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55 Sexy Ombre Hairstyles for Any Length 2020


Ombre has been around for a while now, and it’s changed in a few different ways. Many people believe that it’s now a fad that has come and gone but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s still in high demand despite the fact that it’s been around for awhile. It’s a great way for you to express yourself and show a unique side to your personality. It’s the kind of look that really pops because it combines light and dark together in a different way.

It’s a beautiful look that really draws the eye because it’s so unique. It provides a glow to your skin because of the contrast in hair coloring. It’s actually a low maintenance look even though it doesn’t appear that way. It can disguise damage to your hair as well as make you appear as if you have hit on a great new style by accident. If you have a salon quality ombre it actually makes the ends of your hair appear thicker than they actually are. It adds dimension to the style while brightening your eyes and making your skin appearing like it has a glow to it. It’s an amazing look for anyone. You will get the opportunity to see many different styles that have the ombre look to suit any length of hair. It will offer you the inspiration you need to try a new look. Some of them are edgy while others are sophisticated and elegant, either way you are sure to find something that you love. There are many different shades and color options available to you as well. The sky is the limit to what you can do with your look if you want a big change. It doesn’t matter what hair color you currently have you can try out the ombre color. There are so many different color choices available to you that you have so many options for you.

What Today’s Ombre Looks Like!

Like I said before Ombre is not the same old ombre that you remember there are fresh new ideas out there that you may not be aware of. In 2017, the ombre look is one that gives you a natural vibe, it’s less extreme. Not that extreme is bad because those options are still available to you as well. These days the ombres are only going a few shades lighter whereas before they were a lot more drastic. These looks are often great for brunettes who aren’t used to drastically lightening their hair. The honey hue is also very popular when it comes to brunettes who try ombre styles. Of course, it is because it warms up the whole look. It’s not all about the brunettes however, blondes are more than welcome to try the ombre look as well, any hair color is welcome. Beige colors are great for blonde as they always provide that coveted icy look. There are also the new silver and grey shades that seem to be growing popular by the day.

There are so many stunning and beautiful color options to choose from.

What color you choose for your ombre look should be dependant on your skin tone. You should also take into consideration the color of your hair now. If you are a brunette, it might be best to stay away from the cool tones and instead try a warm tone like honey. Red are always popular and can be used with darker hair or other shades of red. Redheads are known to try golden shades or even a shade of peach. There are so many options for you.

If you are looking for something a little edgier or even glamourous, we haven’t forgotten you either. Maybe you don’t want a natural shade, and that’s okay too. You may still want to take that dark hair and take it to a whole new level by lightening it up. Contrast is good, and there are a lot of people who want the contrast more than they want to keep things natural.

Let’s take a look at the very different style and color options available to you.

Below are 55 Amazing Ombre Hairstyles

1. A Natural Look for Long Hair

This is a great example of a natural look with some ombre coloring. You are sure to love this look because the shades lighten gradually.


2. Ombre Styles 

A great ombre look with a darker base that lightens up quickly.

3. The Grey Ombre Look

This dark style goes from dark grays to very light blondes. If you want a great contrast, this is a great example of that.

4. Blonde Ombre for Long Hair

This girl has very long hair which means that you can have a more gradually change for your ombre look. This style is a more natural look where the blonde lightens up in a natural way.

5. Dramatic Changes

If you want a more dramatic look, then follow in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore. She has a darker base, and she went about five shades lighter than her natural hair color.

6. From Dark to Blonde

This ombre is a little different because it starts from the top of the head instead of the middle. The hair coloring again is very dark, and she took it quite a few shades lighter to get a blonde shade.

7. Dramatic Shades for Long Hair

Ariana knows how to go from a dark hair color to a blonde coloring. It’s an amazing color choice if you are looking for a dramatic style.

8. Natural Shades

A great example of how you can have a dark natural base and to gradually lighten it up. There isn’t anything dramatic about this look, and it stands out beautifully.

9. Extreme Darks for Long Hair

Her hair coloring is quite dark, and she has chosen not to go too light. It can be hard on the hair if you make too much of a drastic change all at once.

10. Icy Cool Colors for Long Hair 

I love this blonde look that goes very icy at the bottom. It’s a great example of just how light you can go if you have blonde hair. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

11. Ombre for Short Hair

It can often be hard to create the ombre look with sort hair because there isn’t enough hair to give you a gradual look. Short hair may need to have a more dramatic effect instead. In this picture, her natural is quite dark, and she’s lightened it up quite a bit.

12. Sexy Looks

Another great example of a natural ombre look for long hair. It could be completely natural because it looks like it.

13. The Mermaid Look 

For those that want a dramatic style then you are sure to love this one. The natural shade is, of course, the black and she’s lightened it up quite a bit to allow the fashion color to be added. In this case, it’s one of the mermaid blue shades. Don’t be fooled, however; the hair does have to be lightened up quite a bit in order for them to apply a color like this, you can apply it to dark hair and expect it to look this way.

14. Chilling Blue

This is a great example of the dramatic ombre choices you can have. She’s taken the natural completely out of her hair and added an icy blue with lime green at the bottom.

15. Multiple Colors

Another great example of the green and blue together. This one is with very long hair and has a longer transition. The colors are stunning, but there would be a lot of fading with a color scheme like this.

16. Stunning Blondes

In this picture, it looks like her hair is completely natural but it actually isn’t. It’s an ombre design with quite a bit of lightening.

