponytail while still allowing some of the braids to fall back. The matte black shine also makes the hair pop.  106. Full long braids

Your ability to pull off this style is dependent on your personality. It comes with a precise design to give a cool tight and polished look.
107. Wizard pigtails

This style features 6-8 braids neatly arranged according to your hair. They are not only beautiful but classy as well.

108. Free flow braids

Free flow braids are increasing in popularity. That said, the design is not only beautiful but also classy. Rock this style with some cool round shades.

 [ 109. Inspire

Remember how much we loved this braiding  styl as kids? well, you can easily have it back albeit with a color change. The color of the beads can also be selected according to one’s preference.  110. Cross attitude

Aside from the absolute shine of the cross attitude, this braiding style delivers an unrivalled touch of elegance. The braids are ties with a single braid and allowed to fall past soulder length.  111. Crisscross

This African braid is a good example of how much one can do with braids. You can easily rock the straight braids to the office and tie the criss-cross to a casual meet later in the day.

112. Soft colored

The coloring of these braids is what makes the design pop. That plus the hair really compliments how you dress.  113. Magic pull up

No other hair-style delivers as much elegance and detail as the Magic pull up. You can get the hair in either black, blue, purple or pink.  114. pyramids

This creative design carefully patterns your head into perfect triangles hence its name. The large braids allow a clear view of the inner design of the hairdo.

115. Red side pony

No need stressing over dying your hair. Instead, just get the red side pony braid hairstyle. what we love about these braids is the unique style that brings out unique features of your face. the absolute shininess of these braids will leave you looking gorgeous.


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