17. Hairstyles for Redheads

This is an extreme look for all those redheads out there. The color just bleeds out from top to bottom until it’s left with a peachy or pink shade.

18. Hair on Fire

That’s exactly what this ombre coloring looks like on this redhead. The reds go to oranges, and it’s a very fiery color you will be dying to try out. It goes from red to blonde in a stunning way. If you want a dramatic change, then this is for you.

19. More Reds

Another great example of a red look that has a dramatic fade. It doesn’t go as light as a blonde, but it’s still an eye-catching style.

20. Short and Shocking

Again short hair can be difficult when you want an ombre style, but as you can see in this picture, it is possible. This one is a warm look that isn’t dramatic at all.

21. Striking Shades for Long Hair

Another great example of ombre hair on long hair. This is still considered to be a natural shade despite the fact that it is quite light at the bottom.

22. Short and Blonde

An example of how short hair makes for a dramatic ombre style. Her natural is quite dark, and she has lightened it up quite a bit.

23. Ombre for Curly Hair

If you love curling your hair or have naturally curly hair, then this is a great example of what ombre will look like for your hair style. I think it’s a creative way of spicing up your color.

24. Caramel Tones

I love these caramel tones that are flowing through the dark natural hair coloring. It really warms up the whole look changing it entirely.

25. For the Love of Purple

This one is an extreme change for someone who loves a little drama in their lives. It goes from a dark shade to a wonderful pastel purple. If you love the color purple, then you are sure to love this one.

26. Subtle Tones for Short Hair

A great natural tone that has some lighten shades in it as well. It’s a great natural change if you want to spice up your current look.

27. Shocking Shorts

A stunning ombre style that goes from dark to blonde in short sections. This look can be hard with short hair, but Vanessa pulls it off flawlessly. It’s a stunning dramatic shade that would be perfect for summer.

28. Long layers

This layered look is amazing with the ombre shades. Try it for your next look.

29. Warm Honey Shades

I love this warm look because it’s just stunning and it completely brightens up her skin tone and makes her eyes pop. This is a great example of the amazing honey shades out there for you.

30. Naturally Blonde

That’s what the hairstyle looks like, but of course, you can’t get this coloring without some help from a salon. It’s a beautiful color.

31. Subtle Ombre

Maybe you aren’t into big changes, and you only want a very slight color change. That can be done with the ombre and still provide you with a very beautiful overall look. That’s what you want, and this picture is a great example of how that can be accomplished.

32. Subtle Bob

Just the tips of the bottom of her bob have been lightened in the ombre look, but it still changes her look in a subtle way.

33. Stunning Blonde Shades for Long Hair

This is a great example of how you can take a medium shade and completely transform it. Her hair was a medium brown, and she turned it into a beautiful icy blonde. It’s a striking color if you are looking for a big change.

34. Stunning Pink

If you are a fan of the purple shades, then you are sure to love this hair color. It’s dark on top and lightened in the ombre style making it look pink throughout. It’s a stunning color and one that you are sure to love.

35. Warm Colors

Another great example of some natural shades that really warm up your skin tone. There are many different shades such as caramel and honey that look good with this hair color.

36. Short Caramels

Another great example of some natural shades with short hair.

37. Black and Purple for Long Hair

Katy Perry is always changing up her hair colors, and this one is certainly an awesome shade. Her base is black, and she has the ombre style in a bright fashion purple. It’s a stunning shade if you are looking for something dramatic.

38. Short and Sweet

Another great example of natural shades for short hair.

39. Subtle Changes for Long Hair

Not everyone wants a shocking change. In the case of this style it’s long and has the ombre look to it, but the coloring is subtle.

40. Not a Big Change

This is a perfect example of how ombre does not have to be dramatic. In fact, there is very little tonal change to this style, and yet it’s changed enough to make you feel as if you have a new look.

41. Drop Dead Gorgeous

A gorgeous example of a natural ombre look for long hair.

42. Subtle Blondes

A subtle blonde change for someone with blonde hair. It doesn’t always have to be extreme.

43. Brown Sugar Delight

Brown sugar colors are always gorgeous because they really warm up a look. It’s a stunning shade that looks wonderful on dark hair. If you want to spice up your look then try this one out.

44. Sexy Curls

This curly style looks great not only because it is long but also due to the ombre style.

45. Just a Touch of Blonde

A great example of blonde and dark going well together.

46. Stunning Ombre

Even though this is a shocking change, it still looks completely natural. The coloring is very beautiful.

47. Short and Stylish

A stylish style for the ombre look. If you have short hair, try out this style.

48. Icy Hues

An icy blonde that is added to a darker shade to make it really pop. I love these shades together.

49. Natural to Colorful

What a change! Her hair starts off with a very natural brunette color and then goes quite dramatic. You certainly don’t see this look every day. It goes from brown to pink to a bright purple that is all about fashion and creativity. If you want a dramatic look, this might be the one for you.

50. Short Curls

A stunning shade that really pops up with a short and curly style.

51. Just a Touch of Blonde

Just a touch of blonde can make a dramatic difference which is obvious in this picture.

52. Caramel Shades Throughout

A great ombre style that starts off brown and changes throughout in many different shades and eventually ends at the blonde. I love this coloring; it’s just stunning.

53. Just a Few Pieces

A great style that is curly and short. If you want something different, try this style out. You may not want an all over ombre style so just try out a few pieces in the front to see how you feel about it. It’s a small change but still a dramatic one. You will still feel like a million bucks with a small change.


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